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151.    New Yorker Album 1955-1965, Fortieth Anniversary.  Item number: 001699.    US$8.00
152.    American Works on Paper II.  Item number: 001761.    US$12.00
153.    Ancient Gems from the Collection of Burton Y. Berry.  Item number: 001878.    US$28.00
154.    American Heritage Book of Great Historic Places.  Item number: 002001.    US$11.00
155.    American Heritage Book of Great Historic Places.  Item number: 002002.    US$9.00
156.    The Complete Dog Book.  Item number: 002004.    US$6.00
157.    A Century of Progress Exhibition of Paintings and Sculpture June 1 - Nov. 1, 1934.  Item number: 002092.    US$9.00
158.    The Best of Bon Appetit.  Item number: 002124.    US$9.00
159.    The Frog Who Wanted a King: and Other Songs from La Fontaine.  Item number: 002268.    US$12.00
160.    Authentic Libretti of the Gilbert and Sullivan Operas.  Item number: 002339.    US$9.00
161.    The General Foods Kitchens Cookbook.  Item number: 002336.    US$8.00
162.    Don't Lick the Chopsticks: The Creative, Harmonious Ma Family Chinese Cookbook.  Item number: 002365.    US$11.00
163.    Never Underestimate the Power of the Woman! A Man's Guide to Women.  Item number: 002397.    US$8.00
164.    Photographic Studies of Old Virginia Homes and Gardens.  Item number: 002626.    US$8.00
165.    The Indiana Federation of Business and Professional Women's Clubs, Inc.: A History 1918-1968.  Item number: 004354.    US$14.00
166.    American Illustration 1982-83.  Item number: 004355.    US$28.00
167.    New..Saint Joseph Daily Missal and Hymnal; The Official Prayer for the Celebration of Daily Mass In Accordance with the New Revised Liturgy as Directed by Vativan Council II.  Item number: 004463.    US$11.00
168.    Lasting Values: The First Half-Century of Marsh Supermarkets.  Item number: 004527.    US$17.00
169.    Everyday Life in Ancient Times: Highlights of the Beginnings of Western Civilization in Mesopotamia, Egypt, Greece & Rome.  Item number: 004561.    US$12.00
170.    Rodale Herb Book.  Item number: 004602.    US$11.00
171.    From Division to Unity 1945-1990: An Illustrated German Chronicle/Von Der Spaltung Zur Einheit 1945-1990.  Item number: 004653.    US$19.00
172.    Arthur Andersen & Co.: The First Sixty Years 1913-1973.  Item number: 004663.    US$22.00
173.    National Geographic Index 1947-1983.  Item number: 004905.    US$11.00
174.    USDA Yearbook 1962: After a Hundred Years.  Item number: 004948.    US$9.00
175.    Benny Beaver and Fuzzy Bear: An Animated Novelty Book.  Item number: 005105.    US$28.00
176.    Battle Stations! Your Navy in Action.  Item number: 005419.    US$16.00
177.    Wild Life on the Plains and Horrors of Indian Warfare by a Corps of Competent Authors and Artist.  Item number: 005520.    US$19.00
178.    The Senior Christmas Book.  Item number: 005613.    US$9.00
179.    Transportation and the Early Nation. Papers Presented at an Indiana American Revolution Bicentennial Symposium.  Item number: 005661.    US$9.00
180.    Seven Early Churches of Nashville: Lectures at Public Library of Nashville and Davidson County.  Item number: 005718.    US$22.00
181.    Liberty's Legacy: Our Celebration of the Northwest Ordinance and the United States Constitution.  Item number: 005849.    US$9.00
182.    Harry S. Truman: Memorial Services in the Congress of the United States & Tributes in Eulogy of: Late President of U.S..  Item number: 007526.    US$16.00
183.    Old Farmer's Almanac, 1995.  Item number: 007556.    US$9.00
184.    Betty Crocker's Cookbook (5-ring binder with pie cover).  Item number: 007635.    US$52.00
185.    The American Historical Review, Volume XIV, Oct. 1908-July 1909.  Item number: 007716.    US$36.00
186.    Jacques-Laurent Agasse 1767-1849.  Item number: 007719.    US$32.00
187.    Christmas with Southern Living, 1991.  Item number: 007831.    US$11.00
188.    Automobile Quarterly's World of Cars.  Item number: 007864.    US$16.00
189.    De Re Medicina, Editio Secunda.  Item number: 007926.    US$22.00
190.    Sonja Henie with the Hollywood Ice Revue Program 1943-44.  Item number: 008077.    US$16.00
191.    Sonja Henie with the Hollywood Ice Revue Program 1942-43.  Item number: 008078.    US$16.00
192.    Sonja Henie with the Hollywood Ice Revue Program 1944-45.  Item number: 008079.    US$16.00
193.    Sonja Henie with Hollywood Ice RevueProgram 1946.  Item number: 008080.    US$16.00
194.    The Phillips Collection: A Museum of Modern Art and Its Sources.  Item number: 008170.    US$25.00
195.    Burridge Index: The Design Center in a Book, Volume 4.  Item number: 008501.    US$19.00
196.    Josef Albers: Glass, Color, and Light.  Item number: 008528.    US$19.00
197.    Galloping Off in All Directions: An Anthology for Horse Lovers.  Item number: 008634.    US$17.00
198.    Slovenski Izseljenski Koleadar 1961.  Item number: 010178.    US$12.00
199.    The Modern Gift for Children.  Item number: 010222.    US$25.00
200.    The Smithsonian Experience: Science-History-The Arts... The Treasures of the Nation.  Item number: 010227.    US$8.00

Over 9000 Items found
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