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851.    Stadley, Pat THE BLACK LEATHER BARBARIANS.  Item number: 5072.    US$79.98
852.    Staebler, Wendy Architectural Detailing in Contract Interiors.  Item number: 4224.    US$19.98
853.    Stagge, Jonathan DEATH'S OLD SWEET SONG.  Item number: 1211.    US$15.00
854.    Standard Electric ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES AND HOUSEWARES CATALOG No. 50-A.  Item number: 2580.    US$25.00
855.    Stanley, Louis T. THIS IS PUTTING.  Item number: 2731.    US$50.00
856.    Starnes, Richard AND WHEN SHE WAS BAD SHE WAS MURDERED.  Item number: 5134.    US$39.98
857.    Stead, Christina A LITTLE TEA, A LITTLE CHAT.  Item number: 5133.    US$59.98
858.    Stewart, George R., FIRE.  Item number: 58.    US$11.98
859.    Stickland, Paul, Illustrated by: Stickland, Paul (illustrator) Tractors (Working Wheels Ser.).  Item number: 3284.    US$29.98
860.    Stifler, W. W. (editor) HIGH-SPEED COMPUTING DEVICES.  Item number: 3063.    US$60.00
861.    Still, William N., Jr. Iron Afloat: The Story of the Confederate Armorclads.  Item number: 4866.    US$29.98
862.    Stock, Catherine MODERN PRACTICES IN INFRARED SPECTROSCOPY; Laboratory Manual.  Item number: 4051.    US$19.98
863.    Stone, Michael A Long Reach (Streeter Mystery Ser.).  Item number: 2219.    US$7.98
864.    Strange, Edward Hiroshige's Woodblock Prints.  Item number: 4528.    US$14.98
865.    Street, A. G., Illustrated by: Edwards, Lionel IN HIS OWN COUNTRY: A Selection from the Writings of A.G. Street.  Item number: 5104.    US$29.98
866.    Strober, Deborah Hart; Strober, Gerald S. The Monarchy: An Oral Biography of Elizabeth II.  Item number: 4324.    US$12.98
867.    Students of the Edison Institute HERALD (2 VOLUMES).  Item number: 5094.    US$60.00
868.    Sturgis, Russell THE APPRECIATION OF SCULPTURE.  Item number: 2761.    US$40.00
869.    Suhm, Dr. Lawrence, et al; (Compiled By) ON WISCONSIN; Wisconsin Almanac and Government Guide 1966.  Item number: 4132.    US$25.00
870.    Summers, Ian (editor) Tomorrow & Beyond; Masterpieces of Science Fiction Art.  Item number: 2285.    US$12.98
871.    Sutton, Margaret THE NAME ON THE BRACELET; A Judy Bolton Mystery.  Item number: 2229.    US$100.00
872.    Swick, Marly EVENING NEWS.  Item number: 1469.    US$19.98
873.    T. S. Settel & The Staff of Quote (Editors) THE QUOTABLE HARRY S. TRUMAN.  Item number: 4579.    US$19.98
874.    Taggart, Barbara; Stickler, Carol Weaving in Miniature.  Item number: 4723.    US$17.98
875.    Tallant, Robert READY TO HANG; SEVEN FAMOUS NEW ORLEANS MURDERS.  Item number: 3977.    US$69.98
876.    Tarkington, Booth ALICE ADAMS.  Item number: 5194.    US$249.98
877.    Teilhet, Hildegrade Tolman THE ASSASSINS.  Item number: 3130.    US$14.98
878.    Texido, Leopoldo Galiano (editor) PROGRAMA DE TOROS; BULLFIGHT.  Item number: 4031.    US$25.00
879.    Thaler, Mike, Illustrated by: Miglio, Paige (illustrator) Little Dinosaur.  Item number: 2354.    US$16.95
880.    The Browns, Cora, Rose, and Bob; (The Browns) THE WINE COOK BOOK.  Item number: 1922.    US$24.98
881.    The Outlook Company THE OUTLOOK ILLUSTRATED MONTHLY MAGAZINE 1900.  Item number: 5093.    US$75.00
882.    The Tinder Box THE TINDER BOX; (The Tinderbox) The Finest Pipes, Tobaccos, Cigars & Gifts from 'Round the World.  Item number: 4691.    US$19.98
883.    Theroux, Paul THE HAPPY ISLES OF OCEANIA; Paddling The Pacific.  Item number: 3328.    US$8.98
884.    Thomas, Roger; Wales Tourist Board A Journey Through Wales.  Item number: 3592.    US$11.98
885.    Thomas, Ruth IN MEDIAS RES; (In the Middle of the Action).  Item number: 5069.    US$29.98
886.    Thompson, Francis, Illustrated by: Kezys, Algimantas I Fled Him down the Nights and down the Days (The Hound of Heaven).  Item number: 3186.    US$24.98
887.    Thompson, H. Stuart FLOWERING PLANTS OF THE RIVIERA.  Item number: 4846.    US$39.98
888.    Thompson, Joyce CONSCIENCE PLACE.  Item number: 912.    US$9.98
889.    Time-Life Films WILD, WILD WORLD OF ANIMALS.  Item number: 4782.    US$249.98
890.    Titchener, Edward Bradford A BEGINNER'S PSYCHOLOGY.  Item number: 4964.    US$24.98
891.    Tolkien, J. R. R. THE FELLOWSHIP OF THE RING; Second Edition, Revised.  Item number: 5204.    US$49.98
892.    Tompkins, Jane Sensational Designs: The Cultural Work of American Fiction, 1790-1860.  Item number: 4615.    US$24.98
893.    Trapp, Maria Augusta, Illustrated by: Trapp, Rosemary; and Nikolaus E. Wolff AROUND THE YEAR WITH THE TRAPP FAMILY.  Item number: 2500.    US$150.00
894.    Treat, Lawrence H AS IN HUNTED.  Item number: 5155.    US$49.98
895.    Tregaskis, Richard GUADALCANAL DIARY.  Item number: 3826.    US$24.98
896.    Treynor, Blair SHE ATE HER CAKE.  Item number: 5164.    US$14.98
897.    Trotter, William R. A Frozen Hell: The Russo-Finnish Winter War of 1939-1940.  Item number: 5174.    US$24.98
898.    Trueblood, Ted The Ted Trueblood Hunting Treasury.  Item number: 5027.    US$19.98
899.    Tufford, Julia Peterson JULIA PERERSON TUFFORD'S ORIGINAL SCANDINAVIAN RECIPES; Including The Smorgasbord.  Item number: 2369.    US$25.00
900.    Turner, J. Howard; Editor HYDRAULICS; HYDRAULIC SYSTEMS FOR TRACTORS AND OTHER MOBIL EQUIPMENT.  Item number: 4859.    US$19.98

1003 items found
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