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351.    Beitel, Herbert M.; Enck, Vance C Cape May County: A Pictorial History.  Item number: 2067.    US$34.50
352.    Belanger, Jerome D. The Homesteader's Handbook to Raising Small Livestock.  Item number: 6741.    US$15.00
353.    Belfer, Arthur and Rochelle Exemplary Lessons Initiative.  Item number: 8900.    US$10.00
354.    Bell, Henry Glassford Life of Mary Queen of Scots - 2 Volumes.  Item number: 8890.    US$26.50
355.    Bellamy Partridge The Roosevelt Family in America, an Imperial Saga.  Item number: 6411.    US$16.50
356.    Bellamy, Francis Rufus Blood Money, The Story of the U.S. Treasury Secret Agents.  Item number: 9189.    US$15.00
357.    Bellrose, Frank Chapman Ducks, Geese and Swans of North America.  Item number: 7563.    US$12.50
358.    Benchley, Robert, Forword by The Fourth New Yorker Album.  Item number: 6702.    US$16.50
359.    Bender, Franz, Illustrierte Geschichte der Stadt Koln.  Item number: 9244.    US$20.00
360.    Benedict Lust The Fountain of Youth, Life Prolongation by the Blood Washing Water Cure.  Item number: 6490.    US$20.00
361.    Benedictine Monks of St. Augustine's Abbey The Book of Saints, A Dictionary of Servants of God.  Item number: 6738.    US$15.90
362.    Bennett, Charles E., and Donald R. Lennon A Quest for Glory, Major General Robert Howe and the American Revolution.  Item number: 1831.    US$12.50
363.    Bennett, Estelline Old Deadwood Days, The Real West of My Childhood.  Item number: 8646.    US$10.50
364.    Bennett, Matthew, Editor Dictionary of Ancient & Medieval Warfare.  Item number: 8552.    US$12.50
365.    Benson, Richard; Yale University A Yale Album: The Third Century.  Item number: 9099.    US$21.50
366.    Bentley, Phyllis Quorum.  Item number: 1456.    US$14.00
367.    Bentmann, Reinhard; Lickes, Heinrich; O. Ordish, Translator European Palaces.  Item number: 7796.    US$18.50
368.    Bentwich, Norman Hellenism.  Item number: 8043.    US$25.00
369.    Beny, Roloff Odyssey: Mirror of the Mediterranean..  Item number: 2099.    US$18.50
370.    Berenson, Bernhard The Study and Criticism of Italian Art.  Item number: 2369.    US$40.00
371.    Bergen, Tunis G., et al Year Book of the Holland Society of New York 1908, Fifth Albany Book.  Item number: 7694.    US$55.00
372.    Berger, Carl B29, the Superfortress.  Item number: 6641.    US$12.50
373.    Berger, Carl, Revised Edition by Broadsides & Bayonets, The Propaganda War of the American Revolution.  Item number: 1853.    US$14.00
374.    Berger, John The Moment of Cubism and Other Essays.  Item number: 8153.    US$25.00
375.    Berger, Solomon The Jewish Commonwealth of Zborow.  Item number: 8939.    US$30.00
376.    Bergman, Charles Orion's Legacy: A Cultural History of Man As Hunter.  Item number: 7650.    US$13.50
377.    Berlin, Ira Many Thousands Gone: The First Two Centuries of Slavery in North America.  Item number: 9163.    US$15.00
378.    Berlitz Turkish English Dictionary.  Item number: 6734.    US$10.00
379.    Berlitz Staff Latin-American Spanish for Travellers.  Item number: 2073.    US$10.00
380.    Berman, Myron Richmond's Jewry, 1769-1976: Shabbat in Shockoe.  Item number: 8899.    US$22.50
381.    Bernal, Ignacio; Translated by Doris Heyden and Fernando Horeasitas The Olmec World.  Item number: 6898.    US$14.50
382.    Bernard, Bruce, editor, et al. Century.  Item number: 3528.    US$50.00
383.    Bernikow, Louise Abel.  Item number: 8630.    US$12.50
384.    Berr, Helene; Translated by David Bellos The Journal of Helene Berrr.  Item number: 1137.    US$12.00
385.    Berry, Erick, Illustrated by the Author Honey on the Nile.  Item number: 4667.    US$12.00
386.    Berthoud, Roger The Life of Henry Moore.  Item number: 8172.    US$15.50
387.    Berton Roueche, Editor Curiosities of Medicine, An Assembly of Medical Diversion 1552-1962.  Item number: 2881.    US$18.50
388.    Berube, Claude G A Call to the Sea: Captain Charles Stewart of the USS Constitution.  Item number: 2078.    US$13.50
389.    Besant, Annie The Immediate Future.  Item number: 6879.    US$12.00
390.    Beschloss, Michael R. May-Day, Eisenhower, Khruschev and the U-2 Affair.  Item number: 1128.    US$10.50
391.    Beth Coombe Harris The Invincible Refugees.  Item number: 4077.    US$18.50
392.    Bettenson, Henry, Editor Documents of the Christian Church.  Item number: 7652.    US$9.00
393.    Betz, Frederick Die Schildburger, Ihre Weisheit und gross Torheit.  Item number: 4681.    US$25.00
394.    Beubner, Lugwig Attische Feste, Mit 40 Tafeln.  Item number: 8180.    US$40.00
395.    Beynon, J. W. H., and Alex Fisher The Cairn Terrier.  Item number: 7671.    US$13.50
396.    Bezic, Sandra; Hayes, David The Passion to Skate: An Intimate View of Figure Skating.  Item number: 9804.    US$14.50
397.    Bhattacharya, Bhabani He Who Rides a Tiger.  Item number: 1370.    US$18.50
398.    Bidwell, Shelford, Editor Hitler's Generals and Their Battles.  Item number: 8593.    US$21.50
399.    Bier, Robert Planning the Home Vegetable Garden, Growing Early Plants, Cornell Reading Course for the Farm Lessons 145.  Item number: 7238.    US$15.00
400.    Bierce, Ambrose; McCann, William, Editor Ambrose Bierce's Civil War.  Item number: 7844.    US$13.50

3920 items found
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