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301.    Stewart, J. I. M. The Aylwins.  Item number: 1466.    US$15.00
302.    Charles H. Sylvester Journeys through Bookland, 8 vols..  Item number: 1471.    US$50.00
303.    Muriel Denison Susannah of the Mounties.  Item number: 1472.    US$27.50
304.    Hoellering, Franz; Ludwig Lewisohn, Translator The Defenders.  Item number: 1474.    US$16.50
305.    Ingraham, J. H.; Victor A. Searles, Illustrator The Pillar of Fire, or Israel in Bondage.  Item number: 1475.    US$15.00
306.    Doolaard, A. Den; N. C. Bruinwold Riedel, Translator, 1958 The Land Behind God's Back.  Item number: 1476.    US$15.00
307.    Chambers, Robert W. The Cambric Mask, A Romance.  Item number: 1477.    US$15.00
308.    Chambers, Robert W. A King and a Few Dukes, A Romance.  Item number: 1478.    US$16.50
309.    Cooper, J. Fenimore Mercedes of Castile or The Voyage to Cathay.  Item number: 1479.    US$14.50
310.    Hoffman, Alice The Drowning Season.  Item number: 1482.    US$15.00
311.    LuZanne, Celina The Star of Saint Nic.  Item number: 1486.    US$15.00
312.    Litchfield, Grace Denio The Knight of the Black Forest.  Item number: 1487.    US$14.50
313.    Henisch, Peter Die Kleine Figur Meines Vaters.  Item number: 1489.    US$10.00
314.    Knortz, Karl Indianer Marchen.  Item number: 1490.    US$13.50
315.    Clara Bernice Miller The Crying Heart.  Item number: 1491.    US$11.50
316.    Abbe Prevost; Maurice Leloir, Illustrator History of Manon lescaut and of the Chevalier Des Grieux.  Item number: 1498.    US$35.00
317.    Hugo, Victor; Helen B. Doyle, Translator Ninety-three - 2 Volumes in 1.  Item number: 1503.    US$15.00
318.    Harland, Marion His Great Self.  Item number: 1506.    US$15.00
319.    Harraden, Beatrice Ships that Pass in the Night.  Item number: 1507.    US$12.50
320.    More, Hannah; Hallack, William A Narratives of The Shepherd of Salisbury Plain; The Mountain Miller; and George Vining.  Item number: 1508.    US$20.00
321.    Wheeler, Ella Poems of Passion.  Item number: 1509.    US$18.50
322.    Sister Rita Agnes Stars Are Shining.  Item number: 1510.    US$18.50
323.    Bryant, Percy, Editor The Bridal Wreath, a Wedding Souvenir.  Item number: 1511.    US$32.50
324.    Sister Rita Agnes Dear Atoms.  Item number: 1512.    US$47.50
325.    Meredith, Owen Lucile, A Poem.  Item number: 1513.    US$20.00
326.    Ogden Nash The Primrose Path.  Item number: 1514.    US$12.00
327.    Crabb. William Darwin Silver Shimmer.  Item number: 1519.    US$22.50
328.    Burns, Robert; Alexander Smith, Biographer The Poetical Works of Robert Burns.  Item number: 1520.    US$14.00
329.    Dooris-Sharp, Katherine The Doctor's Speaking Tube.  Item number: 1521.    US$18.50
330.    Catullus; Francis P. Simpson Select Poems of Catullus.  Item number: 1522.    US$14.50
331.    Monroe, Harriet, and Alice Corbin Henderson, Editors The New Poetry, An Anthology.  Item number: 1523.    US$16.00
332.    Brandeis, Madeline The Little Spanish Dancer.  Item number: 1526.    US$12.50
333.    Tim Kelley, dramatized by Frankenstein, a Play in Two Acts.  Item number: 1531.    US$21.00
334.    Goodrich, Norma Lorre The Doctor and Maria Theresa.  Item number: 1544.    US$16.50
335.    My Shalom, My Peace: Paintings and Poems by Jewish and Arab Children.  Item number: 1545.    US$15.00
336.    Carroll, Lewis Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.  Item number: 1546.    US$22.50
337.    Carroll, Lewis Through the Looking-Glass and What Alice Found There.  Item number: 1547.    US$22.50
338.    Sharp, Dallas Lore; R. Bruce Horsfall, Illustrator A January Summer.  Item number: 1550.    US$15.00
339.    Ave Sol!.  Item number: 1551.    US$30.00
340.    Blackburn, Coburn, Colter, Foreman, Foster, Patterson, Pierce Western Story Annual 1948.  Item number: 1552.    US$14.00
341.    des Rieuz, Virginie La Satyre.  Item number: 1555.    US$16.50
342.    Queen, Ellery The Dutch Shoe Mystery, A Problem in Deduction.  Item number: 1566.    US$1,940.00
343.    Moliere Oeuvres Completes de Moliere I.  Item number: 1569.    US$15.00
344.    Sinclair, Upton Sylvia.  Item number: 1571.    US$14.50
345.    Heyliger, William; Louis G. Schroeder, Illustrator Stan Kent Varsity Man.  Item number: 1572.    US$10.00
346.    Santos, Jesus Fernandez; Helen R. Lane, Translator Extramuros.  Item number: 1575.    US$12.00
347.    Miller, Clara Bernice The Tender Herb.  Item number: 1576.    US$14.50
348.    Roe, E. P. An Unexpected Result and Other Stories.  Item number: 1577.    US$12.00
349.    Watson, Robert Gordon of the Lost Lagoon, A Romance of the Pacific Coast.  Item number: 1578.    US$13.50
350.    Patten, William, Editor Short Story Classics (American) - 5 Volumes.  Item number: 1582.    US$36.50

4087 items found
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