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801.    Schiffer, Don; Duroska, Lud; Editors, Illustrated by: Kraynak, George FOOTBALL RULES IN PICTURES.  Item number: 2329.    US$18.00
802.    Schofield, William G. THE DEER CRY; A Novel of Patrick of Eirinn.  Item number: 4737.    US$19.98
803.    Schrijvers, Peter The Gi War Against Japan: American Soldiers in Asia and the Pacific During World War II.  Item number: 5172.    US$49.98
804.    Schulz, Charles M. Here Comes the April Fool! (Peanuts Parade Bks.).  Item number: 3156.    US$40.00
805.    Schwartz, Stephen VOCAL SELECTIONS; GODSPELL.  Item number: 4440.    US$11.98
806.    Schwenke, Karl Successful Small-Scale Farming.  Item number: 4864.    US$39.98
807.    Sclater, Neil J. Wire and Cable for Electronics : A User's Handbook.  Item number: 2907.    US$75.00
808.    Scorpio SCORPIO'S HOROSCOPE BOOK; HEAVEN KNOWS WHAT.  Item number: 2929.    US$11.98
809.    Scott, George Riley CURIOUS CUSTOMS OF SEX AND MARRIAGE.  Item number: 3320.    US$17.98
810.    Scott, Winfield Townley COLLECTED POEMS 1937-1962.  Item number: 5085.    US$19.98
811.    Sealtest Editors THE SEALTEST FOOD ADVISER.  Item number: 1944.    US$29.98
812.    Seaton, Benjamin M.; Col. Harold B. Simpson, Editor THE BUGLE SOFTLY BLOWS; The Confederate Diary of Benjamin M. Seaton.  Item number: 4616.    US$99.98
813.    Service Department Ford Division FORD SERVICE HANDBOOK 10001; Electrical System Maintenance, Diagnosis, and Light Repair.  Item number: 5109.    US$14.98
814.    Service Department Ford Division FORD SERVICE HANDBOOK 10002; Generators, Alternators, Regulators and Starters.  Item number: 5110.    US$14.98
815.    Seymour, E. L. E.; Editor FAVORITE FLOWERS IN COLOR.  Item number: 3083.    US$14.98
816.    Seymour, F. Eugene; Smith, Paul James PLANE AND SPHERICAL TRIGONOMETRY.  Item number: 2293.    US$50.00
817.    Shannon, Dell, THE RINGER,.  Item number: 70.    US$4.00
818.    Shapiro, Estels; Rios, Juan Francisco IMAGE AND PRESENCE; THIRTEEN CONTEMPORARY MEXICAN PAINTERS.  Item number: 5101.    US$299.98
819.    Sharp, Margery CLUNY BROWN.  Item number: 630.    US$8.00
820.    Sharp, Margery BRITANNIA MEWS.  Item number: 1647.    US$12.00
821.    Shaw, Irwin MIXED COMPANY; Collected Short Stories of Irwin Shaw.  Item number: 4565.    US$19.98
822.    Shaw, Lau, Illustrated by: Baldridge, Cyrus Leroy RICKSHAW BOY.  Item number: 1648.    US$10.00
823.    Sheen, Fulton J. FREEDOM UNDER GOD.  Item number: 5184.    US$49.98
824.    Sheen, Fulton J. THE LIFE OF ALL LIVING: The Philosophy of Life.  Item number: 5185.    US$49.98
825.    Sherman, Harold M., Illustrated by: Avison, George THE WINNING POINT.  Item number: 2058.    US$40.00
826.    Shore, William; (editor) LOUDER THAN WORDS. 22 Authors Donate New Stories to Benefit Share Our Strength's Fight Against Hunger, Homelessness and Illiteracy.  Item number: 4177.    US$19.98
827.    Shurter, Edwin DuBois, Editor MASTERPIECES OF MODERN ORATORY.  Item number: 752.    US$18.00
828.    Shute, Nevil PASTORAL.  Item number: 1537.    US$15.00
829.    Shute, Nevil, THE CHEQUER BOARD,.  Item number: 239.    US$10.00
830.    Shutts, George C. PLANE AND SOLID GEOMETRY; SUGGESTIVE METHOD.  Item number: 4297.    US$24.98
831.    Siller, Van and Du Bois, Theodora UNDER A CLOUD; THE CASE OF THE PERFUMED MOUSE.  Item number: 538.    US$11.98
832.    Simmons, Marc The Last Conquistador: Juan De Onate and the Settling of the Far Southwest.  Item number: 4941.    US$11.98
833.    Simon and Garfunkel BRIDGE OVER TROUBLED WATERS.  Item number: 4444.    US$9.98
834.    Siringo, Charles A. RIATA AND SPURS.  Item number: 4639.    US$29.98
835.    Skelton, R. A. MAPS; A Historical Survey of Their Study and Collecting.  Item number: 4695.    US$24.98
836.    Smith, Alexander McCall THE GOOD HUSBAND OF ZEBRA DRIVE.  Item number: 5047.    US$29.98
837.    Smith, Betty JOY IN THE MORNING.  Item number: 352.    US$9.98
838.    Smith, F. Hopkinson, Illustrated by: Clark, Walter Appleton THE FORTUNES OF OLIVER HORN.  Item number: 456.    US$18.50
839.    Smith, J. Thorne, U.S.N.R.F., Illustrated by: Dorgan, Richard BILTMORE OSWALD; The Diary of a Hapless Recruit.  Item number: 2004.    US$100.00
840.    Smith, Lani IT'S ALL ABOUT LOVE; A Folk Musical.  Item number: 4439.    US$19.98
841.    Sneider, Vern THE TEAHOUSE OF THE AUGUST MOON.  Item number: 4967.    US$14.98
842.    Snider, Joseph Lyons BUSINESS STATISTICS; a Book of Cases and Materials.  Item number: 3402.    US$75.00
843.    Snow, Edward Rowe Mysteries and Adventures Along the Atlantic Coast.  Item number: 2683.    US$40.00
844.    Sophocles; (Translated By Paul Roche) OEDIPUS THE KING.  Item number: 3198.    US$14.98
845.    Sorg, Thomas J.; Bell, Frank A., Jr. Plumbing Materials and Drinking Water Quality (Pollution Technology Review Ser., No. 128).  Item number: 3397.    US$19.98
846.    Spalding, Henry D. The Nixon Nobody Knows.  Item number: 4604.    US$19.98
847.    Sparrow, David; Tipler, John Alfa Romeo Legends.  Item number: 3663.    US$29.98
848.    Spicer SPICER DRIVESHAFTS SERVICE GUIDE.  Item number: 5112.    US$11.98
849.    Spiegelman, Art My Father Bleeds History : A Survivor's Tale (Vol. 1) (Maus Ser.).  Item number: 2043.    US$14.98
850.    St Denny, Douglas CAMERAS OF THE PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA.  Item number: 5074.    US$14.98

1004 items found
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