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501.    ALEXANDER, Karin & KABOYAKGOSI, Gape (Edited by) A Fine Balance. Assessing the Quality of Governance in Botswana.  Item number: 71467.    US$20.00
502.    DERBY, Constance A Fine Cabinet Photograph of Lady Constance Derby By Brown, Barnes and Bell of Liverpool, Ca. 1905, SIGNED By Constance DERBY.  Item number: 75635.    US$150.00
503.    ELLIOTT & FRY A Fine Cabinet Portrait Photograph of Noted Artist John Everett MILLAIS. R.A., D. C. L. , Ca. 1880.  Item number: 75661.    US$165.00
504.    SPALDING, Frederick A Fine Carte De Visite Photograph of Brigadier Gen. Sir Evelyn Wood.  Item number: 76489.    US$50.00
505.    CHUBB, Ralph Nicholas (1892-1960) A Fine Early Original Charcoal and Pencil Self-Portrait Drawing, Heightened with White, Depicting the Artist as an Intense Youth with a Flowing Seemingly Electrified Hairstyle. Signed R N Chubb, 1923..  Item number: 50371.    US$10,500.00
506.    WASHINGTON NATIONAL MONUMENT SOCIETY A Fine Engraved Certicicate of Donation, Signed and Dated January 26th 1856.  Item number: 75348.    US$600.00
507.    HACKENSCHMIDT, George A Fine Photographic Postcard , Full Figure in a Characteristic Strongman Pose, SIGNED in Full By Hackenschmidt, Ca.1914.  Item number: 76454.    US$950.00
508.    PLOTZ, Jane A Fine Sepia Photograph of Noted South African Author Hedley Chilvers, Approx. 280 x 150mm, Ca. 1930.  Item number: 75362.    US$200.00
509.    YOUNG, Mark D. A Firm Resolve - A History of S.A.A. Accidents 1934-1987.  Item number: 68768.    US$50.00
510.    RALSTON, Anthony A First Course in Numerical Analysis.  Item number: 62650.    US$25.00
511.    BROWN, Roger A First Language. The Early Stages..  Item number: 48701.    US$35.00
512.    BERGER, K; CRAFFORD, J.E.; GAIGHER, I; GAIGHER, M.J.; HAHN, N.; MACDONALD, I. (Edited by) A First Synthesis of the Environmental, Biological & Cultural Assets of the Soutpansberg. Workshop Held at the Lajuma Mountain Retreat 9-10 May 2003.  Item number: 70059.    US$40.00
513.    RITZ, Charles A Fly Fisher's Life. The Art and Mechanics of Fly Fishing.  Item number: 73323.    US$50.00
514.    GLADSTONE, Herbert (ELLIOTT & FRY) A Folded Sheet of Paper Bearing Original Photographs of Viscount and Viscountess Gladstone, in a Thin Card Outer Wrapper Bearing Their Monogram and the Text (in gold) With Best Wishes from the Governor General and Viscou.  Item number: 47212.    US$85.00
515.    OPPERT, Ernest A Forbidden Land. Voyages to the Corea, with an Account of Its Geography, History, Productions and Commercial Capabilities, &c., &c..  Item number: 13724.    US$675.00
516.    CHURCH OF ENGLAND A Form of Prayer to be Used in All Churches and Chapels Throughout England, Wales and the Town of Berwick Upon Tweed Upon Wednesday the Seventh of March Next, Being the Day Appointed By Proclamation for a General Fast, a.  Item number: 25119.    US$95.00
517.    ASH, Michael and Irene (Compiled by) A Formulary of Cosmetic Preparations.  Item number: 72727.    US$100.00
518.    DOS SANTOS, Nuna Beja Valdez Thomaz A Fortaleza De S. Miguel.  Item number: 60007.    US$100.00
519.    MEER, Ismail A Fortunate Man..  Item number: 64524.    US$30.00
520.    CARSTENS, Jack A Fortune Through My Fingers.  Item number: 64461.    US$35.00
521.    CARSTENS, Jack A Fortune Through My Fingers,.  Item number: 52327.    US$20.00
522.    BURR, Malcolm A Fossicker in Angola.  Item number: 52842.    US$75.00
523.    TENNENT, James Emerson (1804-1869) A Four Page Autograph Letter, Signed and Dated Ap.18th (no Year, Presumed Ca. 1845/50).  Item number: 70439.    US$175.00
524.    THEAL, George McCall A Fragment of Basuto History 1854 to 1871.  Item number: 30629.    US$675.00
525.    JARDINE, Alexander Johnstone A Fragment of Church History at the Cape of Good Hope.  Item number: 61613.    US$40.00
526.    CARTLAND, Barbara A Frame of Dreams.  Item number: 58406.    US$15.00
527.    BROOKNER, Anita A Friend from England.  Item number: 69102.    US$30.00
528.    CARTLAND, Barbara A Fugitive from Love.  Item number: 58402.    US$15.00
529.    MATTENKLODT, Wilhelm A Fugitive in South-West Africa, 1908 to 1920..  Item number: 62552.    US$75.00
530.    KARMILOFF-SMITH, Annette A Functional Approach to Child Language. A Study of Determiners and Reference..  Item number: 50688.    US$40.00
531.    VENIARD, John A Further Guide to Fly Dressing.  Item number: 73322.    US$50.00
532.    ELGAR, Edward A Future for English Music and Other Lectures..  Item number: 47802.    US$75.00
533.    FRASER, Michael, Illustrated by Liz McMahon A Fynbos Year.  Item number: 19460.    US$35.00
534.    CARTLAND, Barbara A Gamble with Hearts.  Item number: 58462.    US$15.00
535.    GRAHAM, James (Pseudonym Jack HIGGINS) A Game for Heroes.  Item number: 42606.    US$350.00
536.    GRAHAM, James (Pseud. Jack HIGGINS) A Game for Heroes.  Item number: 33796.    US$325.00
537.    PERCIVAL A.Blayney A Game Ranger On Safari.  Item number: 75515.    US$150.00
538.    PEACOCK, E.H. A Game-book for Burma & Adjoining Territories. The Types, Distribution and Habits of Large and Small Game, Together with Notes on Game Preservation, Photography, Tracking, Still-Hunting and the Care and Measurement of Tr.  Item number: 31521.    US$200.00
539.    OATES, Joyce Carol A Garden of Earthly Delights.  Item number: 62981.    US$100.00
540.    YATES, Ruby W. A Garland for Ashes The Story of S. Monica's Home.  Item number: 62434.    US$20.00
541.    BROWN, James Ambrose A Gathering of Eagles - The Campaigns of the South African Air Force in Italian East Africa June 1940 - Nvember 1941 with an Introduction 1912- 1939 (South African Forces World War II Volume II).  Item number: 67616.    US$75.00
542.    BRADLEY, Richard A General Treatise of Husbandry and Gardening. Containing Such Observations and Experiments as are New and Useful For the Improvement of Land. With an Account of Such Extraordinary Inventions, and Natural Productions, as.  Item number: 31894.    US$1,350.00
543.    PULTENEY, Richard A General View of the Writings of Linnaeus.  Item number: 35096.    US$575.00
544.    CARTLAND, Barbara A Gentleman in Love.  Item number: 58455.    US$15.00
545.    BOND, G.W. A Geochemical Survey of the Underground Water Supplies of the Union of South Africa with Particular Reference to Their Utilisation in Power Production and Industry..  Item number: 72856.    US$100.00
546.    MENTZEL, O.F. (Translated By MANDELBROTE, H.J.) A Geographical and Topographical Description of the Cape of Good Hope.  Item number: 45151.    US$280.00
547.    VAN ZIJL, J.S.V. A Geological Geophysical Investigation of the Albert Silver Mine North of Bronkhorstspruit Transvaal.  Item number: 63049.    US$50.00
548.    ROBERTS, Cecil. A Ghost of Venice.  Item number: 1211.    US$250.00
549.    MILANI, Milena A Girl Called Jules.  Item number: 56185.    US$20.00
550.    LARKIN, Philip A Girl in Winter.  Item number: 59688.    US$4,000.00

Over 9000 Items found
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