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201.    Bonner, James C. Milledgeville: Georgia's Antebellum Capital.  Item number: 12038.    US$15.00
202.    Townsend, Jimmy It's True What They Say About Dixie.  Item number: 12040.    US$2.99
203.    Steele, Wilbur Daniel Meat.  Item number: 12044.    US$6.99
204.    Amberg, Jay Blackbird Singing (inscribed).  Item number: 12049.    US$6.99
205.    MacMurray, Claire w/line drawings by Susanne Suba . . . and Beat Him When He Sneezes (signed).  Item number: 12053.    US$4.99
206.    Marshall, John Douglas Reconciliation Road: A Family Odyssey (signed).  Item number: 12054.    US$6.99
207.    Genders, Roy Holiday in Dublin.  Item number: 12058.    US$45.00
208.    Blake, William Songs of Innocence and Songs of Experience.  Item number: 12061.    US$2.99
209.    Gide, Andre translated by Philip A. Wilkins Recollections of the Assize Court.  Item number: 12069.    US$20.00
210.    Brinnin, John Malcolm, ed. (on Dylan Thomas) A Casebook on Dylan Thomas.  Item number: 12070.    US$3.50
211.    Nash, Ogden Versus.  Item number: 12072.    US$2.99
212.    Nash, Ogden The Private Dining Room and other new verses.  Item number: 12073.    US$2.99
213.    Nash, Ogden Good Intentions.  Item number: 12074.    US$2.99
214.    Simon, Jordan & Jeff Clark w/maps by Ingo Fast Atlanta.  Item number: 12089.    US$2.99
215.    Harris, MacDonald (Donald Heiney) Glad Rags.  Item number: 1209.    US$6.99
216.    Magnus, Philip King Edward VII.  Item number: 12092.    US$3.50
217.    Lambert, Derek Spanish Lessons: Beginning a New Life in Spain.  Item number: 12094.    US$2.99
218.    Kloeppel, James E. Georgia Snapshots: Glances at the Past.  Item number: 12095.    US$2.99
219.    Boas, William S. (preface) Canada in World War II: Post-War Possibilities.  Item number: 12106.    US$30.00
220.    Clinton, Catherine Fanny Kemble's Civil Wars.  Item number: 12107.    US$2.99
221.    McCrumb, Sharyn Zombies of the Gene Pool.  Item number: 12110.    US$4.99
222.    Service, Robert W. Rhymes of the Midnight Sun: A Robert Service Treasury.  Item number: 12113.    US$15.00
223.    Hesling, Bernard The Dinkumization and Depommification of an artful English Immigrant.  Item number: 12128.    US$7.50
224.    Theroux, Paul The Happy Isles of Oceania: Paddling the Pacific.  Item number: 12144.    US$9.95
225.    Levi, Peter Knit One, Drop One.  Item number: 12160.    US$4.99
226.    George, Jean Craighead The American Walk Book.  Item number: 12165.    US$2.99
227.    De Forest, L. Effingham & Anne Lawrence De Forest (DeForest) Moore and Allied Families: The Ancestry of William Henry Moore.  Item number: 12181.    US$150.00
228.    Major League Baseball 1992 World Series Official Souvenir Scorebook.  Item number: 12212.    US$25.00
229.    Smurthwaite, David Battlefields of Britain: The Complete Illustrated Guide.  Item number: 12214.    US$15.00
230.    Ciardi, John Ciardi Selected Poems (inscribed).  Item number: 12217.    US$20.00
231.    Clayton, Peter A., ed. A Companion to Roman Britain.  Item number: 12218.    US$9.95
232.    Plato translated by Benjamin Jowett & edited w/intro. by Irwin Edman The Works of Plato.  Item number: 12219.    US$9.95
233.    Beard, Henry w/illus. by Ron Barrett Zen for Cats.  Item number: 12234.    US$4.99
234.    Buchwald, Art w/illus. by Laszlo Matulay Son of the Great Society (signed).  Item number: 12263.    US$9.95
235.    Draper, Lt. Theodore w/illus. by Sgt. Walter H. Chapman & foreword by Maj. Gen. A. R. Bolling The 84th Infantry Division in The Battle of Germany November 1944-May 1945 & separate Roster of Officers and Enlisted Men (2 volumes).  Item number: 12274.    US$150.00
236.    Hadfield, John, ed. The Shell Book of English Villages.  Item number: 12275.    US$15.00
237.    Whatmore, John, ed. The Shell Book of British Walks.  Item number: 12280.    US$15.00
238.    Boyd, James Marching On.  Item number: 12299.    US$9.95
239.    Farrar, Milman, Stanley, et al. (Deans) Westminster Abbey and The Cathedrals of England With Views of the Cathedrals and Portraits of the Dignitaries.  Item number: 123.    US$40.00
240.    Beard, Henry & Christopher Cerf The Official Politically Correct Dictionary & Handbook.  Item number: 12310.    US$2.99
241.    Ehrlich, Eugene w/intro. by William F. Buckley, Jr. Amo, Amas, Amat and More: How to Use Latin to Your Own Advantage and to the Astonishment of Others.  Item number: 12318.    US$2.99
242.    Williford, William Bailey Peachtree Street, Atlanta (Revised Edition).  Item number: 12319.    US$4.99
243.    Oldendorf, Keith Flags and Seal of the Confederacy.  Item number: 12322.    US$25.00
244.    Turner, John Frayn V.C.'s of the Army 1939-1951.  Item number: 12324.    US$15.00
245.    Naipaul, V. S. The Middle Passage: Impressions of Five Societies, British, French and Dutch, in the West Indies and South America.  Item number: 12330.    US$2.99
246.    Toll, Emily Murder will Travel (proof copy).  Item number: 12359.    US$4.99
247.    Chamberlin, E. R. Guildford: A Biography.  Item number: 12380.    US$7.50
248.    Sussman, Aaron & Ruth Goode The Magic of Walking.  Item number: 12386.    US$2.99
249.    Snow, Hank Hank Snow Folio No. 3.  Item number: 12393.    US$15.00
250.    Harwell, Richard B., ed. w/foreword by W. Porter Kellam Confederate Imprints in the University of Georgia Libraries.  Item number: 12394.    US$25.00

4176 items found
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