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951.    Weinberg, Gerhard L. A World at Arms: A Global History of World War II.  Item number: 4262.    US$17.98
952.    Welch, Chris Close to the Edge: The Story of Yes.  Item number: 4789.    US$29.98
953.    Wellman, Manly Wade The Voice of the Mountain.  Item number: 4337.    US$89.98
954.    Wells, H. G. TONO-BUNGAY.  Item number: 2792.    US$25.00
955.    Wells, Peter S. Culture Contact and Culture Change: Early Iron Age Central Europe and the Mediterranean World.  Item number: 4603.    US$29.98
956.    Wells, Stuart COMIC CARDS AND THEIR PRICES.  Item number: 2762.    US$17.98
957.    Welty, Eudora THE OPTIMIST'S DAUGHTER; LOSING BATTLES; THE COLLECTED STORIES.  Item number: 3401.    US$35.98
958.    Werfel, Franz EMBEZZLED HEAVEN.  Item number: 3033.    US$30.00
959.    Werner, Alfred; Bijok, Josef; Edited By Norman Riley BUTTERFLIES AND MOTHS.  Item number: 5168.    US$39.98
960.    West, Jessamyn, Illustrated by: Krush, Joe CRESS DELAHANTY.  Item number: 1178.    US$17.98
961.    West, John Foster TIME WAS.  Item number: 2922.    US$17.98
962.    West, Rebecca THE FOUNTAIN OVERFLOWS.  Item number: 1233.    US$14.98
963.    West, Rebecca THE BIRDS FALL DOWN.  Item number: 552.    US$9.98
964.    Westheimer, David VON RYAN'S EXPRESS.  Item number: 2615.    US$11.98
965.    Westwood, Peter J., Illustrated by: Drysdale, James JEAN ARMOUR; MRS, ROBERT BURNS; AN ILLUSTRATED BIOGRAPHY.  Item number: 2325.    US$150.00
967.    White, Sir Stanley G.; President THE FILTON GOLF CLUB OFFICIAL HANDBOOK.  Item number: 3836.    US$90.00
968.    White, Stewart Edward WILD GEESE CALLING.  Item number: 2617.    US$9.98
969.    Wierzynski, Casimir THE LIFE AND DEATH OF CHOPIN.  Item number: 3568.    US$175.00
970.    Wilcox, Jennifer SOLVING THE ENIGMA: History of the Cryptanalytic Bombe.  Item number: 4593.    US$19.98
971.    Wilder, Robert BRIGHT FEATHER.  Item number: 682.    US$12.00
972.    Wilder, Robert THE SEA AND THE STARS.  Item number: 1223.    US$8.00
973.    Wilder, Thornton THE EIGHTH DAY.  Item number: 354.    US$11.98
974.    Williams, Marjorie, Illustrated by: Wollangk, Dave A WISCONSIN DEER CAMP DIARY: THE BUCKS CAMP LOG 1916-1928.  Item number: 3983.    US$59.98
975.    Williams, Terry T., Illustrated by: Frank, Mary (illustrator) Desert Quartet : An Erotic Landscape.  Item number: 2905.    US$19.98
976.    Willner, Ernest S.; Raspe, Rudolf Erich; Bergren, Dennis L. MUNCHHAUSEN OHNEGLEICHEN; Seine Abenteuer in Russland Und in Der Turkei.  Item number: 4680.    US$29.98
977.    Willoughby, Stephen S. CONTEMPORARY TEACHING OF SECONDARY SCHOOL MATHEMATICS.  Item number: 2937.    US$19.98
978.    Wilson, Lee THIS DEADLY DARK.  Item number: 2869.    US$25.00
979.    Wilson, Sloan ALL THE BEST PEOPLE.  Item number: 553.    US$9.98
980.    Wilson, Sloan GEORGIE WINTHROP.  Item number: 1133.    US$11.98
981.    Winiarski, M. D., et al. DICCIONARIO MANUAL RUSO-ESPANOL; (Russian to Spanish Dictionary).  Item number: 4602.    US$39.98
982.    Wirt, Mildred A. THE BROWNIE SCOUTS IN THE CIRCUS.  Item number: 4887.    US$29.98
983.    Wirth, Conrad L., et al Historic Structures Report; Restoration of Ford's Theatre.  Item number: 3943.    US$19.98
984.    Wisconsin Alumni Association, University of Wisconsin WISCONSIN SONG BOOK.  Item number: 4154.    US$99.98
985.    Wojciechowski, Gene Cubs Nation: 162 Games, 162 Stories, 1 Addiction.  Item number: 4622.    US$74.98
986.    Wolf, Ron; Attner, Paul; Green Bay Packers The Packer Way: Nine Stepping Stones to Building a Winning Organization.  Item number: 5125.    US$24.98
987.    Wolfe, Thomas, Illustrated by: Shenton, Edward THE FACE OF A NATION; Poetical Passages from the Writings of Thomas Wolfe.  Item number: 1134.    US$17.98
988.    Wood, J. G., Rev. POPULAR NATURAL HISTORY.  Item number: 1658.    US$40.00
989.    Wool Education Center The Story of Wool.  Item number: 4990.    US$24.98
990.    Woollcott, Alexander LONG, LONG AGO.  Item number: 520.    US$9.98
991.    Wouk, Herman AURORA DAWN.  Item number: 1573.    US$15.00
992.    Wouk, Herman YOUNGBLOOD HAWKE.  Item number: 4663.    US$12.98
993.    Wren, M. K. SEASONS OF DEATH.  Item number: 1436.    US$14.98
994.    Wright, A. O. COMBINED CONSTITUTIONS OF THE UNITED STATES AND WISCONSIN; An Exposition of the Constitution of the United States.  Item number: 2003.    US$20.00
995.    Wright, Richard NATIVE SON.  Item number: 4576.    US$17.98
996.    Wright, Richard B. Clara Callan : A Novel.  Item number: 3042.    US$12.98
997.    Wylie, Elinor JENNIFER LORN.  Item number: 4418.    US$19.98
998.    Yglesias, Rafael FEARLESS.  Item number: 395.    US$11.98
999.    Yost, Karl; Renner, Frederic G. A Bibliography of the Published Works of Charles M. Russell.  Item number: 2841.    US$49.98
1000.    Youmans, William Jay; Editor Appletons' Popular Science Monthly.  Item number: 3490.    US$29.98

1006 items found
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