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151.    South Brooklyn: Brief History of Part of the City of Cleveland Which Lies South of Big Creek and West of Cuyahoga River.  Item number: 007002.    US$17.00
152.    Treasures of Versailles. Loan Exhibition Art Institute of Chicago, et al 1962-63.  Item number: 007023.    US$9.00
153.    From Your Friends in Norway.  Item number: 007095.    US$11.00
154.    Southern Accent: A Collection of Favorite Recipes.  Item number: 007097.    US$12.00
155.    Harry S. Truman: Memorial Services in the Congress of the United States & Tributes in Eulogy of: Late President of U.S..  Item number: 007526.    US$16.00
156.    Old Farmer's Almanac, 1995.  Item number: 007556.    US$9.00
157.    Great Leaders and National Issues of 1912: An Important People's Handbook.  Item number: 008955.    US$12.00
158.    A Day in the Life of the Soviet Union.  Item number: 009143.    US$33.00
159.    A History of the New Jersey State Federation of Women's Club 1894-1958.  Item number: 009144.    US$14.00
160.    The Official Scrabble Players Dictionary.  Item number: 009148.    US$22.00
161.    Royal Sevres China.  Item number: 009408.    US$17.00
162.    Leslie's Year Book and Encyclopedia.  Item number: 009471.    US$8.00
163.    Stories From the Arabian Nights.  Item number: 009670.    US$9.00
164.    Victorian Pattern Glass & China Book: The Classic Victorian Illustrated Pattern Catalog.  Item number: 009704.    US$33.00
165.    Saturday Evening Post Stories, 1951.  Item number: 009769.    US$11.00
166.    The Guinness Book of Superlatives.  Item number: 009773.    US$25.00
167.    Ruhr-American Corporation, Catalog 69. Manufacturers of Weapons, Ammunition Machines for War & Sporting Purposes.  Item number: 009819.    US$16.00
168.    The Gladiators.  Item number: 009865.    US$17.00
169.    Mobile Homes: The Low-Cost Housing Hoax: A Report by the Center for Auto Sa fety.  Item number: 009876.    US$17.00
170.    Indiana Architectural Foundation.  Item number: 010087.    US$15.00
171.    Perceptions.  Item number: 010116.    US$17.00
172.    Quaker Biographies: A Series of Sketches Chiefly Biographical, concerning members of the Society of Friends, from the Seventeenth Century to more recent times. Vol. V.  Item number: 016525.    US$13.00
173.    Historic Maury, annual publication Maury County, Tennessee, Historical Society, Vol. XIX.  Item number: 016633.    US$19.00
174.    Historic Maury, annual publication Maury County, Tennessee, Historical Society, Vol. XX.  Item number: 016634.    US$19.00
175.    A Celebration of Ohio's Young Poets: An Antholpgy Compiled by Creative Communication.  Item number: 016653.    US$19.00
176.    Illinois State Geological Survey. Bulletin No. 40, Oil Investigations in 1917 and 1918.  Item number: 016596.    US$44.00
177.    Sagamon County, Illinois Cemetery Inscriptions, Vol. I, Decatur Genealogical Survey.  Item number: 016629.    US$25.00
178.    Galerie Brame et Lorenceau.  Item number: 016423.    US$9.00
179.    McGuffey's Eclectic Primer.  Item number: 016445.    US$9.00
180.    This is Memphis.  Item number: 016476.    US$9.00
181.    Automobile Quarterly, Third Quarter 1989, Vol. 27, No 3.  Item number: 016491.    US$12.00
182.    Antiques, The Magazine August 1994, Vol. CXLVI, No. 2.  Item number: 016757.    US$16.00
183.    The Winterthur Story: The Henry Francis Du Pont Winterthur Museum.  Item number: 016759.    US$14.00
184.    The Officer's Guide: A Ready Reference on Customs and Correct Procedures Which Pertain to Commissioned Officers of the Army of the United States.  Item number: 016760.    US$13.00
185.    The Perished and the Saved: Four Holocaust Artists from the Hanus and Kirsten Grosz Collection.  Item number: 016746.    US$22.00
186.    The Museum of theFur Trade Quarterly, Volume 12, No. 1, Spring 1976.  Item number: 016769.    US$8.00
187.    Antiques, The Magazine, February 1975, Vol. CVII, No. 2.  Item number: 016778.    US$16.00
188.    Antiques, The Magazine, February 19*5, Vol. CXXVIII, No.52.  Item number: 016779.    US$12.00
189.    Antiques, The Magazine. July 1975, Vol. CVIII, No. 1.  Item number: 016822.    US$12.00
190.    Antiques, The Magazine. September 1975, Vol. CVIII, No. 3.  Item number: 016823.    US$12.00
191.    Antiques, The Magazine. December 1978, Vol. CXIV, No. 6.  Item number: 016825.    US$12.00
192.    Antiques, The Magazine. February 1985, Vol. CXXVII, No. 2.  Item number: 016826.    US$12.00
193.    Antiques, The Magazine. May 1988, Vol. CXXXIII, No. 5.  Item number: 016827.    US$12.00
194.    Antiques, The Magazine. December 2001, Vol. CLX, No. 6.  Item number: 016829.    US$12.00
195.    Antiques, The Magazine. Ap[ril 1974, Vol. CV, No. 4.  Item number: 016830.    US$19.00
196.    A Garland for Word Lovers.  Item number: 016845.    US$16.00
197.    Old Russian Painting: Recent Discoveries.  Item number: 016852.    US$33.00
198.    Indiana University, 1820-1920. Centennial Memorial Volume.  Item number: 016854.    US$28.00
199.    Journal of the Proceedings of the Twenty-Sixth Annual Convention of the Protestant Episcopal Chuirch in the Diocese of Indiana,. Held in St. Stephen's Church, Terre Haute, June 3, 4, 1863.  Item number: 016884.    US$25.00
200.    A Line in the Sand. The Indiana National Guard's Mobilization and Deployment of Operation Desert Shield/Storm.  Item number: 016885.    US$19.00

Over 9000 Items found
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