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401.    Williamsburg Virginia: A Brief Study in Photographs, revised & enlarged edi tion.  Item number: 001045.    US$8.00
402.    Collier, Peter & David Horowitz The Kennedys: An American Drama.  Item number: 001056.    US$11.00
403.    Green, Stanley The World of Musical Comedy: The Story of Amer. Musical Stage as Told Through Careers of its Foremost Composers & Lyricists.  Item number: 001062.    US$8.00
404.    Flanner, Janet Paris Was Yesterday 1925-1939.  Item number: 001063.    US$15.00
405.    Sidney, Sylvia, with Alfred Allan Lewis Sylvia Sidney Needlepoint Book.  Item number: 001065.    US$8.00
406.    Benoit, Pierre Easter: A Pictorial Pilgrimage.  Item number: 001068.    US$11.00
407.    Bennett, H. S.; edited by F. P Wilson & Bonamy Debree Chaucer and the Fifteenth Century.  Item number: 001074.    US$11.00
408.    Alsop, Joseph FDR: 1882-1945: A Centenary Remembrance.  Item number: 001075.    US$59.00
409.    Kahan, Gerald George Alexander Stevens and the Lecture on Heads.  Item number: 001085.    US$13.00
410.    Stoddard, Karen M. Saints and Shrews: Women and Aging in American Popular Films.  Item number: 001087.    US$11.00
411.    Gabler, Neal An Empire of Their Own: How the Jews Invented Hollywood.  Item number: 001088.    US$15.00
412.    Schneider, Alan Entrances: An American Director's Journey.  Item number: 001089.    US$15.00
413.    Walsh, John The Shroud.  Item number: 001092.    US$8.00
414.    Auel, Jean M. The Plains of Passage.  Item number: 001093.    US$11.00
415.    Abernethy, Francis Edward, editor Folk Art in Texas.  Item number: 001102.    US$22.00
416.    Hourani, Albert A History of the Arab Peoples.  Item number: 001105.    US$14.00
417.    Carpenter, Edward A House of Kings: The Official History of Westminster Abbey.  Item number: 001106.    US$30.00
418.    Meyer, Nicholas The West End Horror: A Posthumous Memoir of John H. Watson, M.D..  Item number: 001115.    US$7.00
419.    The Christmas Book.  Item number: 001117.    US$15.00
420.    Kaufmann, Edgar Frank Lloyd Wright: An American Architecture.  Item number: 001119.    US$36.00
421.    Tanner, Calra Lee Southwest Indian Craft Arts.  Item number: 001120.    US$22.00
422.    Bruner, Wally Wally's Workshop.  Item number: 001121.    US$8.00
423.    Brome, Vincent J. B. Priestley.  Item number: 001122.    US$22.00
424.    Edwards, Anne, and Stephen Citron The DeMilles: An American Family.  Item number: 001124.    US$13.00
425.    Edwards, Anne, and Stephen Citron The DeMilles: An American Family.  Item number: 001125.    US$11.00
426.    Donoghue, Denis England, Their England: Commentaries on English Language and Literature.  Item number: 001126.    US$11.00
427.    Heald, Tim Caroline.  Item number: 001131.    US$7.00
428.    Brooks, Van Wyck The Times of Melville and Whitman.  Item number: 001133.    US$11.00
429.    Osborne, Charles The World Theatre of Wagner: A Celebration of 150 Years of Wagner Productions.  Item number: 001134.    US$19.00
430.    Statler, Oliver Japanese Inn: Reconstruction of the Past.  Item number: 001138.    US$9.00
431.    Bleser, Carol The Hammonds of Redcliffe.  Item number: 001143.    US$11.00
432.    Bleser, Carol The Hammonds of Redcliffe.  Item number: 001144.    US$8.00
433.    Zarnecki, George Romanesque Art.  Item number: 001146.    US$13.00
434.    Venturi, Lionello & Rosabianca Skira-Venturi; translated by Stuart Gilbert Italian Painting: The Creators of the Renaissance.  Item number: 001151.    US$35.00
435.    Kenny, Herbert A. Cape Ann: Cape America.  Item number: 001152.    US$9.00
436.    Kresge, Stanley S., as told to Sneve Spilos The S. S. Kresge Story.  Item number: 001165.    US$8.00
437.    McGinley, Phyllis Saint-Watching.  Item number: 001168.    US$10.00
438.    Allan, D. G. The Houses of the Royal Society of Arts: A History and a Guide.  Item number: 001169.    US$13.00
439.    Stanley, Thomas Blaine The Techique of Advertising Production.  Item number: 001170.    US$16.00
440.    Nesbitt, Alexander Lettering: The History and Technique of Lettering as Design.  Item number: 001172.    US$19.00
441.    Young, Frank H. Technique of Advertising Layout.  Item number: 001173.    US$41.00
442.    Abrams, Barney The Technique of Fashion Layout.  Item number: 001174.    US$16.00
443.    McMurtry, Larry Some Can Whistle.  Item number: 001176.    US$11.00
444.    Wambaugh, Joseph The Golden Orange.  Item number: 001177.    US$7.00
445.    Manchester, William American Caesar: Douglas MacArthur 1880-1964.  Item number: 001184.    US$8.00
446.    Thomas, Lowell Count Luckner, the Sea Devil.  Item number: 001190.    US$6.00
447.    Rowse, A. L. William Shakespeare: A Biography.  Item number: 001199.    US$8.00
448.    Fletcher, Colin The Man Who Walked Through Time.  Item number: 001200.    US$8.00
449.    Boyles, Denis Man Eaters Motel.  Item number: 001202.    US$11.00
450.    Fisher, Louise B. An Eighteenth-Century Garland: The Flower and Fruit Arrangements of Colonial Williamsburg.  Item number: 001209.    US$13.00

Over 9000 Items found
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