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401.    Bihl, Josef K. In Deutschen Landen.  Item number: 7662.    US$11.50
402.    Bikker, Jonathan Willem Drost, A Rembrandt Pupil in Amsterdam and Venice.  Item number: 1257.    US$80.00
403.    Bill Brent, Photographs' Text by Carol Beggy Boston, an extended family.  Item number: 2321.    US$21.50
404.    Bill Robinson The Great American Yacht Designers.  Item number: 2846.    US$16.50
405.    Billard, Jules B., Editor Ancient Egypt, Discovering its Splendors.  Item number: 6962.    US$24.00
406.    bin Gorion, Micha Josef Die Sagen der Juden, Die Erzvater (The Sagas of the Jews, the Patriarch).  Item number: 8056.    US$40.00
407.    Binns, Charles F The Potter's Craft, A Practical Guide for the Studio and Workshop.  Item number: 7641.    US$18.00
408.    Bird, Harrison March to Saratoga, General Burgoyne and the American Campaign, 1777.  Item number: 1833.    US$10.00
409.    Birdsall, Ralph Fenimore Cooper's Grave and Christ Churchyard.  Item number: 8481.    US$22.50
410.    Birdsall, Steve Log of the Liberators: An Illustrated History of the B-24.  Item number: 8581.    US$18.50
411.    Birkhead, Edith The Tale of Terror, A Study of the Gothic Romance.  Item number: 8508.    US$30.00
412.    Bishop, Edward Their Finest Hour, The Story of the Battle of Britain, 1940.  Item number: 6640.    US$10.00
413.    Bishop, Elizabeth, Editor and Translator The Diary of Helena Morley.  Item number: 9121.    US$16.50
414.    Bishop, George Victor John Wayne, the Actor, the Man.  Item number: 8700.    US$14.50
415.    Bishop, Robert, et al. Quilts, Coverlets, Rugs & Samplers.  Item number: 6857.    US$10.00
416.    Bisland, Elizabeth The Life and Letters of Lafcadio Hearn - 2 Volumes.  Item number: 3707.    US$45.00
417.    Bjorn, Thyra Ferre This Is My Life.  Item number: 2489.    US$10.00
418.    Black, George F., Compiler Ethiopica & Amharica, A List of Works in the New York Public Library.  Item number: 2266.    US$30.00
419.    Black, Hugh; F. Berkeley Smith, Illuminations Friendship.  Item number: 7885.    US$15.00
420.    Black, Peter James McNeill Whistler, Selected Works from the Hunterian Art Gallery.  Item number: 7780.    US$24.50
421.    Blackburn, Coburn, Colter, Foreman, Foster, Patterson, Pierce Western Story Annual 1948.  Item number: 1552.    US$14.00
422.    Blackburn, Roderic H., and Ruth Piwonka, et al. Remembrance of Patria, Dutch Art and Culture in Colonial America.  Item number: 2754.    US$70.00
423.    Blacklock, Craig The Lake Superior Images.  Item number: 3326.    US$30.00
424.    Blackman, Raymond V, B., Editor Jane's Fighting Ships 1971-72.  Item number: 6801.    US$50.00
425.    Blackman, Raymond V. B., Editor Jane's Fighting Ships 1972-73.  Item number: 6802.    US$40.00
426.    Blackman, Raymond V. B., Editor Jane's Fighting Ships 1969-70.  Item number: 6799.    US$50.00
427.    Blackman, Raymond V.B., Editor Jane's Fighting Ships 1967-1968.  Item number: 6800.    US$55.00
428.    Blake, Robert Disraeli.  Item number: 3018.    US$15.00
429.    Blake, Robin Essential Modern Art.  Item number: 1649.    US$16.50
430.    Bland, Alexander Fonteyn and Nureyev, The story of a partnership.  Item number: 6816.    US$14.50
431.    Bland, J. O. P. China, Japan and Korea.  Item number: 9026.    US$16.50
432.    Bland, William The Forms of Ships and Boats, Hints Experimentall Derived on Some of the Principles Regulating Ship-Building.  Item number: 7538.    US$36.50
433.    Blanshard, Frances; edited by Brand Blanshard Frank Aydelotte of Swarthmore.  Item number: 6666.    US$10.00
434.    Bleackley, Horace Ladies Fair and Frail, Sketches of the Demi-Monde, During the Eighteenth Century.  Item number: 8413.    US$14.00
435.    Blindheim, John Tindale, Translation; Original woodcuts by Hans Gerhard Sorensen Vinland the Good, The Saga of Leif Eriksson and the Viking Discovery of America.  Item number: 6973.    US$10.00
436.    Blish, Carolyn, with Elise Maclay Drawing Closer, The Paintings and Reflections of Caroline Blish.  Item number: 8326.    US$28.50
437.    Bloch, A. M. The Up-to-date German, French and Spanish Self-Instructor.  Item number: 2405.    US$12.50
438.    Bloem, Walter Das eiserne Jahr.  Item number: 4802.    US$22.00
439.    Blondel, Elisabeth May, Editor McCall Needlework, Knitting Crocheting.  Item number: 7184.    US$10.00
440.    Blood, William W. Apostle of Reason: A Biography of Joseph Krauskopf.  Item number: 8780.    US$24.50
441.    Bloodgood, Fred L. The Quiet Hour.  Item number: 9117.    US$27.50
442.    Blow, Ditmar Blow by Blow, the Story of isabella Blow.  Item number: 6747.    US$10.00
443.    Bluebeard: The Life and Crimes of Gilles De Rais Wolf, Leonard.  Item number: 7717.    US$12.50
444.    Blum, Howard The Brigade: An Epic Story of Vengence, Salvation, and World War II.  Item number: 9162.    US$12.50
445.    Blum, Stella, Editor Ackermann's Costume Plates: Women's Fashions in England, 1818-1828.  Item number: 7860.    US$16.50
446.    Blythe, LeGette Mountain Doctor.  Item number: 2488.    US$12.50
447.    Board of Home Missions Home Missions in the Mother Synod.  Item number: 2988.    US$7.50
448.    Boardman, John, Editor The Oxford History of Classical Art.  Item number: 1682.    US$35.00
449.    Bob Hamilton, illustrated by Erwin I. Hess Gene Autry and the Redwood Pirates.  Item number: 1359.    US$9.50
450.    Bob Latford 50 Years of NASCAR.  Item number: 6502.    US$13.50

3911 items found
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