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Over 9000 Items found for James H. Freiberg, Books
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301.    Thorndike, Edward The Psychology of Arithmatic.  Item number: 10403.    US$9.00
302.    Davis, Charles Ship Model Building Assistant.  Item number: 10404.    US$11.25
303.    Jayne, Caroline String Figures and How to Make Them.  Item number: 10405.    US$2.44
304.    Coppens, Armand The Memoirs of an Erotic Bookseller.  Item number: 10406.    US$22.50
305.    Hichet, Gilbert People, Places and Books.  Item number: 10407.    US$11.25
306.    Various The Book of Numbers.  Item number: 10408.    US$7.50
307.    Steig, William Cdc.  Item number: 10409.    US$11.25
308.    MacDonald, Malcolm Borneo People.  Item number: 10410.    US$10.50
309.    Castaneda, Carlos Tales of Power.  Item number: 10411.    US$21.71
310.    Thomas, Witts The Day the World Ended.  Item number: 10412.    US$9.00
311.    McClure J. B Ed Wit, Wisdom and Eloquence of Col. R. G. Ingersol.  Item number: 10413.    US$11.25
312.    Fairchild, William Ill Lalla Ward Cat Signs.  Item number: 10414.    US$7.50
313.    Yankee Eds A Treasury of New England Short Stories.  Item number: 10415.    US$6.75
314.    Yankee Eds Mad and Magnificent Yankees.  Item number: 10416.    US$6.75
315.    Halsey & Tower The Homes of Our Ancestors.  Item number: 10417.    US$9.00
316.    Viorst, Judith Murdering Mr. Monti.  Item number: 10418.    US$9.00
317.    Eaton, Walter Green Trails and Upland Pastures.  Item number: 10419.    US$15.00
318.    Sewell, Anna Ill Fritz Bichenberg Black Beauty.  Item number: 10420.    US$13.50
319.    Wilkens, Capt. George Flying the Arctic.  Item number: 10421.    US$15.75
320.    Henry Commager : Illustrated by Lynd Ward America's Robert E. Lee.  Item number: 10422.    US$2.62
321.    Straub, Peter Mystery.  Item number: 10423.    US$9.00
322.    Ray, Frederic Ed O! Say Can You See America through Great Painting.  Item number: 10424.    US$18.75
323.    Lossing, Bennson Mathew Brady's Illustrated History of the Civil War.  Item number: 10425.    US$2.44
324.    Martha Fulton Sager, Ed Uncle Ben in Switzerland and Holland.  Item number: 10426.    US$7.46
325.    Savage, George Ceramics for the Collector.  Item number: 10429.    US$3.14
326.    La Farge, Oliver A Pictorial History of the American Indian.  Item number: 10430.    US$2.44
327.    Virginia Lee Burton Katy and the Big Snow.  Item number: 10431.    US$2.44
328.    Sutton, Felix Ill Chad Mighty Mouse Dinky Learns to Fly.  Item number: 10432.    US$9.00
329.    Ceram, C. W. Gods, Graves & Scholars Re Archaeology.  Item number: 10434.    US$2.44
330.    Ramey, John Men and Mines of Newmont.  Item number: 10435.    US$13.50
331.    Droting, Philip An American Traveler's Guide to Black History.  Item number: 10436.    US$11.25
332.    Matschat, Cecil Hulse Suwanne River Strang Green Land.  Item number: 10437.    US$18.75
333.    Various A Little Book of Yankee Humor.  Item number: 10438.    US$6.75
334.    Madlee, Dorothy Miss Lindlow's Leopard.  Item number: 10441.    US$9.00
335.    Hamilton, Antooinette Ill Wohlberg, Meg The Wonder Book of Dolls.  Item number: 10443.    US$9.00
336.    Speidel, William Sons of the Profits There's No Business like Grow Business, the Seattle Story, 1851-1901.  Item number: 10444.    US$7.46
337.    Bronson, Edgar Beecher Cowboy Life on the Western Plains.  Item number: 10450.    US$93.75
338.    Merriam, Eve Ill Turkle, Brinton The Story of Ben Franklin.  Item number: 10451.    US$6.00
339.    Johnston, Annie Fellows Asa Holmes or At the Cross Roads.  Item number: 10454.    US$14.96
340.    Meade, Martha Recipies from the Old South.  Item number: 10456.    US$7.50
341.    Hubbard, Margaet Ann Flight of the Swan Re H. C. Andersen.  Item number: 10457.    US$9.00
342.    Edna Chandler : Illustrated by Jack Merryweather Talking Wire.  Item number: 10458.    US$5.21
343.    McGinley, Phyllis Ill Stone, Helen The Horse Who Lived Upstairs.  Item number: 10459.    US$6.75
344.    Parker, T. Jefferson Pacific Beat.  Item number: 10460.    US$9.00
345.    Crump, Irving Teen-Age Boy Scout Stories.  Item number: 10462.    US$6.75
346.    Alger, Horatio Strong and Steady.  Item number: 10464.    US$6.75
347.    Fitzhugh, Percy Keese Westy Martin in the Rockies.  Item number: 10465.    US$5.25
348.    Fitzhugh, Percy Keese Roy Blakeley's Adventures in Camp.  Item number: 10466.    US$5.25
349.    Dixon, Franklin W. Rescued in the Clouds.  Item number: 10469.    US$6.75
350.    Hunting, Gardner Barry Dare and the Mysterious Box.  Item number: 10470.    US$21.10

Over 9000 Items found
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