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101.    Collier, Abram T. A Capital Ship: New England Life, A History of America's First Chartered Mutual Life Insurance Company, 1835-1985.  Item number: 010223.    US$13.00
102.    Kane, Henry B. A Care for Nature: Creatures and Happenings in a Suburban Back Yard.  Item number: 011332.    US$6.00
103.    d'Orleans, Prince Thibaut and Pricess Marion; Helen Weaver, trans. A Castle in Bavaria.  Item number: 016677.    US$6.00
104.    Fraser, A. Ian A Catalogue of the Clowes Collection.  Item number: 022533.    US$7.00
105.    Briggs, Rose T., compiled by A Catalogue of the Collections by The Pilgrim Society in Pilgrim Hall, Plymouth, Massachusetts.  Item number: 018038.    US$18.00
106.    Groenings, James; James Rockliff, Eng. Transl. A Catholic Catechism for the Parochial and Sunday Schools of the United States.  Item number: 022902.    US$19.00
107.    McArdle, Kenneth, ed. A Cavalcade of Collier's.  Item number: 013117.    US$9.00
108.    McArdle, Kenneth, editor A Cavalcade of Colliers.  Item number: 006239.    US$17.00
109.    Howze, Hamilton H. A Cavalryman's Story: Memoirs of a Twentieth-Century Army General.  Item number: 010662.    US$11.00
110.    Hale, Hester Anne, with Marilyn Harmon A Celebration of Faith: The Story of North Church.  Item number: 019470.    US$32.00
111.    Strong, Roy A Celebration of Gardens.  Item number: 001967.    US$22.00
112.    A Celebration of Ohio's Young Poets: An Antholpgy Compiled by Creative Communication.  Item number: 016653.    US$19.00
113.    Dunsworth, Richard Bryden, ed. A Centennial History of Hennepin Avenue United Methodist Church, 1985-1975.  Item number: 010605.    US$12.00
114.    St. Patrick's Parish A Century at St. Patricks: A History of the Priests, Activities, and People of St. Patrick's Parish, South Bend, Indiana, 1858-1958.  Item number: 020080.    US$24.00
115.    Gitelman, Zvi A Century of Ambivalence: Jews of Russia and the Soviet Union 1881 to the Present.  Item number: 011588.    US$24.00
116.    Carlisle, Robert D. B. A Century of Caring: The Upjohn Story.  Item number: 020006.    US$19.00
117.    A Century of Progress Exhibition of Paintings and Sculpture June 1 - Nov. 1, 1934.  Item number: 002092.    US$9.00
118.    A Century of Stars in Indiana. Grand Chapter of the Indiana Order of the Eastern Star, 1874-1974.  Item number: 023723.    US$17.00
119.    Clay, Floyd M. A Century on the Mississippi: A History of the Memphis District of the U. S. Army Corps of Engineers, 1879-1976.  Item number: 023718.    US$24.00
120.    Clay, Floyd M. A Century on the Mississippi: A History of the Memphis District U.S. Army Corps of Engineers 1876-1976.  Item number: 008363.    US$25.00
121.    Lockman, Barbara A Century's Child: The Story of Thompson Children's Home, 1886-1986.  Item number: 010811.    US$22.00
122.    Schwartz, Glenn M. A Ceramic Chronology from Tell Leilan, Operation I.  Item number: 023556.    US$24.00
123.    Bell, P.M.H. A Certain Eventuality: Britain and the Fall of France.  Item number: 020309.    US$16.00
124.    James, P. D. A Certain Justice: An Adam Dalgliesh Mystery.  Item number: 022073.    US$8.00
125.    Sagan, Francoise A Certain Smile.  Item number: 008432.    US$19.00
126.    Fraser, Charles, illus., Alice R. Huger Smith, intro & notes, Illustrated by: Fraser, Charles A Charleston Sketchbook, 1796-1806: Forty Watercolor Drawings of the City and the Surrounding Country Including Plantations and Parish Churches.  Item number: 020218.    US$32.00
127.    McCarthy, Mary A Charmed Life.  Item number: 016976.    US$11.00
128.    Daub, Matthew F. A Charmed Vision: The Art of Carolyn Plochmann.  Item number: 018721.    US$36.00
129.    McDonald, Gerald D., Stuart C. Sherman, Mary T. Russo, compilers A Checklkist of American Newspaper Carriers' Address , 1720-1820.  Item number: 028570.    US$28.00
130.    Hauck, Richard Boyd A Cheerful Nihilism: Confidence and The Absurd in American Humorous Fiction.  Item number: 009809.    US$12.00
131.    Price, Margaret Evans; Katherine Lee Bates, intro, Illustrated by: Price, Margaret Evans A Child's Book of Myths.  Item number: 024998.    US$20.00
132.    McTigue, Bernard, compiler A Child's Garden of Delights: Pictures, Poems and Stories for Children from the Collections of the New York Public Library.  Item number: 010342.    US$19.00
133.    Stevenson, Robert Louis; Roger Duvoisin, illustrations, Illustrated by: Duvoisin, Roger A Child's Garden of Verses.  Item number: 023886.    US$15.00
134.    Stevenson, Robert Louis. A Child's Garden of Verses; And Other Poems.  Item number: 023834.    US$8.00
135.    Brooks, Van Wyck A Chilmark Miscellany.  Item number: 024384.    US$15.00
136.    Dickens, Charles, Illustrated by: Worsley, John A Christmas Carol.  Item number: 017879.    US$13.00
137.    Dickens, Charles A Christmas Carol in Prose: Being a Ghost Story of Christmas. Excelsior Literature Series No. 19.  Item number: 023481.    US$9.00
138.    Dickens, Charles; Mark Summers, illustrated by, Illustrated by: Summers, Mark A Christmas Carol; In Prose Being A Ghost Story of Christmas.  Item number: 025211.    US$12.00
139.    Greelety, Andrew M A Christmas Wedding.  Item number: 028445.    US$8.00
140.    Crawford, F. Marion A Cigarette Maker's Romance.  Item number: 022021.    US$7.00
141.    Newman, Edwin A Civil Tongue.  Item number: 000978.    US$7.00
142.    Wickenden, James, Illustrated by: Thompson, Ralph A Claim in the Hills: The Exciting, True Adventures of a Young Diamond Miner among the Indians of the South American Mountain Country.  Item number: 020740.    US$7.00
143.    Heald, Tim, editor A Classic English Crime.  Item number: 009845.    US$12.00
144.    Highet, Gilbert A Clerk of Oxenford: More Conversation about People, Places, and Books.  Item number: 012173.    US$14.00
145.    Hainsworth, Henry A Collector's Dictionary.  Item number: 023024.    US$12.00
146.    Opie, James, edited with Duncan Chilcott & Julia Harris A Collector's Guide to 20th-Century Toys.  Item number: 003443.    US$12.00
147.    Goodfellow, Caroline A Collector's Guide to Games and Puzzles.  Item number: 003551.    US$12.00
148.    Lefkovitz, Michele Lyons A Collector's Guide to Nesting Dolls: Histories, Identification, Values.  Item number: 022225.    US$22.00
149.    Armstrong, Nancy A Collector's History of Fans.  Item number: 016300.    US$25.00
150.    Schoonmaker, Patricia N. A Collector's History of the Teddy Bear.  Item number: 002682.    US$14.00

Over 9000 Items found
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