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351.    Napier, W. F. P. History of the War in the Peninsula and in the South of France, from the Year 1807 to the Year 1814, Vol. III.  Item number: 1657.    US$24.75
352.    Foshay, Ella M. Reflection of Nature, Flowers in American Art.  Item number: 1658.    US$10.35
353.    Rivinus, Marion Willis, and Katharine Hansell Biddle Lights Along the Delaware.  Item number: 1659.    US$16.65
354.    Milton, John, Editor Austin-Healey, Chilton's Repair & Tune-up Guide.  Item number: 1661.    US$31.50
355.    Clymer, Floyd, ed. Volkswagen, Owners Handbook of Maintenance and Repair.  Item number: 1663.    US$9.00
356.    Peake, Harold, and Herbert John Fleure The Way of the Sea, The Corridors of Time, VI.  Item number: 1664.    US$9.00
357.    Flexner, James Thomas George Washington, The Forge of Experience (1732-1775).  Item number: 1665.    US$9.00
358.    Leckie, Shirley A. Elizabeth Bacon Custer and the Making of a Myth.  Item number: 1666.    US$9.00
359.    Fraser, David Knight's Cross, A Life of Field Marshal Erwin Rommel.  Item number: 1668.    US$9.00
360.    Thacher, James, Eyewitness to the American Revolution, The Battles and Generals as Seen by an Army Surgeon.  Item number: 1669.    US$11.25
361.    Bruce, George Festival in the North, The Story of the Edinburgh Festival.  Item number: 1673.    US$10.80
362.    Adams, Henry; Introduction by Henry Steele Commager History of the United States of America During the Administration of Thomas Jefferson, 3 volums.  Item number: 1674.    US$49.50
363.    Horan, James D. The Outlaws, The Authentic Wild West.  Item number: 1676.    US$10.80
364.    Doby, J. The Last Full Measure of Devotion.  Item number: 1677.    US$10.80
365.    Davis, William C. The Battle of New Market.  Item number: 1678.    US$7.65
366.    Janson, H. W. History of Art, A Survey of the Major Visual Arts from the Dawn of History to the Present Day.  Item number: 1680.    US$20.25
367.    Newhouse, Elizabeth L. Editor Inventors and Discoverers, Changing Our World.  Item number: 1681.    US$27.00
368.    Boardman, John, Editor The Oxford History of Classical Art.  Item number: 1682.    US$31.50
369.    Buechner, Thomas S., Text by Norman Rockwell, A Sixty Year Retrospective, Catalogue of an Exhibition by Bernard Banenberg Galleries, New York.  Item number: 1683.    US$27.00
370.    Phillips, Juanita, Text; David Copsey, Design Australia.  Item number: 1684.    US$22.50
371.    Yarwood, Doreen The Architecture of Europe, The Ancient Classical and Byzantine World, 3000 BC-AD 1453, Vol. I.  Item number: 1685.    US$22.50
372.    Chippindale, Christopher Stonehenge Complete.  Item number: 1686.    US$10.35
373.    Macdonald, David, Editor The Encyclopedia of Mammals.  Item number: 1688.    US$23.85
374.    Macdonald, David, Editor Guide to Cruising the Chesapeake Bay.  Item number: 1689.    US$18.00
375.    David, Rosalie Discovering Ancient Egypt.  Item number: 1693.    US$9.00
376.    Associated Press Front Page, Major Events of the 20th Century, Selected by the Associated Press.  Item number: 1694.    US$14.85
377.    Adams, Ansel & Nancy Newhall This Is the American Earth.  Item number: 1695.    US$45.00
378.    Associated Press Writers amd Photographers World War II, A 50th Anniversary History.  Item number: 1696.    US$18.00
379.    Fox, Patty Star Style at the Academy Awards, A Century of Glamour.  Item number: 1697.    US$9.00
380.    Miller, H. Tatlock, and Loudon Sainthill, Compiled by Churchill, the Walk with Destiny.  Item number: 1698.    US$19.35
381.    Hall, Rodney The Australians.  Item number: 1699.    US$20.25
382.    Three Meals a Day at Home, the Woman's World Book of Home Cookery.  Item number: 17-335.    US$15.75
383.    Sitwell, Sacheverell, Introduced by Great Palaces of Europe.  Item number: 1703.    US$28.35
384.    Grant, Michael Atlas of Classic History, From 1700BC to AD 565.  Item number: 1704.    US$23.85
385.    Kauffman, Henry J., Text and Photographs; Floor Plans by Tom Callahan The American Farmhouse.  Item number: 1705.    US$14.85
386.    Tourtellot, Jonathan B., et al., Editor Into the Unknown, The Story of Exploration.  Item number: 1706.    US$18.00
387.    Russell, John London.  Item number: 1707.    US$31.50
388.    Cunliffe, Barry, Editor The Oxford Illustrated Prehistory of Europe.  Item number: 1708.    US$20.25
389.    Hartwig, Daphne Metaxas More Make Your Own Groceries.  Item number: 1709.    US$20.25
390.    Gougaud, Henri, and Collette Gouvion Egypt Observed.  Item number: 1710.    US$18.00
391.    Nigel Nicolson; Photographs by Kerry Dundas Great Houses of Britain.  Item number: 1711.    US$31.50
392.    Amin, Mohamed; Duncan Willetts; Brian Tetley Journey Through Kenya.  Item number: 1712.    US$24.75
393.    Brumblehulme, Brian, Food Writer; Hugh Scarlett, Photography American the Majestic Pictorial Cook Book with Spectacular and Easy to Prepare Recipes from All Major Areas.  Item number: 1713.    US$27.00
394.    Brown, William Wells The Negro in the American Rebellion: His Heroism and His Fidelity.  Item number: 1714.    US$13.50
395.    Automobile Association Wildlife in Britain, A Guide to Natural Habitats, Safari Parks and Zoos.  Item number: 1715.    US$13.50
396.    Smart, Ted England, A Picture Book to Remember Her By.  Item number: 1716.    US$9.00
397.    Schickel, Richard, Narrative; and Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. The Fairbanks Album, Drawn from the Family Archives.  Item number: 1717.    US$18.00
398.    Ryle, John, et al. Warriors of the White Nile, The Dinka.  Item number: 1718.    US$13.50
399.    Yarwood, Doreen The Architecture of Europe, The Middle Ages 650-1550, Vol. 2.  Item number: 1721.    US$22.50
400.    Yarwood, Doreen The Architecture of Europe, Classical Architecture 1420-1800, Vol. 3.  Item number: 1722.    US$22.50

3990 items found
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