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201.    Wysocky, Ken, et al., Editors This Old Barn.  Item number: 1291.    US$16.00
202.    Smith, J. Frazer; Illustrated by the Author White Pillars, Early Life and Architecture of the Lower Mississippi Valley Country.  Item number: 1292.    US$16.50
203.    Cunningham, Lawrence, Text; Dennis Stock, Photography St. Francis of Assisi.  Item number: 1293.    US$15.00
204.    Falorp, Nelson P.; Photographs by David Plowden Cape May to Montauk.  Item number: 1295.    US$16.50
205.    De Tolnay, Charles, et al. The complete work of Michelangelo.  Item number: 1296.    US$55.00
206.    Martignette, Charles G. and Louis K. Meisel The Great Ameican Pin-Up.  Item number: 1297.    US$30.00
207.    Bacon, Edward, editor The Great Archaeologists and Their Discoveries as Originall Reported in the Pages of the Illustrated London News.  Item number: 1298.    US$25.00
208.    Curtis, Elizabeth Gibbon Gateways and Doorways of Charleston, South Carolina, in the Eighteenth and the Nineteenth Centuries.  Item number: 1299.    US$22.50
209.    Nevill, Ralph Memoirs of Monsieur D'Artagnan, Captain-Lieutenant of the 1st Company of the King's Musketeers, Part II.  Item number: 1326.    US$25.00
210.    Bryant, William Cullen Poetical Works of William Cullen BrYant (Household Edition).  Item number: 1327.    US$20.00
211.    Chambers, Robert W. The Firing Line.  Item number: 1328.    US$10.00
212.    Judson, Alexander Corbin Seventeenth-Century Lyrics, Edited with Short Biographies, Bibliographies, and Notes.  Item number: 1329.    US$20.00
213.    Hope, Anthony Chronicles of Count Antonio.  Item number: 1330.    US$12.50
214.    Conrad, Joseph Chance, A Tale in Two Parts.  Item number: 1331.    US$15.00
215.    Porter, Jane Thaddeus of Warsaw.  Item number: 1332.    US$20.00
216.    Sand, George; Ives, George B., Translator The Devil's Foot (Romancists).  Item number: 1333.    US$35.00
217.    Murger, Henri; Ives, George, Translato Bohemian Life (Romancists).  Item number: 1334.    US$30.00
218.    Clarettie, Jules; Roberts, Henri,Translator His Excellency the Minister (Romancists).  Item number: 1335.    US$30.00
219.    de Lamartine, Alphonse; Walton, William, Translator Raphael (Romancists).  Item number: 1336.    US$30.00
220.    de Musset, Alfred; Rogerson, T. F., Translator The Confessions of a Child of the Century (Romancists).  Item number: 1337.    US$35.00
221.    de Musset, Alfred; Fosdick, Gertrude, Translator The Two Mistresses, Emmeline, The Son of Titian, Frederic and Bernerette, Pierre and Camille.  Item number: 1338.    US$35.00
222.    Feuillet, Octave; Ivesm George B., Translator Monsieur de Gamors (Romancists).  Item number: 1339.    US$30.00
223.    Aicard, Jean King of Carmargue (Romancists).  Item number: 1340.    US$25.00
224.    Reid. Mayne The Plant-Hunters or Adventures Among the Himalaya Mountains.  Item number: 1341.    US$30.00
225.    Reid, Mayne Ran Away to Sea, an Autobiography for Boys.  Item number: 1343.    US$35.00
226.    Reid, Mayne The Man-Eaters and Other Odd Peoples, a Popular Description of Singular Races of Man.  Item number: 1344.    US$35.00
227.    Reid, Mayne The Ocean Waifs, a Story of Adventure on Land and Sea.  Item number: 1345.    US$35.00
228.    Reid, Mayne The Cliff-Climber or The Lone Home in the Himalayas.  Item number: 1346.    US$30.00
229.    Reid, Mayne The Young Voyagers or the Boy Hunters in the North.  Item number: 1347.    US$30.00
230.    Bach, J. S.; Frank Damrosch, Editor Mass in B Minor for Soli, Chorus and Orchestra, Vocal Score.  Item number: 1348.    US$13.50
231.    Roy White, illust. by Ludmilla Monomachov Venturing South.  Item number: 1349.    US$22.50
232.    Nathalia Crane, illust. by MacHarshberger The Singing Crow and Other Poems.  Item number: 1351.    US$12.50
233.    Dickens, Charles; F. Barnard, Illustrator The Life and Adventures of Martin Chuzzlewit.  Item number: 1357.    US$15.50
234.    Bob Hamilton, illustrated by Erwin I. Hess Gene Autry and the Redwood Pirates.  Item number: 1359.    US$9.50
235.    William K. Zinsser, drawings by James Stevenson Weekend Guests.  Item number: 1361.    US$12.50
236.    Hardy, Thomas The Return of the Native.  Item number: 1363.    US$13.50
237.    Daniels, Lou Shades of Lou, Wild & Wacky Tales.  Item number: 1364.    US$14.50
238.    Brown, S. W. Deacon White's Idees.  Item number: 1366.    US$32.50
239.    Cather, Willa; Harold Van Schmidt, Illustrator Death Comes for the Archbishop.  Item number: 1367.    US$70.00
240.    Maurois, Andre; Eric Sutton, Translator Mape, The World of Illusion.  Item number: 1368.    US$14.50
241.    Bhattacharya, Bhabani He Who Rides a Tiger.  Item number: 1370.    US$18.50
242.    D'Annunzio, Gabriele The Daughter of Jorio, A Pastoral Tragedy.  Item number: 1378.    US$26.50
243.    Wassermann, Jacob Caspar Hauser, the Enigma of a Century.  Item number: 1379.    US$31.50
244.    Steinbeck, John The Grapes of Wrath.  Item number: 1388.    US$14.50
245.    Hardy, Thomas The Return of the Native.  Item number: 1391.    US$12.50
246.    Flaubert, Gustave Salammbo.  Item number: 1394.    US$13.50
247.    West, John T., Jr The Poetry Tree.  Item number: 1395.    US$10.00
248.    Ward, Mrs. Humphry Helbeck of Bannisdale, Vol. II.  Item number: 1398.    US$16.50
249.    Wind, G. L Dreams Come True.  Item number: 1400.    US$12.00
250.    Herbert, A. P. The House by the River.  Item number: 1402.    US$20.00

3937 items found
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