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351.    Gowlland, Gladys M. O. (J. Ferrell Colton and Antoinette G. Smith, editors), Illustrated by: Wright, Barton A. MASTER OF THE MOVING SEA; The Life of Captain Peter John Riber Mathieson.  Item number: 2577.    US$50.00
352.    Graebner, Norman A., Editor THE ENDURING LINCOLN.  Item number: 2129.    US$25.00
353.    Grafton, Sue P Is for Peril (Kinsey Millhone Mystery Ser.).  Item number: 2053.    US$21.50
354.    Grahame, Kenneth, Illustrated by: Kliros, Thea (illustrator) The Wind in the Willows; (Children's Thrift Classics Series).  Item number: 3172.    US$5.98
355.    Grandfather Greenway; (Charles James Cannon) RAVELLINGS FROM THE WEB OF LIFE.  Item number: 4951.    US$39.98
356.    Granger, Bill THE MAN WHO HEARD TOO MUCH.  Item number: 1466.    US$24.98
357.    Gray, Patsey, Illustrated by: Shortall, Leonard HEADS UP.  Item number: 4197.    US$34.98
358.    Greeley, Andrew M. ANGEL FIRE.  Item number: 848.    US$4.98
359.    Green, Oliver Art for the London Underground : Transport Posters 1908 to the Present.  Item number: 2674.    US$100.00
360.    Greene, Homer THE BLIND BROTHER: A STORY OF THE PENNSYLVANIA COAL MINES.  Item number: 5158.    US$24.98
361.    Gregg, John Robert GREGG SPEED BUILDING.  Item number: 1084.    US$12.00
362.    Gregson, J. M. ACCIDENT BY DESIGN.  Item number: 1441.    US$11.98
363.    Gress, Edmund G. THE AMERICAN PRINTER.  Item number: 4185.    US$49.98
364.    Grey, Harry THE HOODS.  Item number: 3961.    US$500.00
365.    Grimm, Herman LIFE OF MICHAEL ANGELO (Two Volumes).  Item number: 2717.    US$100.00
366.    Grisham, John THE PELICAN BRIEF.  Item number: 759.    US$29.98
367.    Grubb, Jeff; Novak, Kate MARVEL SUPER HEROES; Aventure Gamebook #1, The Amazing Spider-Man; Adventure Gamebook #2, Captain America.  Item number: 4479.    US$19.98
368.    Gruber, Frank THE LAUGHING FOX.  Item number: 657.    US$10.00
369.    Gruber, Ruth HAVEN, The Unknown Story Of 1000 World War II Refugees.  Item number: 1580.    US$18.00
370.    Gruelle, Johnny RAGGEDY ANDY STORIES.  Item number: 4429.    US$179.98
371.    Gruelle, Johnny MARCELLA: A Raggedy Ann Story.  Item number: 4426.    US$189.98
372.    Gruelle, Johnny RAGGEDY ANN AND ANDY AND THE CAMEL WITH THE WRINKLED KNEES.  Item number: 4427.    US$149.98
373.    Gruelle, Johnny RAGGEDY ANN STORIES.  Item number: 4428.    US$179.98
374.    Gruelle, Johnny, Illustrated by: Gruelle, Johnny RAGGEDY ANDY STORIES.  Item number: 4129.    US$390.00
375.    Gruelle, Johnny, Illustrated by: Gruelle, Johnny THE MAGICAL LAND OF NOOM.  Item number: 3417.    US$250.00
376.    Gruelle, Johnny, Illustrated by: Gruelle, Johnny RAGGEDY ANN'S WISHING PEBBLE.  Item number: 4128.    US$290.00
377.    Gruelle, Johnny, Illustrated by: Gruelle, Johnny RAGGEDY ANN'S WISHING PEBBLE.  Item number: 3235.    US$75.00
378.    Gschwandtner, Gerhard, Illustrated by: Barrie, Jack A. THE EAGLE; America's Inspiration.  Item number: 2331.    US$49.98
379.    Guadalupi, Gianni The Discovery of the Nile.  Item number: 2067.    US$29.98
380.    Gubelin, Edward J. INCLUSIONS AS A MEANS OF GEMSTONE IDENTIFICATION.  Item number: 5071.    US$199.98
381.    Guerard, Albert GABRIELLE.  Item number: 669.    US$14.98
382.    Guerin, Eddie I WAS A BANDIT.  Item number: 4760.    US$150.00
383.    Gunter, Archibald Clavering THE FIRST OF THE ENGLISH.  Item number: 4561.    US$79.98
384.    Guptill, Elizabeth F.; Denton, Clara J.; Humboldt, Archibald; Whitehill, Elizabeth; Worrell, Edna R. BEST AUTHORS' CHRISTMAS PLAYS.  Item number: 4375.    US$24.98
385.    Gurrin, Tomas Enrique; Fernando De Arteaga KEY TO HOSSFELD'S NEW PRACTICAL METHOD FOR LEARNING THE SPANISH LANGUAGE.  Item number: 4016.    US$25.00
386.    Gustafson, Jon, Illustrated by: Schomburg, Alex CHROMA; The Art of Alex Schomburg (Introductions By Harlan Ellison, Stan Lee, Kelly Freas).  Item number: 2393.    US$50.00
387.    Guttmann, Allen, Editor Korea: Cold War and Limited War.  Item number: 4080.    US$9.98
388.    Hackman, Gene; Lenihan, Daniel Justice for None.  Item number: 5051.    US$29.98
389.    Hale, John The Civilization of Europe in the Renaissance.  Item number: 3382.    US$14.98
390.    Haley, Alex ROOTS.  Item number: 1365.    US$39.98
391.    Hall, James Norman MY ISLAND HOME.  Item number: 1089.    US$40.00
392.    Hamblen, Herbert E. WE WIN; The Life and Adventures of a Young Railroader.  Item number: 1880.    US$100.00
393.    Hammett, Dashiell THE MALTESE FALCON.  Item number: 4422.    US$199.98
394.    Hannukaine, John Pinstriping and Vehicle Graphics.  Item number: 4869.    US$14.98
395.    Hanson, Neil The Confident Hope Of A Miracle: The True History Of The Spanish Armada.  Item number: 4388.    US$34.98
396.    Hardy, Lindsay THE NIGHTSHADE RING.  Item number: 527.    US$29.98
397.    Harley-Davidson 2001 HARLEY-DAVIDSON FLT MODELS SERVICE MANUAL.  Item number: 4073.    US$59.98
398.    Harley-Davidson HARLEY-DAVIDSON 95/96 1340 PARTS CATALOG.  Item number: 4075.    US$24.98
399.    Harris, Thomas HANNIBAL.  Item number: 1735.    US$16.95
400.    Hart, Horace BIBLIOTHECA TYPOGRAPHICA; In Usum Eorum Qui Libros Amant: A List of Books About Books.  Item number: 4729.    US$69.98

1004 items found
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