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401.    Howard, Philip Weasel Words.  Item number: 13397.    US$6.99
402.    Edelstein, Scott The Writer's Book of Checklists: The Quick-Reference Guide to Essential Information Every Writer Needs.  Item number: 13399.    US$4.99
403.    Allen, Charles The Savage Wars of Peace: Soldiers' Voices 1945-1989.  Item number: 13407.    US$40.00
404.    Williams, Rose, compiler & translator Latin Quips at Your Fingertips: Witty Latin Sayings by Wise Romans [Going to Hades is Easy].  Item number: 13412.    US$7.50
405.    Bottoms, David Shooting Rats at the Bibb County Dump (signed).  Item number: 13413.    US$25.00
406.    McCullers, Carson edited by Margarita G. Smith The Mortgaged Heart.  Item number: 13417.    US$4.99
407.    Hammett, Dashiell The Maltese Falcon & The Thin Man (in one volume).  Item number: 13423.    US$4.99
408.    Diehl, William Hooligans (inscribed association copy).  Item number: 13438.    US$75.00
409.    Westlake, Donald E. Why Me (inscribed association copy).  Item number: 13441.    US$75.00
410.    MacInnes, Colin Westward to Laughter.  Item number: 1346.    US$4.99
411.    Mackey, Sandra The Saudis: Inside the Desert Kingdom (inscribed).  Item number: 13467.    US$15.00
412.    Ingalls, Fay w/illus. by Margaret Lowengrund The Valley Road: The Story of Virginia Hot Springs.  Item number: 13475.    US$4.99
413.    Sarton, May I Knew a Phoenix: Sketches for an Autobiography.  Item number: 13480.    US$2.99
414.    Youman, Becky & Bryan Estep Liquid Mexico: Festive Spirits, Tequila Culture, and the Infamous Worm.  Item number: 13495.    US$4.99
415.    Williams, T. Harry (Thomas) Americans at War: The Development of the American Military System.  Item number: 13501.    US$4.99
416.    Mapp, Alf J., Jr. Frock Coats and Epaulets: Psychological Portraits of Confederate Military and Political Leaders.  Item number: 13504.    US$4.99
417.    Essame, H. [Major General Hubert] Patton: A Study in Command.  Item number: 13506.    US$3.50
418.    Lewis, Cecil Gemini to Joburg.  Item number: 13510.    US$6.99
419.    Rhodes, Dan Timoleon Vieta Come Home: A Sentimental Journey.  Item number: 13514.    US$4.99
420.    Lewis, Bernard The Arabs in History Revised Edition.  Item number: 13520.    US$2.99
421.    Erskine, Jim & George Moran Lie Down and Roll Over and 159 other ways to say I love you.  Item number: 13525.    US$3.50
422.    Porter, Bernard The Lion's Share: A Short History of British Imperialism 1850-1983 (2nd edition).  Item number: 13532.    US$4.99
423.    Morton, Brian N. Americans in London.  Item number: 13533.    US$3.50
424.    Shulman, Neil B., M.D. The Backyard Tribe (inscribed).  Item number: 13538.    US$4.99
425.    Soracco, Sin Edge City.  Item number: 13553.    US$2.99
426.    Hegel, Georg Wilhelm Friedrich edited by Jacob Loewenberg Hegel Selections.  Item number: 13556.    US$2.99
427.    Shulman, Neil (with Carl Hiaasen) What? Dead Again? (inscribed association copy).  Item number: 13573.    US$295.00
428.    O'Shaughnessy, Hugh Around the Spanish Main: Travels in the Caribbean and the Guianas.  Item number: 13576.    US$2.99
429.    Bentley, Nicolas w/intro. by Malcolm Muggeridge How Can You Bear to be Human?.  Item number: 13581.    US$4.99
430.    Martin, Harold William Berry Hartsfield: Mayor of Atlanta.  Item number: 13587.    US$4.99
431.    Mankowitz, Wolf w/illus. by Leonard Rosoman Make Me an Offer.  Item number: 1359.    US$4.99
432.    Cocteau, Jean Opera suivi des mots de mon style.  Item number: 13593.    US$45.00
433.    Mann, Thomas translated by H. T. Lowe-Porter Joseph in Egypt Volumes I & II (of two).  Item number: 1360.    US$7.50
434.    Coleman, Feay Shellman Nostrums for Fashionable Entertainments: Dining in Georgia, 1800-1850.  Item number: 13603.    US$30.00
435.    Ehrlich, Eugene w/intro. by Noah Adams The Highly Selective Thesaurus for the Extraordinarily Literate.  Item number: 13610.    US$4.99
436.    Holmgren, Virginia C. Bird Walk Through the Bible.  Item number: 13611.    US$9.95
437.    Sampson & Murdoch Co. Fingerpoint Map of Providence, Rhode Island.  Item number: 13613.    US$45.00
438.    Standard Oil Company of Pennsylvania Esso Highway Map of Pennsylvania 1939.  Item number: 13615.    US$15.00
439.    Tower, Christopher w/illus. by Pauline Baynes Oultre Jourdain.  Item number: 13617.    US$9.95
440.    Durrell, Lawrence with Marc Alyn translated from the French by Francine Barker The Big Supposer: Lawrence Durrell A Dialogue with Marc Alyn.  Item number: 13618.    US$4.99
441.    Pattison, Mark edited by Henry Nettleship Essays by the Late Mark Pattison, sometime rector of Lincoln College, Volume I.  Item number: 13628.    US$15.00
442.    Woolf, Leonard w/intro. by Ian Parsons The Wise Virgins: A Story of Words, Opinions and a Few Emotions.  Item number: 13631.    US$4.99
443.    Keegan, John Six Armies in Normandy: From D-Day to the Liberation of Paris.  Item number: 13632.    US$2.99
444.    Sibley, Celestine w/illus. by Shelly Sachs Mothers are Always Special.  Item number: 13633.    US$2.99
445.    Price, Eugenia Leave Yourself Alone (signed).  Item number: 13641.    US$15.00
446.    Opie, Iona & Peter, eds. w/illus. by Maurice Sendak I Saw Esau: The Schoolchild's Pocket Book.  Item number: 13647.    US$4.99
447.    Sandburg, Carl w/intro. by Mark Van Doren Harvest Poems 1910-1960.  Item number: 13653.    US$1.99
448.    Crater, Paul World War II in Atlanta.  Item number: 13655.    US$15.00
449.    Haas, Karl w/drawings by Mona Mark Inside Music: How to Understand, Listen to, and Enjoy Good Music.  Item number: 13678.    US$6.99
450.    McHaney, Pearl Amelia, ed. Eudora Welty: Writers' Reflections upon First Reading Welty.  Item number: 13686.    US$9.95

4304 items found
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