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Over 9000 Items found for James H. Freiberg, Books
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501.    Banks, Russell The Relation of My Imprisonment.  Item number: 13226.    US$2.44
502.    Banks, Russell Affliction.  Item number: 13229.    US$2.44
503.    Banks, Russell Continental Drift.  Item number: 13235.    US$2.44
504.    Bannerman, Helen : Illustrated by Hildegard Lupprian Little Black Sambo.  Item number: 23160.    US$112.46
505.    Bannerman, Helen : Illustrated by John R. Neill Little Black Sambo.  Item number: 23159.    US$412.46
506.    Bantock, Nick Griffin & Sabine.  Item number: 4324.    US$23.39
507.    Bantock, Nick Griffin & Sabine.  Item number: 2625.    US$2.44
508.    Bantock, Nick Griffin & Sabine an Extraordinary Correspondence.  Item number: 11789.    US$2.44
509.    Banvard, Joseph Life of Daniel Webster.  Item number: 10599.    US$26.25
510.    Barash, Harvey & Eva Out Father Abe.  Item number: 16416.    US$5.25
511.    Barbara Ann Porte : Illustrated by Mazie Chambliss When Grandma Almost Fell off the Mountain & Other Stories.  Item number: 17083.    US$2.81
512.    Barbara Ireson : Illustrated by V. H. Drummond Liza and the Helicopter.  Item number: 12202.    US$12.19
513.    Barbara Joosse : Illustrated by Marcia Sewall The Morning Chair.  Item number: 5125.    US$7.46
514.    Barbato, Joseph & Weinerman, Lisa Heart of the Land.  Item number: 5540.    US$9.00
515.    Barber, J. W. Massachusetts Towns an 1840 View.  Item number: 14931.    US$11.25
516.    Barbour, Ralph H. Ill Relya, C. M. Weatherby's Inning.  Item number: 7603.    US$33.75
517.    Barbour, Ralph Henry Left Tackle Thayer.  Item number: 9150.    US$36.26
518.    Barbour, Ralph Henry For the Honor of the School.  Item number: 9151.    US$7.50
519.    Barbour, Ralph Henry Captain Chub.  Item number: 22348.    US$6.79
520.    Barbour, Ralph Henry : Illustrated by Frederick J. Von Rapp A Maid in Arcady.  Item number: 23449.    US$11.21
521.    Bardwick, Judith Danger in the Comfort Zone.  Item number: 2278.    US$2.44
522.    Barich, Bill Traveling Light.  Item number: 6986.    US$9.00
523.    Barker, Clive Books of Blood Vols. 1-3.  Item number: 7212.    US$2.44
524.    Barker, Clive In the Flesh.  Item number: 9024.    US$9.00
525.    Barker, Clive The Inhuman Condition.  Item number: 12010.    US$9.00
526.    Barker, Clive The Essential Clive Barker Selected Fiction.  Item number: 22665.    US$7.46
527.    Barker, Linda The Irda the Lost Histories Vol II.  Item number: 7630.    US$3.75
528.    Barker, Wade Vengeance is His Ninja Masters #1.  Item number: 4033.    US$2.44
529.    Barker, Willard The Boy Ranchers on the Trail.  Item number: 10044.    US$10.50
530.    Barkow, Al editor Et Al Wit and Wisdom of Golf.  Item number: 16061.    US$2.44
531.    Barlett, Aarthur General Jim.  Item number: 10296.    US$11.25
532.    Barlett, John Russell Dictionary of Americanisms a Glossary of Words and Phrases Usually Regarded As Percdulir to the United States.  Item number: 7495.    US$187.50
533.    Barlow, Roger Secret Mission to Alaska.  Item number: 19423.    US$11.21
534.    Barnes, C. H. Shorts Aircraft Since 1900.  Item number: 4611.    US$56.25
535.    Barnes, Emilie 15 Minutes of Peace with God.  Item number: 2604.    US$2.44
536.    Barnes, Emilie 15 Minutes Alone with God.  Item number: 7504.    US$2.44
537.    Barnes, James Yankee Ships and Yankee Sailors.  Item number: 10474.    US$6.00
538.    Barnes, John Kaleidoscope Century.  Item number: 9833.    US$2.44
539.    Barnes, John Orbital Resonance.  Item number: 9839.    US$11.25
540.    Barnes, Margaret Wisdom's Gate.  Item number: 4720.    US$6.75
541.    Barnes, Margaret Within This Present.  Item number: 5928.    US$6.75
542.    Barr, Catherine A Horse for Sherry.  Item number: 12538.    US$15.00
543.    Barr, Jean Ill Fulkerson, Helen Mr. Zip and the U. S. Mail.  Item number: 12522.    US$36.00
544.    Barrentine, Pat editor When the Canary Stops Singing.  Item number: 4273.    US$9.90
545.    Barrett, Andrea The Voyae of the Narwhal.  Item number: 14794.    US$4.50
546.    Barrett, Andrea Ship Fever.  Item number: 17274.    US$2.44
547.    Barrett, Andrea Ship Fever Stories.  Item number: 22957.    US$2.44
548.    Barrett, Kathleen Milwaukee Summers Can be Murder.  Item number: 7013.    US$9.00
549.    Barrie, J. M. The Little Minister.  Item number: 11812.    US$26.25
550.    Barrie, J. M. Representative Plays.  Item number: 9550.    US$6.00

Over 9000 Items found
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