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401.    Winchester, Simon The Professor and the Madman: A Tale of Murder, Insanity, and the Making of the Oxford English Dictionary.  Item number: 12971.    US$2.99
402.    Wright, Patrick Tank: The Progress of a Monstrous War Machine.  Item number: 12972.    US$2.99
403.    Johnston, Lynn Keep the Home Fries Burning. A For Better or For Worse Collection.  Item number: 12995.    US$8.99
404.    Bryson, Bill, ed. The Best American Travel Writing 2000.  Item number: 13000.    US$2.99
405.    Dodwell, Christina Travels with Pegasus: A microlight journey across West Africa.  Item number: 13004.    US$4.99
406.    Turner, Frederick A Border of Blue: Along the Gulf of Mexico from the Keys to the Yucatan.  Item number: 13007.    US$4.99
407.    Elisofon, Eliot w/introductory letter by Charles A. Lindbergh Java Diary.  Item number: 13010.    US$6.99
408.    Schwartz, Daniel with intro. by Peter Levi Metamorphoses: Greek Photographs.  Item number: 13014.    US$15.00
409.    Cary, Otis, ed. From a Ruined Empire: Letters--Japan, China, Korea 1945-46.  Item number: 13023.    US$9.95
410.    Storr, Anthony Solitude: A Return to the Self.  Item number: 13024.    US$2.99
411.    Lloyd, T. O. The British Empire 1558-1983.  Item number: 13032.    US$15.00
412.    Ball, Edward Peninsula of Lies: A True Story of Mysterious Birth and Taboo Love (signed ARC).  Item number: 13055.    US$45.00
413.    Duffy, J. C. Meet the Fusco Brothers!.  Item number: 13059.    US$6.99
414.    Shulman, Neil & Ken Brigham Spotless: a novel.  Item number: 13061.    US$25.00
415.    Sprinkle, Patricia When Did We Lose Harriet? (inscribed).  Item number: 13064.    US$25.00
416.    Busch, Heather & Burton Silver Why Cats Paint: A theory of feline aesthetics.  Item number: 13066.    US$7.50
417.    Linklater, Eric The Survival of Scotland: A New History of Scotland from Roman Times to the Present Day.  Item number: 13072.    US$6.99
418.    de Beauvoir, Simone translated by Richard Howard Force of Circumstance.  Item number: 13081.    US$6.99
419.    Coulter, E. Merton Georgia: A Short History Revised & Enlarged Edition.  Item number: 13089.    US$15.00
420.    Frazier, Charles Thirteen Moons (signed by both author & Cherokee translator).  Item number: 13094.    US$60.00
421.    Ciardi, John The Birds of Pompeii: Poems.  Item number: 13133.    US$6.99
422.    Frere-Cook, Gervis The Attacks on the Tirpitz.  Item number: 13143.    US$25.00
423.    Burns, Olive Ann w/a reminiscence by Katrina Kenison Leaving Cold Sassy: The Unfinished Sequel to Cold Sassy Tree (inscribed by Kenison).  Item number: 13145.    US$25.00
424.    Smythe, Reg Live it up, Andy Capp!.  Item number: 13150.    US$2.99
425.    Ethridge, Willie Snow Summer Thunder: A novel of the founding of Georgia (signed).  Item number: 13154.    US$15.00
426.    Collis, Louise Memoirs of a Medieval Woman: The Life and Times of Margery Kempe.  Item number: 13158.    US$1.99
427.    Carter, Jimmy Keeping Faith: Memoirs of a President (inscribed).  Item number: 13159.    US$150.00
428.    Feiffer, Jules Feiffer on Nixon: The Cartoon Presidency.  Item number: 13160.    US$4.99
429.    Parrott, E. O., ed. How to Become Ridiculously Well-Read in One Evening: A Collection of Literary Encapsulations.  Item number: 13165.    US$6.99
430.    Leamon, Warren Unheard Melodies.  Item number: 1317.    US$6.99
431.    Hazen-Hammond, Susan The Great Saguaro Book (signed).  Item number: 13173.    US$9.95
432.    Milligan, Spike The Q Annual.  Item number: 13175.    US$6.99
433.    O'Conner, Patricia T. Woe is I: The Grammophobes Guide to Better English in Plain English.  Item number: 13188.    US$9.95
434.    Lee, Elizabeth, ed. w/illus. by Peter Kneebone A Quorum of Cats: An Anthology of Cat Stories.  Item number: 1319.    US$6.99
435.    Gentleman, David David Gentleman's Britain.  Item number: 13190.    US$45.00
436.    Maher, Bill When you ride ALONE you ride with bin Laden: What the Government SHOULD Be Telling Us to Help Fight the War on Terrorism.  Item number: 13191.    US$25.00
437.    Shapley, Harlow, et al. (Science Service scientists for the Infantry Journal) What To Do Aboard The Transport Science From Shipboard: A simple manual of information and instruction for those who cross the sea in ships to fight for freedom.  Item number: 13199.    US$15.00
438.    Lederer, Richard w/illus. by Bill Thompson Anguished English: An Anthology of Accidental Assaults Upon Our Language.  Item number: 13202.    US$1.99
439.    Halperin, S. William Mussolini and Italian Fascism.  Item number: 13210.    US$15.00
440.    Fraser, George MacDonald The Steel Bonnets.  Item number: 13213.    US$45.00
441.    Campbell, Will D. The Convention (inscribed).  Item number: 13216.    US$45.00
442.    Healy, Jane M. Your Child's Growing Mind: A Guide to Learning and Brain Development from Birth to Adolescence (inscribed).  Item number: 13220.    US$9.95
443.    Mathison, Joan Walters w/illus. by John Crawford Parson Place (inscribed).  Item number: 13223.    US$15.00
444.    Powers, James T. w/intro. by Charles Hanson Towne Twinkle Little Star: Sparkling Memories of Seventy Years (inscribed association copy).  Item number: 13224.    US$25.00
445.    Sarton, May edited by Marita Simpson & Martha Wheelock May Sarton: A Self-Portrait.  Item number: 13228.    US$1.99
446.    Jaffee, Al Al Jaffee Meets His End.  Item number: 13231.    US$4.99
447.    Drew, Simon Camp David Nonsense in Art: Drawings and Verses.  Item number: 13234.    US$4.99
448.    Rowse, A. L. Shakespeare: A Biography.  Item number: 13241.    US$4.99
449.    Hesse, Hermann translated by Ursule Molinaro Rosshalde.  Item number: 13249.    US$2.99
450.    Linklater, Eric w/intro. by Douglas Gifford Magnus Merriman.  Item number: 13258.    US$6.99

4440 items found
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