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301.    Jamieson, Leland Attack!.  Item number: 12431.    US$4.99
302.    Yank Magazine Editors The Best from YANK The Army Weekly.  Item number: 12434.    US$95.00
303.    Browntrout editors The Well-Read Cat: A Photographic Celebration.  Item number: 12438.    US$4.99
304.    Lewis, Norman A Goddess in the Stones: Travels in India.  Item number: 12440.    US$6.99
305.    Leman, Martin w/text by Angela Carter translated into French by Claude Lauriot Prevost Droles de Chats [English title: Comic and Curious Cats].  Item number: 12441.    US$25.00
306.    Cook, Gladys Emerson w/story by Laurence Dwight Smith Hiram and Other Cats.  Item number: 12443.    US$75.00
307.    Hector, Robert, ed. Travel with Great Writers: An Informal Literary Guide to Europe.  Item number: 12446.    US$2.99
308.    Marcus, J. S. The Art of Cartography: Stories.  Item number: 12447.    US$2.99
309.    Quinlan, Kieran Strange Kin: Ireland and the American South.  Item number: 12451.    US$95.00
310.    Sachar, Howard M. The Emergence of the Middle East 1914-1924.  Item number: 12453.    US$85.00
311.    Grimsley, Jim Winter Birds (inscribed).  Item number: 12458.    US$9.95
312.    Adair, Robert Kemp The Physics of Baseball.  Item number: 12460.    US$2.99
313.    De Forest, John William edited by James H. Croushore & David Morris Potter A Union Officer in the Reconstruction.  Item number: 12468.    US$4.99
314.    Hope, Anthony w/illus. by Arno E. Schuele (Anthony Hope Hawkins) Sport Royal.  Item number: 1247.    US$6.99
315.    Harris, Corra The Recording Angel.  Item number: 12471.    US$9.95
316.    Wolfe, Michael The Hadj: An American's Pilgrimage to Mecca.  Item number: 12477.    US$7.50
317.    Cela, Camilo Jose Journey to the Alcarria: Travels Through the Spanish Countryside.  Item number: 12481.    US$2.99
318.    Wedgwood, Barbara & Hensleigh The Wedgwood Circle 1730-1897: Four Generations of a Family and Their Friends.  Item number: 12482.    US$4.99
319.    Rall, Ted Generalissimo El Busho: Essays & Cartoons on the Bush Years.  Item number: 12483.    US$4.99
320.    Hahn, Lili translated by Sibyl Milton White Flags of Surrender.  Item number: 12484.    US$4.99
321.    Gournay, Isabelle & Paul G. Beswick with foreword by Dana F. White edited by Gerald W. Sams AIA Guide to the Architecture of Atlanta.  Item number: 12489.    US$15.00
322.    Fox, William Price w/illus. by Jack Davis Chitlin Strut & Other Madrigals (signed).  Item number: 12496.    US$15.00
323.    Panger, Daniel Black Ulysses.  Item number: 12501.    US$4.99
324.    Raymo, Chet The Dork of Cork.  Item number: 12504.    US$4.99
325.    Crane, Aimee, ed. w/intro. by Brig. Gen. Robert L. Denig Marines at War.  Item number: 12516.    US$20.00
326.    Naipaul, V. S. In A Free State.  Item number: 12524.    US$2.99
327.    Crowther, Hal w/foreword by Fred Hobson Cathedrals of Kudzu: A Personal Landscape of the South (inscribed).  Item number: 12535.    US$9.95
328.    Statham, Frances Patton Mountain Legacy: A Story of Rabun Gap-Nacoochee School With Emphasis on the Junior College Years.  Item number: 12538.    US$15.00
329.    Hamshere, Cyril The British in the Caribbean.  Item number: 12543.    US$45.00
330.    Buffington, Perry & Kim Underwood Archival Atlanta (signed).  Item number: 12545.    US$15.00
331.    Hillson, Norman w/illus. by Will Farrow One Hundred Miles of History Round London.  Item number: 12556.    US$7.50
332.    Humphreys, Josephine Rich in Love (signed).  Item number: 1256.    US$7.50
333.    Shacochis, Bob w/cover watercolor by Connie Nelson The Next New World (signed by both author & cover artist).  Item number: 12577.    US$25.00
334.    Sibley, Celestine edited by Richard L. Eldredge w/foreword by Sibley Fleming Celestine Sibley, Reporter.  Item number: 12582.    US$4.99
335.    McDowell, Frederick P. W. Ellen Glasgow and the Ironic Art of Fiction.  Item number: 12594.    US$2.99
336.    Pearce, Michael The Mamur Zapt and the Donkey-Vous: A Suspense Tale of Old Cairo.  Item number: 12597.    US$2.99
337.    Lansky, Doug, ed. There's No Toilet Paper on the Road Less Traveled: The Best of Travel Humor and Misadventure.  Item number: 12610.    US$4.99
338.    Oz, Amos translated by Maggie Bar-Tura The Story Begins: Essays on Literature.  Item number: 12619.    US$4.99
339.    Shavelson, Melville The Eleventh Commandment.  Item number: 12632.    US$2.99
340.    Mauldin, Bill The Brass Ring.  Item number: 12634.    US$2.99
341.    McPhee, John & Alfred Eisenstaedt Wimbledon A Celebration.  Item number: 12635.    US$6.99
342.    Eisenstaedt, Alfred People (signed).  Item number: 12644.    US$250.00
343.    Sommers, Pam, ed. Bringing Up Baby: The illustrated guide to raising humans.  Item number: 12648.    US$4.99
344.    De Boer, T. J. translated by Edward R. Jones The History of Philosophy in Islam.  Item number: 12660.    US$15.00
345.    Jacobson, Howard The Very Model of a Man (collectible uncorrected proofs).  Item number: 1267.    US$15.00
346.    Coplin, Keith Crofton's Fire.  Item number: 12682.    US$2.99
347.    Loesberg, John, ed. Folksongs and Ballads Popular in Ireland Volume 4.  Item number: 12683.    US$25.00
348.    Caudwell, Sarah The Sirens Sang of Murder: A Hilary Tamar Mystery.  Item number: 12687.    US$2.99
349.    Elliott, George P. From the Berkeley Hills.  Item number: 12700.    US$9.95
350.    Hollander, Nicole Never Take Your Cat to a Salad Bar.  Item number: 12704.    US$1.99

4439 items found
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