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201.    Jhabvala, Ruth Prawer Get Ready for Battle.  Item number: 11708.    US$2.99
202.    Davis, Ren & Helen Atlanta Walks: A Guide to Walking, Running, and Bicycling Historic and Scenic Atlanta (signed).  Item number: 11709.    US$4.99
203.    Kerr, Walter The Decline of Pleasure.  Item number: 11716.    US$2.99
204.    Durban, Pam All Set About with Fever Trees and Other Stories (signed).  Item number: 11722.    US$15.00
205.    Gray, Alisdair The Fall of Kelvin Walker: A Fable of the Sixties.  Item number: 11723.    US$4.99
206.    Hanbury-Tenison, Robin Fragile Eden: A Ride Through New Zealand.  Item number: 11726.    US$3.50
207.    Serre, Claude w/preface by Bernard Haller Le Sport.  Item number: 11733.    US$4.99
208.    Bell, Malcolm w/photographs by N. Jane Iseley Savannah (inscribed).  Item number: 11737.    US$7.50
209.    Priestley, J. B. Midnight on the Desert: Being an Excursion into Autobiography During a Winter in America 1935-36.  Item number: 11740.    US$4.99
210.    Miller, Lee G. The Story of Ernie Pyle.  Item number: 11748.    US$4.99
211.    Hemphill, Paul The Nashville Sound: Bright Lights and Country Music.  Item number: 11750.    US$6.99
212.    Dexter, Colin Death is Now My Neighbour (signed) (Neighbor).  Item number: 11771.    US$75.00
213.    Price, Eugenia Inside One Author's Heart: A Deeply Personal Sharing with My Readers.  Item number: 11783.    US$4.99
214.    Grant, Linda Love Nor Money: A Catherine Sayler Mystery (inscribed).  Item number: 1179.    US$4.99
215.    Empey, Arthur Guy First Call: Guide Posts to Berlin.  Item number: 118.    US$4.99
216.    Rice, Alice Hegan The Buffer.  Item number: 11821.    US$4.99
217.    Greenhowe, Jean w/photography by A. P. S. Aberdeen Fancy Dress from Nursery Tales.  Item number: 11822.    US$25.00
218.    Purdie, Hazel, compiler Georgia Bibliography: County History (initialed by compiler).  Item number: 11830.    US$60.00
219.    Zweig, Ferdynand The Student in the Age of Anxiety: A Survey of Oxford and Manchester Students.  Item number: 11833.    US$15.00
220.    Green, Julian translated by Barbara Beaumont The Distant Lands.  Item number: 1184.    US$9.95
221.    Childress, Mark Tender (inscribed).  Item number: 11842.    US$15.00
222.    Ransom, John Crowe Poems and Essays (John Crowe Ransom).  Item number: 11858.    US$2.99
223.    Grossmith, George & Weedon The Diary of a Nobody.  Item number: 11860.    US$2.99
224.    Jetmundsen, Norman The Soulbane Stratagem: Diabolical Subterfuge That Threatens to Destroy Us (signed).  Item number: 11866.    US$15.00
225.    Ward, Geoffrey C. & Ken Burns w/intro. by Roger Angell Baseball An Illustrated History.  Item number: 11867.    US$35.00
226.    Craughwell, Thomas Great Books for Every Book Lover: 2002 great reading suggestions for the discriminating bibliophile.  Item number: 11872.    US$15.00
227.    Holloway, John w/intro. by C. P. Snow A London Childhood.  Item number: 11916.    US$4.99
228.    Stevens, Stuart Malaria Dreams: An African Adventure.  Item number: 11918.    US$2.99
229.    Cox, Jacob D. Atlanta.  Item number: 11926.    US$4.99
230.    Horn, Stanley F. Gallant Rebel: The Fabulous Cruise of the C.S.S. Shenandoah.  Item number: 11934.    US$9.95
231.    Golding, William An Egyptian Journal.  Item number: 11937.    US$4.99
232.    Breslin, Jimmy How the Good Guys Finally Won: Notes from an Impeachment Summer (signed).  Item number: 11949.    US$15.00
233.    Snell, Gordon with caricatures by Aislin (Terry Mosher) Oh, Canadians! Hysterically Historical Rhymes (inscribed by Aislin).  Item number: 11950.    US$15.00
234.    Gurganus, Allan Oldest Living Confederate Widow Tells All (signed).  Item number: 1196.    US$45.00
235.    Rimbaud, Arthur translated by Paul Schmidt Arthur Rimbaud Complete Works.  Item number: 11967.    US$4.99
236.    Gatiss, Mark The Vesuvius Club.  Item number: 11984.    US$4.99
237.    Buffett, Jimmy Songs You Know By Heart: Jimmy Buffett's Greatest Hit(s).  Item number: 11996.    US$15.00
238.    Enzensberger, Hans Magnus translated from German by Martin Chalmers Europe, Europe: Forays into a Continent.  Item number: 120.    US$3.50
239.    Rankin, Hugh F. The Pirates of Colonial North Carolina.  Item number: 12006.    US$2.99
240.    Hardman, Ric Lynden Sunshine Rider: The First Vegetarian Western (collectible ARC).  Item number: 1203.    US$4.99
241.    Wodehouse, P. G. Ukridge.  Item number: 12034.    US$15.00
242.    Bonner, James C. Milledgeville: Georgia's Antebellum Capital.  Item number: 12038.    US$25.00
243.    Townsend, Jimmy It's True What They Say About Dixie.  Item number: 12040.    US$2.99
244.    Steele, Wilbur Daniel Meat.  Item number: 12044.    US$6.99
245.    Amberg, Jay Blackbird Singing (inscribed).  Item number: 12049.    US$9.95
246.    MacMurray, Claire w/line drawings by Susanne Suba . . . and Beat Him When He Sneezes (signed).  Item number: 12053.    US$6.99
247.    Marshall, John Douglas Reconciliation Road: A Family Odyssey (signed).  Item number: 12054.    US$4.99
248.    Genders, Roy Holiday in Dublin.  Item number: 12058.    US$45.00
249.    Blake, William Songs of Innocence and Songs of Experience.  Item number: 12061.    US$2.99
250.    Logan, William Vain Empires: Poems.  Item number: 12066.    US$2.99

4475 items found
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