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351.    Andrews, Clarence A. A Literary History of Iowa.  Item number: 025983.    US$20.00
352.    Stuhlmann, Gunther, edited & introduction by A Literature Passion: Letters of Anais Nin and Henry Miller 1832-1953.  Item number: 009341.    US$14.00
353.    Field, Eugene A Little Book of Western Verse.  Item number: 005409.    US$7.00
354.    Patterson, Joseph Medill (James?), Illustrated by: Goldbeck, Walter Dean A Little Brother of the Rich.  Item number: 022152.    US$7.00
355.    Wisse, Ruth R. A Little Love in Big Manhatten: Two Yiddish Poets.  Item number: 003009.    US$14.00
356.    Dillon, Millicent A Little Original Sin: The Life and Work of Jane Bowles.  Item number: 006404.    US$13.00
357.    Burnett, Frances Hodgson, Illustrated by: Rust, Graham A Little Princess.  Item number: 017062.    US$12.00
358.    James, Henry A Little Tour in France.  Item number: 022939.    US$12.00
359.    Downey, Lawrence J. A Live Thing in the Whole Town: The History of the Indianapolis-Marion County Public Library, 1873-1990.  Item number: 011143.    US$20.00
360.    Pennell, Joseph A London Reverie.  Item number: 000405.    US$27.00
361.    Alcott, Louisa May A Long Fatal Love Chase.  Item number: 013317.    US$14.00
362.    O'Gara, Geoffrey A Long Road Home: Journeys through America's Present in Search of America's Past.  Item number: 011791.    US$11.00
363.    Sulzberger, C. L. A Long Row of Candles: Memoirs and Diaries 1934-1954.  Item number: 002712.    US$9.00
364.    Rand, Paul, design & typography A Look at Architecture: Columbus Indiana.  Item number: 014559.    US$19.00
365.    Holt, Hazel A Lot to Ask: A Life of Barbara Pym.  Item number: 001803.    US$12.00
366.    Ernst, Morris L. A Love Affair with the Law.  Item number: 015735.    US$8.00
367.    Bourget, Paul, Illustrated by: Macchiati A Love Crime.  Item number: 025065.    US$14.00
368.    Boettiger, John R. A Love in Shadow: The Story of Anna Roosevelt and John Boettiger.  Item number: 000992.    US$8.00
369.    Knight, William Allen A Lovely Find.  Item number: 024861.    US$9.00
370.    Frank, Bruno; H. T. Lowe-Porter, transl. A Man Called Cervantes; A Biographical Novel.  Item number: 022435.    US$8.00
371.    Mesendiek, C. William A Man for His Times: The Life and Thought of David Bowman Schneder, Missionary to Japan, 1887-1938.  Item number: 010830.    US$14.00
372.    Wolfe, Tom A Man in Full.  Item number: 013322.    US$17.00
373.    Hatch, Alden A Man Named John: The Life of John XXIII.  Item number: 002509.    US$8.00
374.    Smith, Elizabeth M., editor A Man of Ideas: Waldo Lonsbury Semon, The Inventor of Plasticized Polyvinyl Chloride.  Item number: 001739.    US$11.00
375.    Enright, D. J. A Mania for Sentences.  Item number: 022078.    US$11.00
376.    Tobias, J. Carroll A Manual of Airbrush Technique.  Item number: 019129.    US$9.00
377.    Hill, Lewis Webb, M.D. A Manual of Practical Laboratory Diagnosis.  Item number: 013719.    US$25.00
378.    Ehrlich, Gretel A Match to the Heart: One Woman's Story of Being Struck by Lightning.  Item number: 009203.    US$13.00
379.    Humphrey, Sylvia Windle A Matter of Taste: The Definitive Seasoning Cookbook.  Item number: 025618.    US$8.00
380.    Gies, Francis and Joseph A Medieval Family: The Pastons of Fifteenth-Century England.  Item number: 013253.    US$22.00
381.    Dorr, Benjamin A Memoir of John Fanning Watson: The Annalist of Philadelphia and New York.  Item number: 014733.    US$72.00
382.    Mencken, H. L. A Mencken Chrestomathy.  Item number: 028647.    US$20.00
383.    Burgess, Thornton W. A Merry Coasting Party.  Item number: 009413.    US$22.00
384.    Bain, F. W., transl. from original manuscript A Mine of Faults.  Item number: 025339.    US$16.00
385.    Thornton, John L. A Mirror for Librarians: Selected Readings in the History of Librarianship.  Item number: 017733.    US$16.00
386.    Reed, Kenneth E. & Edward A. Leary A Mission of Compassionate Health Care: The History of Methodist Hospital of Indiana.  Item number: 008659.    US$22.00
387.    Howells, William Dean A Modern Instance. Riverside Literature Series.  Item number: 023956.    US$8.00
388.    Holton, Glady Reid A Monograph on Metal Head Dolls.  Item number: 017919.    US$12.00
389.    Kleinfield, Sonny A Month at the Brickyard: The Incredible Indy 500.  Item number: 028683.    US$10.00
390.    Loos, Anita, Illustrated by: Pallavicini A Mouse is Born.  Item number: 014530.    US$13.00
391.    Golding, William A Moving Target.  Item number: 000145.    US$8.00
392.    Packard, Vance A Nation of Strangers.  Item number: 005893.    US$6.00
393.    Teale, Edwin Way A Naturalist Buys an Old Farm.  Item number: 014038.    US$11.00
394.    Todd, David A New Astronomy.  Item number: 028590.    US$20.00
395.    Scholl, Rev. John P. A New Catechism of the Catholic Faith.  Item number: 017907.    US$7.00
396.    Lott, Arnold S. & Raymond J. McHugh A New Century Beckons: A History of the Army and Navy Club.  Item number: 005533.    US$17.00
397.    Moffitt, John, ed. and intro; George N. Schuster, foreward A New Charter for Monasticism: Proceedings of the Meeting of the Monastic Superiors in the Far East, Bangkok, December 9 to 15, 1968.  Item number: 023735.    US$46.00
398.    Enenkel, Arthur, and J. McLaughlin A New Dictionary of the English and Italian Languages.  Item number: 025346.    US$8.00
399.    Hingley, Ronald A New Life of Anton Chekhov.  Item number: 009509.    US$17.00
400.    Robertson, A.T., and W. Hersey Davis A New Short Grammar of the Greek Testament.  Item number: 018992.    US$17.00

Over 9000 Items found
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