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401.    Greenberg, Martin H., and Charles G. Waugh, selected by A Newberry Christmas: Fourteen Stories of Christmas by Newberry Award-Winning Authors.  Item number: 021504.    US$8.00
402.    Hastings, Robert J., Illustrated by: Kerr, Steve A Nickel's Worth of Skim Milk: A Boy's View of the Great Depression.  Item number: 025988.    US$12.00
403.    Rand, Christopher A Nostalgia for Camels.  Item number: 006334.    US$11.00
404.    Ernst, Jimmy A Not-So-Still Life: A Memoir.  Item number: 005972.    US$19.00
405.    Hart, James D, ed. A Novelist in the Making: Frank Norris.  Item number: 001858.    US$11.00
406.    Opie, Iona & Peter A Nursery Companion.  Item number: 003440.    US$22.00
407.    Dickson, George S., Illustrated by: Morrow, George A Nursery Geography.  Item number: 013427.    US$28.00
408.    Strong Roy A Pageant of Canada/Pages de'histoire du Canada. The European Contribution to the Iconography of Canadian History.  Item number: 023726.    US$15.00
409.    Gordon, Lesley A Pageant of Dolls.  Item number: 024768.    US$12.00
410.    Marzorati, Gerald A Painter of Darkness: Leon Golub and Our Times.  Item number: 005270.    US$11.00
411.    Morgan, Joan & Alison Richards A Paradise out of a Common Field: The Pleasures and Plenty of the Victorian Garden.  Item number: 005522.    US$16.00
412.    Morgan, Joan & Alison Richards A Paradise out of a Common Field: The Pleasures and Plenty of the Victorian Garden.  Item number: 005523.    US$19.00
413.    Phillips, William A Partisan View: Five Decades of the Literary Life.  Item number: 008134.    US$17.00
414.    Greene, Victor A Passion for Polka: Old-Time Ethnic Music in America.  Item number: 003340.    US$22.00
415.    Wohl, Robert A Passion for Wings: Aviation and the Western Imagination, 1908-1918.  Item number: 017532.    US$15.00
416.    Krause, Martin F. A Passionate Eye and a Public Spirit: Kurt F Pantzer and the J. M. W. Turner Collection.  Item number: 023148.    US$46.00
417.    Jones, Kathleen A Passionate Sisterhood: The Sisters, Wives and Daughters of the Lake Poets.  Item number: 022110.    US$13.00
418.    Eddison, Sydney A Patchwork Garden: Unexpected Pleasure from a Country Garden.  Item number: 005525.    US$10.00
419.    Winkler, Max A Penny from Heave.  Item number: 015358.    US$16.00
420.    Burns, James MacGregor, and Stewart Burns A People's Charter: The Pursuit of Rights in America.  Item number: 015305.    US$12.00
421.    Gordon, Strathearn, and T. G. B. Cocks A People's Conscience: Six Typical Enquiries (1729-1837) by Select Committees of the House of Commons.  Item number: 023186.    US$16.00
422.    Shoson (Kenneth Yasuda); John Gould Fletcher, foreword A Pepper-Pod: Classic Japnese Poems together with orginal Haiku by Shoson (Kenneth Yasuda).  Item number: 016094.    US$13.00
423.    Rollins, Hyder E., ed. A Pepysian Garland: Black Letter Broadside Ballads of the Years 1595-1639, Chiefly from the Collection of Samuel Pepys.  Item number: 025721.    US$20.00
424.    Gardner, Earle Stanley A Pery Mason Casebook.  Item number: 022042.    US$7.00
425.    Turner, W. J., ed. with intro. A Pictorial Guide to Many Lands: The Britih Commonwealth and Empire.  Item number: 011501.    US$12.00
426.    Churchill, Allen A Pictorial History of American Crime 1849-1929.  Item number: 006928.    US$12.00
427.    Hoover, Dwight W. with Jane Rodman A Pictorial History of Indiana.  Item number: 028558.    US$20.00
428.    Sweeney, James B. A Pictorial History of Oceanographic Submersibles.  Item number: 025592.    US$16.00
429.    Fox, Charles Philip A Pictorial History of Performing Horses.  Item number: 014531.    US$12.00
430.    Settel, Irving A Pictorial History of Radio.  Item number: 008577.    US$12.00
431.    Settel, Irving & William Laas A Pictorial History of Television.  Item number: 009141.    US$14.00
432.    La Farge, Oliver A Pictorial History of the American Indians.  Item number: 009862.    US$19.00
433.    Buchanan, Lamont A Pictorial History of the Confederacy.  Item number: 008303.    US$19.00
434.    Hatcher, Harlan, and Erich A. Walter A Pictorial History of the Great Lakes.  Item number: 012681.    US$13.00
435.    Proctor, George D.; Helen Grossman & Seymour Freedgood A Picture Book of Nature.  Item number: 009311.    US$12.00
436.    Sendak, Theodore A Pilgrimage Through the Briar Patch: Fifty Years in Indiana Politics.  Item number: 012066.    US$19.00
437.    Schlesinger, Arthur M. Jr. A Pilgrims Process: Orestes A. Brownson.  Item number: 010180.    US$15.00
438.    Buckley, Kerry W., ed. A Place Called Paradise: Culture and Community in Northampton, Massachusetts, 1654-2004.  Item number: 022287.    US$43.00
439.    Sibley, Celestine, Illustrated by: Cruz, Ray A Place Called Sweet Apple.  Item number: 021728.    US$19.00
440.    Dillon, Francis A Place for Habitation: The Pilgrim Fathers and Their Quest.  Item number: 011740.    US$13.00
441.    Greenfeld, Josh A Place for Noah.  Item number: 000700.    US$8.00
442.    Matson, Peter H. A Place in the Country.  Item number: 014944.    US$6.00
443.    Mills, Kay A Place in the News: From the Women's Pages to the Front Page.  Item number: 003794.    US$11.00
444.    Mills, Kay A Place in the News: From the Women's Pages to the Front Page.  Item number: 020996.    US$15.00
445.    Gilbert, Alma M., and Judith B. Tankard A Place of Beauty: The Artists and Gardens of the Cornish Colony.  Item number: 025398.    US$24.00
446.    Warren Robert Penn A Place to Come to.  Item number: 021350.    US$11.00
447.    Dickens, Charles A Plated Article. With an Introductory Account of the Historical Spode-Copeland China Works to which it refers.  Item number: 015448.    US$25.00
448.    Beal, Doone A Pleasure of Cities.  Item number: 005700.    US$11.00
449.    Whitehouse, Jack E. A Police Bibliography: Published and Unpublished Sources through 1976 with an Addendum.  Item number: 011645.    US$38.00
450.    Klinger, Kurt A Pope Laughs: Stories of John XXIII.  Item number: 010796.    US$8.00

Over 9000 Items found
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