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Over 9000 Items found for James H. Freiberg, Books
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451.    Auguste Gay New Presentation of Cooking with Timed Recipes.  Item number: 25213.    US$13.46
452.    Aure Sheldon : Illustrated by Don Leake Of Cobblers and Kings.  Item number: 12616.    US$3.71
453.    Austen, Jane Northanger Abbey.  Item number: 15513.    US$3.75
454.    Austin, H. Russell The Wisconsin Story the Building of a Vanguard State.  Item number: 18342.    US$2.45
455.    Austin, Harriet : Illustrated by Donald McKay Your Loving Daughter.  Item number: 22927.    US$18.71
456.    Austin, Mary; Abbey, Edward The Land of Little Rain.  Item number: 23103.    US$2.44
457.    Austin, R. G. Creatures of the Dark.  Item number: 2256.    US$3.75
458.    Automobile Quarterly, Ed The American Car Since 1775.  Item number: 5206.    US$8.21
459.    Avallone, Michael The Partridge Family.  Item number: 17885.    US$5.21
460.    Avery, Ira The Five Fathers of Pepi.  Item number: 4928.    US$2.90
461.    Avery, Robert Murder on the Downbeat.  Item number: 22859.    US$12.71
462.    Avery, Tom Rural Free Delivery Explorations, Observations and Some Frustrations.  Item number: 22703.    US$7.46
463.    Avi The Good Dog.  Item number: 2952.    US$2.44
464.    Aviation Education Group Science of Pre-Flight Aeronautics.  Item number: 24414.    US$7.46
465.    Avila, George The Pairpoint Glass Story.  Item number: 3413.    US$108.75
466.    Axelson, R. Dean Caring for Your Pet Bird.  Item number: 8133.    US$2.44
467.    Axler, James Death Lands Moon Fate.  Item number: 17941.    US$3.75
468.    Aylesworth, Thomas & Virginia This Beautiful Land America.  Item number: 3058.    US$2.44
469.    Ayto, John Dictionary of Word Origins.  Item number: 20139.    US$35.78
470.    Azuela, Mariano Two Novels of Mexico the Flies, the Bosses.  Item number: 20137.    US$3.75
471.    Babyak, Jolen Bird Man.  Item number: 8200.    US$5.25
472.    Bachman, Richard The Regulators.  Item number: 5798.    US$9.00
473.    Backer, Sara American Fuji.  Item number: 16903.    US$2.44
474.    Backer, Sara American Fuji.  Item number: 14266.    US$2.44
475.    Bacon, Edward Ed The Great Archaeologists.  Item number: 11635.    US$10.62
476.    Bacon, Margaret Snow in Winter.  Item number: 3170.    US$9.00
477.    Bacon, Peggy The Oddity.  Item number: 7824.    US$4.46
478.    Bader, Dr. Myles H. Grandmother's Home & Hoilday Traditions.  Item number: 16101.    US$5.25
479.    Badger, Curtis J. Salt Tide Cycles and Currents of Life Anlong the Coast.  Item number: 18631.    US$2.44
480.    Badke, William The Search.  Item number: 3944.    US$4.50
481.    Badneheuer, Friedrich Romanik in Westfalen.  Item number: 21102.    US$20.96
482.    Baer, Randall Nightmare.  Item number: 5980.    US$4.50
483.    Baggot, Andy Robin Yount the Making of a Hall of Famer.  Item number: 22495.    US$2.44
484.    Bagley, Desmond Windfall.  Item number: 10169.    US$9.00
485.    Baglio, Ben Into the Blue Dolphin Diaries.  Item number: 14699.    US$2.44
486.    Bagnall, Florence Let My People Go.  Item number: 8723.    US$26.25
487.    Bahti, Tom Southwestern Indian Tribes.  Item number: 21528.    US$5.96
488.    Bahti, Tom Southwestern Indian Arts & Crafts.  Item number: 21529.    US$5.96
489.    Bailey, Adrian The Illustrated Dicitonary of Photography.  Item number: 2341.    US$6.75
490.    Bailey, Alice Cooper : Illustrated by Lucille Holling Kimo the Whistling Boy a Story of Hawaii.  Item number: 20902.    US$26.21
491.    Bailey, Covert & Bishop, Lea The Fit or Fat Woman.  Item number: 4375.    US$2.44
492.    Bailey, Pearl L. Foods, Preperation and Serving.  Item number: 10760.    US$9.00
493.    Bailey, Temple Fair As the Moon.  Item number: 10800.    US$13.50
494.    Bailey, Thomas The American Pageant a History of the Republic.  Item number: 9580.    US$11.25
495.    Baillie, John The Idea of Revelation in Recent Thought ( #7 in the Bampton Lectures in America.  Item number: 5113.    US$6.75
496.    Bainbridge, John Biography of an Idea the Story of Mutual Fire and Casualty Insurance.  Item number: 5044.    US$9.00
497.    Baird, Jonathan Day Job.  Item number: 15941.    US$2.44
498.    Baker, August editor Best Loved Fairy Tales Including Mother Goose.  Item number: 2685.    US$9.00
499.    Baker, Augusta editor Best Loved Nursery Rhymes and Songs Including Mother Goose.  Item number: 5166.    US$11.25
500.    Baker, Dave Et Al How Big is the Moon?.  Item number: 7372.    US$2.44

Over 9000 Items found
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