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Over 9000 Items found for James H. Freiberg, Books
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601.    Barr, Emily Backpack.  Item number: 23545.    US$2.44
602.    Barr, Jean Ill Fulkerson, Helen Mr. Zip and the U. S. Mail.  Item number: 12522.    US$36.00
603.    Barrentine, Pat editor When the Canary Stops Singing.  Item number: 4273.    US$9.90
604.    Barrett, Andrea The Voyae of the Narwhal.  Item number: 14794.    US$4.50
605.    Barrett, Andrea Ship Fever Stories.  Item number: 22957.    US$2.44
606.    Barrett, Andrea Ship Fever.  Item number: 17274.    US$2.44
607.    Barrett, Kathleen Milwaukee Summers Can be Murder.  Item number: 7013.    US$9.00
608.    Barrie, J. M. Tommy & Grizel.  Item number: 10310.    US$26.25
609.    Barrie, J. M. Sentimental Tommy.  Item number: 10311.    US$27.00
610.    Barrie, J. M. The Little Minister.  Item number: 11812.    US$26.25
611.    Barrie, J. M. Representative Plays.  Item number: 9550.    US$6.00
612.    Barrie, J. M. edited by Frank, Josette Peter Pan.  Item number: 2644.    US$13.50
613.    Barrington, Shaun Harley Davidson an Illustrated History.  Item number: 22550.    US$7.46
614.    Barrow, Clayton America Spreads Her Sails U. S. Seapower in the 19th Century.  Item number: 21522.    US$2.44
615.    Barrows, Harlan Et Al Our Big World Essential Elemntary Geography.  Item number: 1925.    US$6.75
616.    Barrrett, Kathleen Anne Milwaukee Summers Can be Deadly.  Item number: 5080.    US$9.00
617.    Barry Teicher A History of Housing At the University of Wisconsin.  Item number: 24006.    US$7.46
618.    Barry, Dave Dave Berry's Bad Habits.  Item number: 3577.    US$3.75
619.    Barry, Dave Dave Barry's Bad Habits.  Item number: 5454.    US$2.44
620.    Barry, Dave Dave Barry's Bad Habits.  Item number: 14728.    US$2.44
621.    Barry, Dave Dave Barry's Bad Habits.  Item number: 15434.    US$2.44
622.    Barry, Dave Dave Berry's Greatest Hits.  Item number: 18731.    US$2.44
623.    Barstow, Charles Famous Sculpture.  Item number: 11011.    US$11.25
624.    Barth, F. Diane Day Dreaming.  Item number: 19785.    US$2.44
625.    Barth, John The Last Voyage of Somebody the Sailor.  Item number: 4649.    US$9.00
626.    Barthelme, Peter Brainfade.  Item number: 3704.    US$8.96
627.    Bartlett, Arthur C. General Jim.  Item number: 19726.    US$22.96
628.    Barton, George The World Greatest Military Spies and Secret À.  Item number: 10247.    US$13.50
629.    Barton, May Hollis Neil Grayson's Ranching Days.  Item number: 11243.    US$18.00
630.    Barton, Olive Nancy and Nick in Scrub-Up-Land.  Item number: 10510.    US$309.00
631.    Bartusiak, Marcia Einstein Unfinished Symphony.  Item number: 15852.    US$4.50
632.    Baruch, Dorothy Five in the Family.  Item number: 18691.    US$2.44
633.    Baruch, Dorothy One Little Boy.  Item number: 7938.    US$2.44
634.    Barzini, Luigi The Europeans.  Item number: 15526.    US$6.75
635.    Base, Graeme The Eleventh Hour a Curious Mystery.  Item number: 524.    US$2.44
636.    Base, Graeme The Eleventh Hour.  Item number: 2826.    US$2.44
637.    Basicball Clinic editors The Bascketball Clinic's Treasury of Drills.  Item number: 16732.    US$7.46
638.    Bass, Rick Platte River.  Item number: 6891.    US$6.29
639.    Bass, Thomas Camping with the Prince.  Item number: 15930.    US$2.44
640.    Bassoff, Evelun Between Mothers and Sons.  Item number: 1874.    US$4.50
641.    Batchelder, Mildred Topsy Turvy Tales.  Item number: 23689.    US$7.46
642.    Batchelor, John Ill A Modern Illustrated Military History Air Power.  Item number: 4689.    US$15.75
643.    Bates, Katharine : Illustrated by Enders & Neebe Cinderella.  Item number: 12444.    US$6.71
644.    Bates, Katherine Lee editor Jack the Giant Killer Also Rumple Stilt-Skin.  Item number: 2566.    US$8.96
645.    Bates, Kenneth Enemeling.  Item number: 9878.    US$9.00
646.    Battle, Lois The Florabama Ladies' Auxiliary and Sewing Circle.  Item number: 14225.    US$2.44
647.    Baudelaire, Charles Les Fleurs Du Mal.  Item number: 23660.    US$3.67
648.    Baudot Ed Et Al The Historical Encyclopedia of World War II.  Item number: 9960.    US$9.00
649.    Bauer, Edward Doctors Made in America.  Item number: 21970.    US$7.46
650.    Baum, L. Frank The Wizard of Oz.  Item number: 3068.    US$3.37

Over 9000 Items found
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