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201.    Turner, Frederick A Double Shadow.  Item number: 024254.    US$14.00
202.    Durant, Will and Ariel A Dual Autobiography.  Item number: 013684.    US$12.00
203.    Newsom, Samuel A Dwarfed Tree Manual for Westerners.  Item number: 024209.    US$8.00
204.    Mitchell, Margaret A Dynamo Going to Waste: Letters to Allen Edee, 1919-1921.  Item number: 010447.    US$12.00
205.    Weidman, Jerome A Family Fortune.  Item number: 025494.    US$7.00
206.    Waugh, Alec A Family of Islands: A History of the West Indies fron 1492 to 1898 with an Epilogue Sketching Events from the Spanish American War to the 1960's.  Item number: 013830.    US$11.00
207.    Waugh, Alec; John Gunther, ed. A Family of Islands: History of the West Indies.  Item number: 019757.    US$11.00
208.    Owens, Virginia Stem A Feast of Families.  Item number: 010861.    US$9.00
209.    Pearson, William A Fever in the Blood.  Item number: 012382.    US$9.00
210.    Higgins, L. G., and N. D. Riley, Illustrated by: Horgreaves, brian A Field Guide to the Butterflies of Britain and Europe.  Item number: 017881.    US$8.00
211.    Arrowsmith, Nancy, with George Moose, Illustrated by: Edelmann, Heinz A Field Guide to the Little People.  Item number: 026932.    US$10.00
212.    Durden, Kent A Fine and Peaceful Kingdom.  Item number: 002209.    US$8.00
213.    Denkert, Darcie A Fine Romance Hollywood Broadway: The Magic, the Mayhem, the Musicians.  Item number: 022272.    US$28.00
214.    Anobile, Richard J., editor A Flask of Fields: Verbal & Visual Gems from the Films of W. C. Fields.  Item number: 002580.    US$11.00
215.    Ewing, Juliana Horatia A Flat Iron for a Farthing or, Some Passages in the Life of an Only Son.  Item number: 024914.    US$8.00
216.    Wroe, Ann A Fool and His Money: Life in a Partitioned Town in Fourteenth Century France.  Item number: 007257.    US$9.00
217.    Wroe, Ann A Fool and His Money: Life in a Partitioned Town in Fourteenth Century France.  Item number: 010894.    US$13.00
218.    Bullas, Will; Doris Day, intro, Illustrated by: Bullas Will A Fool Moon... More Art of Will Bullas.  Item number: 022948.    US$16.00
219.    Condor, John A Formula of His Own: Henry Adam's Literary Experiment.  Item number: 005530.    US$11.00
220.    de Hauranne, Duvergier; Ralph H. Bowen, transl. and ed. A Frenchman in Lincoln's America: Huit Mois en Amerique: Lettres et Notes de Voyage, 1964-1865. Volume Two.  Item number: 019320.    US$24.00
221.    Nesbit, Wilbur A Friend of Two.  Item number: 018890.    US$19.00
222.    Candler, John A Friendly Mission: John Candler's Letters from America 1953-1854.  Item number: 003320.    US$11.00
223.    Marek, George R. A Front Seat at the Opera.  Item number: 013170.    US$12.00
224.    DeHarbe, Joseph, S.J.; Rev. John Fender, transl.; Right Rev. P. N. Lynch, revised, enlarged and ed. A Full Catechism of the Catholic Religion, preceded by a short history of reliogion from the creation of the world to the present time with questions for examination.  Item number: 019030.    US$24.00
225.    D'Antonio, Michael A Full Cup: Sir Thomas Lipton's Extraordinary Life and His Quest for rhe America's Cup.  Item number: 028585.    US$12.00
226.    Wells, Joel, ed. A Funny Thing Happened to the Church.  Item number: 011184.    US$9.00
227.    Swearingen, Mary Hough A Gallant Journey: Mr. Swearingen and Family.  Item number: 023194.    US$33.00
228.    Sprague, Marshall A Gallery of Dudes.  Item number: 020273.    US$11.00
229.    Smith, Nancy Ruzicka A Garden Full of Flowers.  Item number: 014939.    US$7.00
230.    A Garland for Word Lovers.  Item number: 016845.    US$16.00
231.    Oldenburg, Joseph A Genealogical Guide to the Burton Historical Collection, Detroit Public Library.  Item number: 017689.    US$16.00
232.    Dorn, Brigadier General Frank A General's Diary of Treasured Recipes.  Item number: 024871.    US$16.00
233.    Byrne, Janet A Genius for Living: The Life of Frieda Lawrence.  Item number: 006171.    US$14.00
234.    Fullmer, Dave A Gentleman's Guide to Toasting.  Item number: 014142.    US$7.00
235.    Gottmann, Jean A Geography of Europe.  Item number: 025302.    US$12.00
236.    Lazarus, A. L., editor A George Jean Nathan Reader.  Item number: 004618.    US$19.00
237.    Weesner, Theodore A German Affair.  Item number: 005761.    US$9.00
238.    Franklin, Joe A Gift for People.  Item number: 011484.    US$7.00
239.    Hayes, Helen & Anita Loos A Gift of Joy.  Item number: 000089.    US$12.00
240.    Loos, Anita A Girl Like I.  Item number: 006488.    US$11.00
241.    Blanchard, Amy E., Illustrated by: Waugh, Ada A Girl of '76.  Item number: 019106.    US$19.00
242.    Hankins, Colonel William Ray A Golden Adventure: A Fiftieth Anniversary Trek to Fifty States.  Item number: 018101.    US$22.00
243.    Carson, Gerald A Good Day at Saratoga.  Item number: 003861.    US$12.00
244.    Manning, Richard A Good House: Building a Life on the Land.  Item number: 018697.    US$9.00
245.    Pindell, Terry A Good Plave to Live: America's Last Migration.  Item number: 014638.    US$11.00
246.    Chase, Mary Ellen, Illustrated by: De Gogorza, Maitland A Goodly Heritage.  Item number: 017505.    US$13.00
247.    Mackey, Mary A Grand Passion.  Item number: 020821.    US$7.00
248.    Olson, Gordon L. A Grand Rapids Samploer.  Item number: 028737.    US$20.00
249.    Sandberg, Helga A Great & Glorious Romance: The Story of Carl Sandberg and Lilian Steichen.  Item number: 012634.    US$17.00
250.    Inaugural Book Committee A Great New Beginning: The 1981 Inaugural Story.  Item number: 006386.    US$12.00

Over 9000 Items found
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