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251.    Eisner, Will; Ivan Klapper, Editor HOW TO COMMUNICATE WITH PLANTS TO HELP THEM GROW.  Item number: 2328.    US$19.98
252.    Eisner, Will; Ivan Klapper, Editor The Outer Space Spirit: 1952.  Item number: 4436.    US$149.98
253.    Elias, Horace J. FLINTSTONE STORY BOOK; (Hanna-Barbera Authorized Edition).  Item number: 3408.    US$19.98
254.    Ellis, Havelock; Davies, Rhys; Davey, Norman Kanga Creek, An Australian Idyll; A Bed of Feathers & Tale; The Penultimate Adventure.  Item number: 2691.    US$40.00
255.    Emerson, Ralph Waldo THE SELECTED WRITINGS OF RALPH WALDO EMERSON.  Item number: 1164.    US$15.00
256.    Emerson, Ralph Waldo, Illustrated by: Clough, Stanley SELF-RELIANCE.  Item number: 4797.    US$29.98
257.    Endore, Guy THE SWORD OF GOD: JEANNE D'ARC.  Item number: 4677.    US$119.98
258.    Erdrich, Heidi E., Illustrated by: Whipple, Rick (illustrator) Maria Tallchief (American Indian Stories Ser.).  Item number: 2994.    US$24.98
259.    Essoe, Gabe Tarzan of the Movies.  Item number: 2664.    US$25.00
260.    Evans, Chris; Martyn Dean (Editor) Dream Makers : Six Fantasy Artists at Work.  Item number: 2395.    US$14.98
261.    Evans, George Heberton Canoe Camping.  Item number: 4408.    US$19.98
262.    Evans, Hubert, Illustrated by: Sellen, H. E. M. THE SILENT CALL.  Item number: 4629.    US$39.98
263.    Evans, Paul Art Pottery of the United States; An Encyclopedia of Producers and Their Marks.  Item number: 4359.    US$29.98
264.    Eversley, Lord THE PARTITIONS OF POLAND.  Item number: 3564.    US$125.00
265.    Evslin, Bernard MONSTERS OF MYTHOLOGY; (7 Volumes).  Item number: 4783.    US$124.98
266.    Eyre, John, (illustrator) OLD BALLADS.  Item number: 5079.    US$29.98
267.    Fackler, Elizabeth BREAKING EVEN.  Item number: 727.    US$29.98
268.    Fago, D' Ann THE MERRY TRAIN: An Adventurous Journey Workbook.  Item number: 2270.    US$15.00
269.    Fair, A. A.; (Erle Stanley Gardner) DOUBLE OR QUITS.  Item number: 5138.    US$19.98
270.    Farrington, Charles C. PAUL REVERE AND HIS FAMOUS RIDE.  Item number: 4660.    US$49.98
271.    Fassett, Norman Carter; Ogden, Eugene C. A Manual of Aquatic Plants.  Item number: 4928.    US$29.98
272.    Fast, Howard SPARTACUS.  Item number: 2765.    US$40.00
273.    Feagles, Anita, Illustrated by: Sibley, Don THE GENIE AND JOE MALONEY.  Item number: 2173.    US$9.98
274.    Federal Aviation Administration Pilots Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge.  Item number: 3466.    US$39.98
275.    Fenollosa, Ernest; (Ezra Pound, Editor) THE CHINESE WRITTEN CHARACTER AS A MEDIUM FOR POETRY.  Item number: 4456.    US$19.98
276.    Ferber, Edna THE GIRLS.  Item number: 1901.    US$40.00
277.    Ferber, Edna NOBODY'S IN TOWN; TREES DIE AT THE TOP.  Item number: 3183.    US$14.98
278.    Ferrars, E. X. THINNER THAN WATER.  Item number: 1429.    US$14.98
279.    Ferrars, E. X. SKELETON IN SEARCH OF A CLOSET.  Item number: 1430.    US$14.98
280.    Ferrars, E. X. WITNESS BEFORE THE FACT.  Item number: 1431.    US$14.98
281.    Feyrer, Dr. Ernest C. THE CALL OF THE SOUL; A Scientific Explanation of Telepathy and Psychic Phenomena.  Item number: 3936.    US$24.98
282.    Fielde, Adele M. A CORNER OF CATHAY; Studies from Life Among the Chinese.  Item number: 2715.    US$100.00
283.    Fiore, Evelyn, Illustrated by: D' Amato, Janet and Alex THE WONDER WHEEL BOOK OF BIRDS.  Item number: 5033.    US$199.98
284.    Fisher, John, Illustrated by: Lucas, John Body Magic.  Item number: 4107.    US$199.98
285.    Fisher, Lois (illustrator) DORA'S DIARY.  Item number: 4350.    US$14.98
286.    Fisher, Steve (Fisher, Stephen Gould) FOREVER GLORY.  Item number: 2227.    US$125.00
287.    Fitch, George Hamlin THE CRITIC IN THE ORIENT.  Item number: 3001.    US$30.00
288.    Fitch, George Hamlin THE CRITIC IN THE OCCIDENT.  Item number: 3002.    US$30.00
289.    Fitzpatrick, Edward D. WISCONSIN.  Item number: 2002.    US$40.00
290.    Flaubert, Gustave MADAME BOVARY.  Item number: 2865.    US$50.00
291.    Flaubert, Gustave MADAME BOVARY.  Item number: 2632.    US$17.98
292.    Fleming, Sanford GOD'S GOLD; The Story of Baptist Beginnings in California, 1849-1860.  Item number: 4969.    US$19.98
293.    Fletcher, Inglis THE SCOTSWOMAN.  Item number: 2627.    US$11.98
294.    Flexner, Helen Thomas A QUAKER CHILDHOOD.  Item number: 3127.    US$100.00
295.    Floyd Clymer Two-Stroke Motorcycles; A Practical Handbook of Maintenance.  Item number: 2701.    US$25.00
296.    Foote Bros. GEAR PROBLEMS AND IXL SPEED REDUCERS; CATALOG NO. 204-D.  Item number: 5017.    US$19.98
297.    Foster, John GEMS OF BEAUTY; FROM THE WRITINGS OF JOHN FOSTER: Together with His Celebrated Essay on Decision of Character.  Item number: 3800.    US$100.00
298.    Fowles, John THE EBONY TOWER.  Item number: 1361.    US$24.98
299.    Frank, Gerold THE BOSTON STRANGLER.  Item number: 4755.    US$12.98
300.    Franklin, Constance The Encyclopedia of Living Artists; Fourth Edition.  Item number: 3457.    US$14.98

1003 items found
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