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251.    Arnold, Matthew Literature and Dogma, An Essay Towards a Better Appreciation of the Bible.  Item number: 2987.    US$21.00
252.    Arnold, Peter Bulbs in Bloom.  Item number: 3178.    US$21.50
253.    Arnould, Joseph The Lives of the Chief Justices of England, Vol. VI.  Item number: 7607.    US$26.50
254.    Aron, Paul Unsolved Mysteries of American History: An Eye-Opening Journey through 500 Years of Discoveries, Disappearances, and Baf.  Item number: 1958.    US$10.00
255.    Arons, Harry Techniques of Speed Hypnosis.  Item number: 1976.    US$21.50
256.    Arrowsmith, Alexandra and Thomas West, Editors Two Lives, Georgia O'Keeffe & Alfred Stieglitz, A Conversation in Paintings and Photographs.  Item number: 2312.    US$50.00
257.    Art Beltrone; Lee Beltrone A Wartime Log: A Remembrance From Home Through The American Y.M.C.A..  Item number: 2452.    US$12.50
258.    Arterburn, Stephen, and Fred Stoeker Every Woman's Desire, Every Man's Guide to Winning the Heart of a Woman.  Item number: 2035.    US$13.00
259.    Arthur, Frederick John Merridew, A Romance.  Item number: 4787.    US$35.00
260.    Artman, William, and L. V. Hall Beauties and Achievements of the Blind.  Item number: 7616.    US$30.00
261.    Asbury, Herbert The Gangs of New York: An Informal History of the Underworld.  Item number: 9031.    US$13.50
262.    Asch, Sholom; Translation by Isaac Goldberg Uncle Moses.  Item number: 4356.    US$100.00
263.    Asimov, Isaac The Intelligent Man's Guide to Science, 2 Volumes.  Item number: 3499.    US$27.50
264.    Associated Press Front Page, Major Events of the 20th Century, Selected by the Associated Press.  Item number: 1694.    US$16.50
265.    Associated Press Writers amd Photographers World War II, A 50th Anniversary History.  Item number: 1696.    US$20.00
266.    Astor, Gerald Wings of Gold: The U.S. Naval Air Campaign in World War II.  Item number: 3320.    US$20.00
267.    Athearn, Robert G. Forts of the Upper Missouri.  Item number: 8535.    US$28.50
268.    Auchincloss, Louis, Editor The Hone & Strong Diaries of Old Manhattan.  Item number: 8317.    US$30.00
269.    Audubon, John James, and Bachman, John; Edited by Victon Cahalane The Imperial Collection of Audubon Animals, The Quadrupeds of North America.  Item number: 2947.    US$35.00
270.    Automobile Association Wildlife in Britain, A Guide to Natural Habitats, Safari Parks and Zoos.  Item number: 1715.    US$15.00
271.    Automobile Legal Association Automobile Green Book 1929-1930, Road Reference and Tourists' Guide of States East of Mississippi River, Eastern Ontario.  Item number: 2298.    US$35.00
272.    Averley, G., et al. Eighteenth-Century British Books, A Subject Catalog extacted from the British Museum General Catalog of Printed Books- 4.  Item number: 6867.    US$95.00
273.    Axtell, James Beyound 1492, Encounters in Colonial North America.  Item number: 3646.    US$9.50
274.    Aziz, Philippe; Translated by Edouard Bizub and Philip Haentzler Doctors of Death, Volume One and Two.  Item number: 8854.    US$25.00
275.    B&O RR Co. The Baltimore and Ohio railroad Company, Central Region, Cumberland Division, Timetable NO. 2..  Item number: 7127.    US$22.50
276.    Babbitt, Bruce, Compiled by Grand Canyon, An Anthology.  Item number: 8131.    US$25.00
277.    Bach, J. S.; Frank Damrosch, Editor Mass in B Minor for Soli, Chorus and Orchestra, Vocal Score.  Item number: 1348.    US$13.50
278.    Bacon, Barbara, Photographs by E. J. Cyr Come Along with us, Girl Scouting in a Big Little Town.  Item number: 3739.    US$32.50
279.    Bacon, Edward, editor The Great Archaeologists and Their Discoveries as Originall Reported in the Pages of the Illustrated London News.  Item number: 1298.    US$25.00
280.    Bacon, Roy; Kerr, Ian; Chorlton, Denis; Fleury, Richard Harley-Davidson.  Item number: 9125.    US$16.50
281.    Bader, Barbers American Picturebooks from Noahs Ark to the Beast Within.  Item number: 1982.    US$18.50
282.    Bagg, Ernest Newton, History and Photos Springfield (Massachuetts) Old and New.  Item number: 7066.    US$15.00
283.    Bahti, Tom Southwestern Indian Tribes.  Item number: 7819.    US$13.50
284.    Baibakov, Nikolai From Stalin to Yeltsin.  Item number: 7511.    US$40.00
285.    Bailey, Colin B., et al. The Annenberg Collection: Masterpieces of Impressionism and Post Impressionism.  Item number: 8462.    US$23.50
286.    Bailey, Colin B.; Conisbee, Philip; Gaehtgens, Thomas W. The Age of Watteau, Chardin, and Fragonard: Masterpieces of French Genre Painting.  Item number: 1884.    US$39.50
287.    Bailey, Jane Wulf, Editor What's Past Is Prologue, The Wicomico County Centennial 1867-1967.  Item number: 2808.    US$30.00
288.    Bailey, Suzanne Essential History of American Art.  Item number: 2562.    US$16.50
289.    Bailyn, Bernard The Peopling of British North America, An Introduction.  Item number: 8146.    US$16.00
290.    Bainton, Roland H. The Church of Our Fathers.  Item number: 0800.    US$10.00
291.    Bainton, Roland H. The Church of Our Fathers.  Item number: 6971.    US$10.00
292.    Bainton, Roland H; Marshall B. Davidson, Editor The Horizon History of Christianity.  Item number: 1058.    US$20.00
293.    Bakal, Carl The Right to Bear Arms.  Item number: 1818.    US$14.50
294.    Baker, Alan The Gladiator: The Secret History of Rome's Warrior Slaves.  Item number: 8569.    US$12.50
295.    Baker, Benjamin S. Special Occasions in the Black Church.  Item number: 7705.    US$15.00
296.    Baker, Leonard John Marshall: A Life in Law.  Item number: 2951.    US$13.50
297.    Balano, James W., Camden, Maine, U.S.A.: 1979 Log of the Skippers Wife.  Item number: 9214.    US$11.50
298.    Baldwin, Joseph G. The Flush Times of Alabama and Mississippi, A Series of Sketches.  Item number: 1876.    US$12.50
299.    Baldwin, William P., Editor Carolina Plantations: Lost Photographs from the Historic American Buildings Survey.  Item number: 8588.    US$31.50
300.    Baleyte, Jean, et. al. Economic and Legal Dicitionary , English/French.  Item number: 1924.    US$30.00

4119 items found
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