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551.    Lytton, Sir Edward Bulwer WHAT WILL HE DO WITH IT, By Pisistratus Caxton; Complete In Two Volumes.  Item number: 734.    US$28.00
552.    Lytton, Sir Edward Bulwer MY NOVEL, By Pisistratus Caxton; Complete In Two Volumes.  Item number: 735.    US$28.00
553.    Macaulay, R. VIEWS AND VAGABONDS.  Item number: 3833.    US$25.00
554.    MacBride, Robert CIVIL WAR IRONCLADS; The Dawn of Naval Armor.  Item number: 4765.    US$49.98
555.    MacDonald, John D. THE LONELY SILVER RAIN.  Item number: 3703.    US$19.98
556.    MacInnes, Helen THE DEADLY DECISIONS; Decision at Delphi; the Venetian Affair.  Item number: 2015.    US$11.98
557.    MacKay, James A. The Complete Works of Robert Burns : Souvenir Edition.  Item number: 2234.    US$200.00
558.    Macken, Walter SEEK THE FAIR LAND.  Item number: 4530.    US$19.98
559.    MacKendrick, Paul and Herbert M. Howe, Editors CLASSICS IN TRANSLATION; Volume II: Latin Literature.  Item number: 3203.    US$24.98
560.    MacLeod, Mary, Illustrated by: Walker, A. G. THE BOOK OF KING ARTHUR AND HIS NOBLE KNIGHTS; Stories from Sir Thomas Malory's Morte Darthur.  Item number: 2914.    US$100.00
561.    Macpherson, Charles THE ENGLISH PSALTER; Containing the Psalms of David Together with the Canticles and Proper Psalms for Certain Days ; Edited and Pointed for Chanting Upon the Principles of Natural Speech-Rhythm.  Item number: 3699.    US$14.98
562.    Macpherson, Charles THE ENGLISH PSALTER; Containing the Psalms of David Together with the Canticles and Proper Psalms for Certain Days ; Edited and Pointed for Chanting Upon the Principles of Natural Speech-Rhythm.  Item number: 3698.    US$14.98
563.    Madsen, N. P. THE WORD; A Small Book Of Devotions for Daily Use.  Item number: 4202.    US$24.98
564.    Maginley, C. J. Trains and Boats and Planes and ...: Custom-Building Wooden Toys.  Item number: 4112.    US$19.98
565.    Magrath, Derek NORTON; The Complete Story.  Item number: 3794.    US$75.00
566.    Maier, Howard UNDERTOW.  Item number: 955.    US$29.98
567.    Malz, Carl THE ABC'S OF TROLLING WITH SPOONPLUGS.  Item number: 4907.    US$14.98
568.    Mandrell, Louise, Illustrated by: Stall, Leslie Misson for Jenny : A Story about the Meaning of Flag Day (Vol. 9).  Item number: 3394.    US$19.98
569.    Mann, Thomas THE MAGIC MOUNTAIN.  Item number: 951.    US$12.00
570.    Mann, Thomas THE HOLY SINNER.  Item number: 93.    US$10.00
571.    Mann, Thomas THE HOLY SINNER.  Item number: 92.    US$19.98
572.    Manning, David; (Max Brand) KING CHARLIE'S RIDERS.  Item number: 2241.    US$29.98
573.    Manning, David; (Max Brand) THE MOUNTAIN FUGITIVE.  Item number: 2242.    US$39.98
574.    Mansfield, Helene CONTESSA.  Item number: 2711.    US$7.98
575.    Marcus, Raymond THE BASTARD BULLET; A Search For Legitimacy For Commission Exhibit 399.  Item number: 1458.    US$149.98
576.    Maroon, Suzy The United States Capitol.  Item number: 4136.    US$49.98
577.    Marrin, Albert Overlord : D-Day and the Invasion of Europe.  Item number: 3498.    US$29.98
578.    Marshall, Rosamond DUCHESS HOTSPUR.  Item number: 1045.    US$9.98
579.    Mason, Caroline A. A TILTED MAIDEN.  Item number: 3459.    US$25.00
580.    Mason, Richard THE FEVER TREE.  Item number: 1321.    US$24.98
581.    Mason, Van Wyck SEEDS OF MURDER.  Item number: 4976.    US$249.98
582.    Mason, Van Wyck THE BRANDED SPY MURDERS.  Item number: 2903.    US$25.00
583.    Mason, Van Wyck THE HONGKONG AIRBASE MURDERS.  Item number: 2525.    US$14.98
584.    Mason, Van Wyck THE SINGAPORE EXILE MURDERS.  Item number: 2524.    US$14.98
585.    Mathews, F. Schuyler THE WRITING TABLE OF THE TWENTIETH CENTURY; Being an Account of Heraldry, Art, Engraving & Established Form for the Correspondent.  Item number: 2295.    US$25.00
586.    Maupin, Armistead MAYBE THE MOON.  Item number: 960.    US$19.98
587.    Maxtee, John THE DOG.  Item number: 4759.    US$39.98
588.    McCabe, Patrick Emerald Germs of Ireland.  Item number: 2049.    US$19.98
589.    McCloskey, Robert BLUEBERRIES FOR SAL.  Item number: 5187.    US$4,000.00
590.    McCormick, Cyrus THE CENTURY OF THE REAPER.  Item number: 4473.    US$19.98
591.    McCrumb, Sharyn Bimbos Of The Death Sun.  Item number: 4416.    US$14.98
592.    McCullough, David Willis GREAT DETECTIVES; A Century of the Best Mysteries from England and America.  Item number: 2190.    US$14.98
593.    McGinniss, Joe CRUEL DOUBT.  Item number: 145.    US$9.98
594.    McMullen, Mary MY COUSIN DEATH.  Item number: 1439.    US$11.98
595.    McNair, Eric P.; Schwenck, James E. HOW TO BECOME A SUCCESSFUL INVENTOR; Design a Gadget in Your Spare Time and STRIKE IT RICH!.  Item number: 4721.    US$11.98
596.    McNeel, Harold E. Psychotherapy: The Private and Very Personal Viewpoints of Doctor and Patient.  Item number: 4094.    US$14.98
597.    McVickar, Malcolm, H., Ph.D. USING COMMERCIAL FERTILIZER; Commercial Fertilizers and Crop Production.  Item number: 4693.    US$19.98
598.    Meagher, John R. RCA TELEVISION PICT-O-GUIDE (2 Volumes).  Item number: 3030.    US$29.98
599.    Mencken, H. L. HEATHEN DAYS; 1890-1936.  Item number: 1370.    US$100.00
600.    Mercanton, Jacques; Rouget, Bernard MAROC; Terre et Ciel.  Item number: 3946.    US$40.00

1003 items found
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