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201.    Shikes, Ralph E., and Paula Harper Pissarro, His Life and Work.  Item number: 1249.    US$35.00
202.    Brettell, Richard, et al. The Art of Paul Gauguin.  Item number: 1250.    US$25.00
203.    Dehn, Virginia, Selected by Adalf Dehn Drawings.  Item number: 1252.    US$25.00
204.    Pickvance, Ronald Van Gogh in Arles.  Item number: 1253.    US$30.00
205.    Haak, Bob Rembrandt, His Life, His Work, His Time.  Item number: 1254.    US$100.00
206.    Langui, Emiel Frits van den Berghe 1883-1939, Der Mensch und Sein Werk.  Item number: 1255.    US$100.00
207.    Duppen, Leo, Interview Fon Klement.  Item number: 1256.    US$55.00
208.    Bikker, Jonathan Willem Drost, A Rembrandt Pupil in Amsterdam and Venice.  Item number: 1257.    US$80.00
209.    Joos, Erwin Eugeen van Mieghem, 1875-1940, An Artist of the People - 2 Volumes, Slipcased.  Item number: 1258.    US$110.00
210.    Hammacher, A. M. Genius and Diasaster, The Ten Creative Years of Vincent Van Gogh.  Item number: 1259.    US$70.00
211.    van der Wolk, Johannes, et al. Vincent van Gogh - 2 Volumes, Slipcased.  Item number: 1260.    US$75.00
212.    Jensen, Oliver America's Yesterdays, Images of Our Lost Past Discovered in the Photographic Archives of the Library of Congress.  Item number: 1261.    US$26.50
213.    Cockerell, Sydney, Introduction and Legends Old Testament Miniatures, A Medieval Picture Book with 283 Painting from The Creation to The Story of David.  Item number: 1262.    US$45.00
214.    Fielder, John, Photography and Text Colorado's Hidden Valleys.  Item number: 1263.    US$30.00
215.    Clucas, Philip Britain, This Beautiful Land.  Item number: 1264.    US$27.50
216.    Ceram, C. W.; Translated from the German by E. B. Garside God, Graves & Scholars, The Story of Archaeology.  Item number: 1265.    US$10.00
217.    Beebe, Lucius, and Charles Clegg; Original Drawings by E. S. Hammack Hear the Horn Blow, A Pictorial Epic of America in the Railroad Age.  Item number: 1266.    US$18.50
218.    Brooks, Van Wyck, and Otto L. Bettman Our Literary Heritage, A Pictorial History of the Writer in America.  Item number: 1267.    US$15.00
219.    Burmeister, Walter F. Appalachian Waters - 5 Volume Set.  Item number: 1269.    US$100.00
220.    Almgren, Bertil, Chief Contributor The Viking.  Item number: 1270.    US$35.00
221.    Reed, John The Hudson River Valley.  Item number: 1271.    US$20.00
222.    Sturluson, Snorri; Translated by Erling Monsen From the Sagas of the Norse Kings.  Item number: 1272.    US$30.00
223.    Graham-Campbell, James The Viking World.  Item number: 1274.    US$25.00
224.    Nawrath, Alfred, et al. Norway.  Item number: 1275.    US$30.00
225.    Graham-Campbell, James ; and Kidd, Dafydd The Viking.  Item number: 1277.    US$30.00
226.    Walton, George H. Sentinel of the Plains:Fort Leavenworth and the American West: Fort Leavenworth and the American West.  Item number: 1278.    US$12.50
227.    Magnusson, Magnus The Vikings.  Item number: 1279.    US$30.00
228.    Damm, Arner, and Carl Just Look at Norway.  Item number: 1280.    US$30.00
229.    Jeal, Tim Explorers of the Nile : The Triumph and the Tragedy of a Great Victorian Adventure.  Item number: 1281.    US$18.50
230.    Sandler, Martin W. American Image, Photographing One Hundred Ffifty Years in the Life of a Nation.  Item number: 1282.    US$25.00
231.    Ballantine, Betty, Text by An American Celebration, The Art of Charles Wysocki.  Item number: 1283.    US$27.50
232.    Duncan, David Douglas Yankee Nomad, a photographic odyssey.  Item number: 1284.    US$25.00
233.    Various The New Yorker Album of Drawings 1925-1975.  Item number: 1285.    US$35.00
234.    Andrews, Wayne Architecture in New England, A Photographic History.  Item number: 1286.    US$28.50
235.    Wilmerding, John, Text by Andrew Wyeth, The Helga Pictures.  Item number: 1289.    US$35.00
236.    Farrar, Emmie Ferguson Old Virginia Houses Along the James.  Item number: 1290.    US$20.00
237.    Wysocky, Ken, et al., Editors This Old Barn.  Item number: 1291.    US$16.00
238.    Smith, J. Frazer; Illustrated by the Author White Pillars, Early Life and Architecture of the Lower Mississippi Valley Country.  Item number: 1292.    US$16.50
239.    Cunningham, Lawrence, Text; Dennis Stock, Photography St. Francis of Assisi.  Item number: 1293.    US$15.00
240.    Falorp, Nelson P.; Photographs by David Plowden Cape May to Montauk.  Item number: 1295.    US$16.50
241.    De Tolnay, Charles, et al. The complete work of Michelangelo.  Item number: 1296.    US$55.00
242.    Martignette, Charles G. and Louis K. Meisel The Great Ameican Pin-Up.  Item number: 1297.    US$30.00
243.    Bacon, Edward, editor The Great Archaeologists and Their Discoveries as Originall Reported in the Pages of the Illustrated London News.  Item number: 1298.    US$25.00
244.    Curtis, Elizabeth Gibbon Gateways and Doorways of Charleston, South Carolina, in the Eighteenth and the Nineteenth Centuries.  Item number: 1299.    US$22.50
245.    Nevill, Ralph Memoirs of Monsieur D'Artagnan, Captain-Lieutenant of the 1st Company of the King's Musketeers, Part II.  Item number: 1326.    US$25.00
246.    Bryant, William Cullen Poetical Works of William Cullen BrYant (Household Edition).  Item number: 1327.    US$20.00
247.    Chambers, Robert W. The Firing Line.  Item number: 1328.    US$10.00
248.    Judson, Alexander Corbin Seventeenth-Century Lyrics, Edited with Short Biographies, Bibliographies, and Notes.  Item number: 1329.    US$20.00
249.    Hope, Anthony Chronicles of Count Antonio.  Item number: 1330.    US$12.50
250.    Conrad, Joseph Chance, A Tale in Two Parts.  Item number: 1331.    US$15.00

4131 items found
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