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151.    Ahmad, Mabel L Sound and Number, the Law of Destiny and Design.  Item number: 8954.    US$49.50
152.    Aimone, Katherine Duncan The Art of Jewelry, Polymer Clay: Techniques, Projects, Inspiration.  Item number: 8859.    US$11.25
153.    Akunin, Boris, Translated by Andrew Bromfield The Winter Queen.  Item number: 4700.    US$18.00
154.    Alain Alain's Steeplechase.  Item number: 6709.    US$13.50
155.    Alain-Fournier, Trans. by Francoise Delisle, Illust. by Dignimont The Wanderer, Le Grand Meaulnes.  Item number: 4236.    US$18.00
156.    Alan Adelson and Robert Lapides, Eds. and Comp. Lodz Ghetto, Inside a Community Under Seige.  Item number: 6621.    US$11.25
157.    Albert D. Belden Pax Christi, a New Policy for Christendom Today.  Item number: 3079.    US$10.35
158.    Albert Schweitzer J. S. Bach, 2 vols.  Item number: 6161.    US$27.00
159.    Albertson, Charles C Gems of Truth and Beauty Selected from The Sermons and Addresses of Talmage, Beecher, Moody, Spurgeon, Guthrie and Parke.  Item number: 8967.    US$16.65
160.    Albion, robert Greenhalgh; Maps prepared by Girard L. McEntree Introduction to Military History, the Century Historical Series.  Item number: 6677.    US$13.50
161.    Alden, Joseph Naaman and Elisha; or The Nobleman's Visit to the Prophet.  Item number: 6352.    US$36.00
162.    Alden, Karl R. The City of God, Conversations on the Doctrines of New Church.  Item number: 2283.    US$18.00
163.    Alderton, David Top Cats, Top Breeds in Detail.  Item number: 8330.    US$23.85
164.    Aldred, Cyril; Albert Shoucair, Photographer Jewels of the Pharaohs, Egyptian Jewelry of the Dynastic Period.  Item number: 8342.    US$8.10
165.    Aldrich, Thomas Bailey Marjorie Daw and Other People.  Item number: 4775.    US$13.50
166.    Alendander, Jonathan, and Paul Binski, Editors Age of Chivalry, Art in Plantagenet England 1200-1400.  Item number: 6988.    US$45.00
167.    Alexander Black; Photography by Simon McBride Living in Cuba.  Item number: 6817.    US$19.35
168.    Alexander Graham Bell Address upon the Condition of Articulation Teaching in American School for the Deaf.  Item number: 7014.    US$13.50
169.    Alexander Schure, ed. R-C/R-L Time Constant, Electronic Technolony Series No 166.  Item number: 6431.    US$7.20
170.    Alexander, Bevin Robert E. Lee's Civil War.  Item number: 2315.    US$16.65
171.    Alexeev, Wassilij, and Theoganis G. Stavrou The Great Revival, The Russian Church Under German Occupation.  Item number: 6844.    US$31.50
172.    Alexis de Tocqueville Democracy in America.  Item number: 3109.    US$43.20
173.    Alfred Doblin, edited by Edgar Passler, trans. by Edna McCown Destiny's Journey.  Item number: 6549.    US$10.35
174.    Alfred Duggan He Died Old: Mithradates Eupator, King of Pontus.  Item number: 3032.    US$12.60
175.    Alison, Archibald History of Europe from the Fall of Napoleon to the Accession of Louis Napoleon, Vol. I.  Item number: 2170.    US$36.00
176.    Allen, Durward L. Wolves of Minong, Their Vital Role in a Wild Community.  Item number: 6968.    US$13.50
177.    Allen, Grant The Story of the Plants.  Item number: 8840.    US$10.80
178.    Allen, Paul; Revised by Archibald M'Vickar History of the Expedition Under the Command of Captains Lewis and Clarke to the Sources of the Missouri, Thence Across t.  Item number: 8865.    US$41.85
179.    Allen, Thomas B.; Sam Abell, Phtography The Blue and the Gray.  Item number: 8332.    US$11.25
180.    Allison, Marvin J. and Enrique Gerszten A History of the American Holocaust.  Item number: 8897.    US$32.85
181.    Almgren, Bertil, Chief Contributor The Viking.  Item number: 1270.    US$31.50
182.    Alon, Azaria The Natural History of the Land of the Bible.  Item number: 8613.    US$20.25
183.    Alonzo Thomas Dill George Wythe, Teacher of Liberty.  Item number: 2843.    US$38.25
184.    Alpatov, M. W., Text; Commentaries by Olga Dacenko Art Trasures of Russia.  Item number: 8248.    US$40.05
185.    Alt, Otmar Otmar Alt, with Six Original Graphics.  Item number: 1164.    US$72.00
186.    Alter, Judith Women of the Old West.  Item number: 7762.    US$8.55
187.    Altholz, Joseph, Editor The Mind and Art of Victorian England.  Item number: 9048.    US$20.25
188.    Ambrose, Stephen E. Crazy Horse and Custer: The Parallel Lives of Two American Warriors.  Item number: 7756.    US$8.10
189.    Ambrose, Stephen E. Jr The Victors: Eisenhower and His Boys: The Men of World War II.  Item number: 7512.    US$11.25
190.    Amedee Guillemin The Sun.  Item number: 6382.    US$11.25
191.    American Pharmaceutical Association TheNational Formulary, Eighth Edition.  Item number: 3418.    US$16.65
192.    Amin, Mohamed; Duncan Willetts; Brian Tetley Journey Through Kenya.  Item number: 1712.    US$24.75
193.    Amory, Cleveland, and Federic Bradlee Vanity Fair, A Cavalcade of the 1920's and 1930's.  Item number: 1294.    US$13.50
194.    Amos B. Wells Prayer Meeting Methods.  Item number: 3161.    US$9.00
195.    Amy Oakley, illustrated by Thornton Oakley Our Pennsylvania, Keys to the Keystone State.  Item number: 6391.    US$30.60
196.    Anastasia, George The Summer Wind: Thomas Capano and the Murder of Anne Marie Fahey.  Item number: 7596.    US$10.35
197.    Anders, James M., with John H. Musser A Text-Book of the Practice of Medicine.  Item number: 3008.    US$23.85
198.    Andersen, Liselotte Baroque and Rococo Art.  Item number: 7812.    US$14.85
199.    Anderson, C. G. An Introduction to Bacteriological Chemistry.  Item number: 3561.    US$27.00
200.    Anderson, Earl Robert The Merchant Marine and World Frontiers.  Item number: 3810.    US$11.25

3907 items found
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