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1.    Wenner, Jann S. (Twenty) 20 Years of Rolling Stone: What a Long, Strange Trip It's Been.  Item number: 3806.    US$15.00
2.    MacMurray, Claire w/line drawings by Susanne Suba . . . and Beat Him When He Sneezes (signed).  Item number: 12053.    US$6.99
3.    Holmes, Julyan w/illus. by Laura Rowe 1,000 Cornish Place-Names Explained (One Thousand).  Item number: 8296.    US$25.00
4.    Ochs, Michael 1000 Record Covers (One Thousand).  Item number: 15200.    US$15.00
5.    Zobel, Allia w/illus. by Nicole Hollander 101 Reasons Why a Cat Is Better than a Man.  Item number: 19297.    US$1.99
6.    Sellar, Walter Carruthers & Robert Julian Yeatman w/illus. by John Reynolds 1066 and All That: A Memorable History of England comprising all the parts you can remember including 103 Good Things, 5 Bad Kings and 2 Genuine Dates.  Item number: 20557.    US$7.50
7.    Cohen, Herbert J., ed. w/foreword by James Reston 125 Years of Famous Pages From The New York Times 1851-1976.  Item number: 17105.    US$8.99
8.    McCullough, David 1776.  Item number: 14476.    US$9.95
9.    Democratic National Committee with a preface by John Steinbeck 1964 Democratic Fact Book.  Item number: 7884.    US$15.00
10.    Boyson, Rhodes, ed. 1985: An Escape from Orwell's 1984, A Conservative Path to Freedom (inscribed).  Item number: 14545.    US$45.00
11.    Carr, Virginia Spencer 1987 Georgia Week Lecture: The Immense Complexity of Love in the Short Fiction of Carson McCullars.  Item number: 16076.    US$15.00
12.    Major League Baseball 1992 World Series Official Souvenir Scorebook.  Item number: 12212.    US$25.00
13.    Cawood, Chris 1998 The Year of the Beast (signed).  Item number: 3251.    US$4.99
14.    Juhlin, Richard translated by Keith Foster w/forewords by Christian Pol-Roger & Henri Krug 2000 Champagnes.  Item number: 16678.    US$25.00
15.    Salmaggi, Cesare & Alfredo Pallavisini edited by Malcolm Falkus 2194 Days of War: An illustrated chronology of the Second World War with 620 illustrations and 84 maps.  Item number: 19624.    US$45.00
16.    VanClay, Mary, ed. (Strings Magazine backstage) 21st Century Violinists Volume 1.  Item number: 14867.    US$6.99
17.    Clary, George E. Jr. 24 Little Essays in Georgia History (Twenty-Four).  Item number: 10226.    US$7.50
18.    Rosen, Karen 25 Years of the Peachtree Road Race.  Item number: 14053.    US$25.00
19.    Davies, J. & J. E. Lloyd, eds. w/foreword by Col. B. Taylor Lloyd 3rd Cards. Battalion Home Guard (Cardiganshire).  Item number: 89.    US$95.00
20.    Graves, Robert 5 Pens in Hand (Five).  Item number: 19608.    US$9.95
21.    Bauermeister, Erica, Jesse Larsen & Holly Smith 500 Great Books by Women: A Reader's Guide.  Item number: 20178.    US$3.50
22.    Sunu, Choi, ed. 5000 Years of Korean Art.  Item number: 17097.    US$150.00
23.    Levin, Rob, ed. 7 Days in DeKalb [County, Georgia] (Seven).  Item number: 10793.    US$15.00
24.    Cummings, E. E. 95 Poems.  Item number: 19828.    US$2.99
25.    Humez, Alexander & Nicholas A B C Et Cetera: The Life & Times of the Roman Alphabet.  Item number: 17284.    US$15.00
26.    Angle, Paul M. & Earl Schenck Miers A Ballad of the North and South.  Item number: 19874.    US$15.00
27.    Jurey, Philomena A Basement Seat to History: Tales of Covering Presidents Nixon, Ford, Carter and Reagan for the Voice of America.  Item number: 16013.    US$2.99
28.    Rubin, Louis D., Jr., ed. w/appendix by J. A. Leo Lemay A Bibliographical Guide to the Study of Southern Literature.  Item number: 11278.    US$35.00
29.    Murdoch, Walter, ed. A Book of Australian Verse.  Item number: 3953.    US$7.50
30.    Stallworthy, Jon, ed. A Book of Love Poetry.  Item number: 14061.    US$1.99
31.    Turner, Frederick A Border of Blue: Along the Gulf of Mexico from the Keys to the Yucatan.  Item number: 13007.    US$4.99
32.    Herron, Rita A Breath Away (signed).  Item number: 11011.    US$6.99
33.    Ciardi, John A Browser's Dictionary and Native's Guide to the Unknown American Language.  Item number: 17707.    US$9.95
34.    Parsons, Christopher w/intro. by Gerald Durrell A Bull Called Marius: A Story of the Camargue.  Item number: 302.    US$15.00
35.    Greene, Graham A Burnt-Out Case.  Item number: 20517.    US$15.00
36.    Blishen, Edward A Cack-handed War.  Item number: 10090.    US$15.00
37.    Editors of the Foreign Policy Association w/intro. by Richard H. Rovere A Cartoon History of United States Foreign Policy Since World War I.  Item number: 15660.    US$4.99
38.    Brinnin, John Malcolm, ed. (on Dylan Thomas) A Casebook on Dylan Thomas.  Item number: 12070.    US$2.99
39.    Macaulay, Rose A Casual Commentary.  Item number: 18118.    US$25.00
40.    Costley, Sarah & Charles Kightly A Celtic Book of Days.  Item number: 6803.    US$4.99
41.    Horgan, Paul A Certain Climate: Essays in History, Arts, and Letters.  Item number: 2345.    US$2.99
42.    Dickens, Charles w/illus. by Donald McKay A Christmas Carol.  Item number: 20066.    US$4.99
43.    McGill, Ralph A Church A School (signed).  Item number: 14216.    US$60.00
44.    Churchill, John Spencer A Churchill Canvas: A Candid Autobiography.  Item number: 9916.    US$4.99
45.    Spivey, Ted R. A City Observed: Poems of the New Age (inscribed).  Item number: 8512.    US$9.95
46.    Weller, Edwin edited by William Walton A Civil War Courtship: The Letters of Edwin Weller from Antietam to Atlanta.  Item number: 18776.    US$9.95
47.    Yourcenar, Marguerite (Marguerite de Crayencour) translated from the French by Dori Katz in collab. w/the author A Coin in Nine Hands (collectible proof copy).  Item number: 7873.    US$35.00
48.    Clayton, Peter A., ed. A Companion to Roman Britain.  Item number: 12218.    US$9.95
49.    Maclean, Fitzroy A Concise History of Scotland.  Item number: 5104.    US$4.99
50.    Saye, Albert Berry A Constitutional History of Georgia 1732-1945.  Item number: 17372.    US$35.00

4352 items found
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