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1901.    AMBLER, Eric Passage of Arms.  Item number: 3421.    US$50.00
1902.    AMBLER, Eric The Mask of Dimitrios.  Item number: 36838.    US$65.00
1903.    AMBLER, Eric Judgment on Deltchev.  Item number: 70732.    US$125.00
1904.    AMBLER, Eric The Story So Far. Memories and Other Fictions.  Item number: 70785.    US$20.00
1905.    AMBLER, Eric The Mask of Dimitrios.  Item number: 78362.    US$50.00
1906.    AMBLER, Eric Cause for Alarm.  Item number: 12706.    US$45.00
1907.    AMBLER, Eric Here Lies Eric Ambler.  Item number: 57020.    US$40.00
1908.    AMBLER, Eric The Light of Day.  Item number: 2775.    US$30.00
1909.    AMBLER, Eric (Introduction Michael GILBERT) The Mask of Dimitrios.  Item number: 57950.    US$45.00
1910.    AMBLER, Eric. The Nightcomers.  Item number: 1395.    US$45.00
1911.    AMBLER, G. Gifford Zoolyricks.  Item number: 43362.    US$20.00
1912.    AMBROSE, A.J. (Edited by) Jane's Merchant Shipping Review; First year of issue..  Item number: 66101.    US$25.00
1913.    AMBROSE, Alice & LAZEROWITZ, Morris Fundamentals of Symbolic Logic.  Item number: 45725.    US$35.00
1914.    AMBROSE, David The Guide to Lesotho.  Item number: 46851.    US$30.00
1915.    AMBROSE, David The Man Who Turned unto himself.  Item number: 4678.    US$75.00
1916.    AMBROSE, David Maseru an Illustrated History..  Item number: 34247.    US$40.00
1917.    AMBROSE, Kay Classical Dances And Costumes Of India.  Item number: 6061.    US$35.00
1918.    AMBROSE, Kay & HASKELL, Arnold L. Balletomane's Sketch-book.  Item number: 39575.    US$65.00
1919.    AMER, Henry (and Numerous Other Authors) Hommage a Albert Camus 1913-1960 (La Nouvelle Revue Francaise #87).  Item number: 52568.    US$25.00
1920.    AMERICAN ASSOCIATION FOR THE ASVANCEMENT OF SCIENCE Apartheid medicine: Health and human rights in South Africa : a report to American Association for the Advancement of Science.  Item number: 74141.    US$30.00
1921.    AMERICAN ECONOMIC ASSOCIATION Readings in Monetary Theory.  Item number: 13320.    US$25.00
1922.    AMERICAN ECONOMIC ASSOCIATION Readings in the Theory of International Trade.  Item number: 13321.    US$25.00
1923.    AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF GRAPHIC ARTS Symbol Signs.Thge System of passenger/pedestrian Symbols.  Item number: 24636.    US$45.00
1924.    American Society for African Culture A Pan Africansm Reconsidered.  Item number: 11823.    US$40.00
1925.    AMERINGER, Will (Introduction by) David Smith. Sprays from Bolton Landing.  Item number: 57668.    US$30.00
1926.    AMERY, Colin Period Houses and Their Details.  Item number: 39616.    US$220.00
1927.    AMERY, L.S. The Washington Loan Agreements. A Critical Study of American Foreign Economic Policy..  Item number: 36212.    US$50.00
1928.    AMERY, L.S. The Washington Loan Agreements. A Critical Study of American Foreign Policy.  Item number: 39096.    US$30.00
1929.    AMERY, L.S. The Empire in the New Era: Speeches Delivered during an Empire Tour 1927- 1928.  Item number: 74177.    US$30.00
1930.    AMERY, L.S. Thought and Language.  Item number: 78316.    US$15.00
1931.    AMERY, L.S. South Africa and the Empire. Four Speeches Delivered By the Right Honourable L.S.Amery, Secretary of State for Dominion Affairs, During His Visit to South Africa, August-September 1927.  Item number: 28111.    US$40.00
1932.    AMES Evelyn. A Glimpse of Eden..  Item number: 106.    US$30.00
1933.    AMES, Clyde Bang the Doll Slowly.  Item number: 60881.    US$25.00
1934.    AMES, Delano The Man in the Tricorn Hat.  Item number: 13924.    US$40.00
1935.    AMES, Delano The Man with Three Chins.  Item number: 43599.    US$40.00
1936.    AMES, Delano Crime, Gentlemen, Please..  Item number: 61245.    US$150.00
1937.    AMES, Delano The Man With The Jaguars.  Item number: 2187.    US$45.00
1938.    AMES, Delano Murder Begins At Home.  Item number: 3461.    US$125.00
1939.    AMES, Delano She Shall Have Murder..  Item number: 45086.    US$50.00
1940.    AMES, Jennifer Cruise.  Item number: 54912.    US$30.00
1941.    AMHERST A Large Vellum Document Relating to This Family.  Item number: 25538.    US$85.00
1942.    AMICHAI, Yehuda A Life of Poetry 1948 - 1994.  Item number: 23061.    US$30.00
1943.    AMIEL, L Chagall In Jerusalem.  Item number: 9572.    US$125.00
1944.    AMIEL, Leon (Introduction by) Chagall in Jerusalem..  Item number: 43506.    US$125.00
1945.    AMIES A Large Vellum Document Relating to This Family.  Item number: 25539.    US$85.00
1946.    AMIET, A. (And others) Sous Le Soleil d'Afrique. Annuaire De La Mission Suisse Dans L'Afrique Du Sud. 1933.  Item number: 75962.    US$45.00
1947.    AMIET, A; JUNOD, H.-A. And Others Cinquante Ans Apres 1875-1925.  Item number: 44360.    US$65.00
1948.    AMIN, Mohamed Pilgrimage to Mecca.  Item number: 74401.    US$40.00
1949.    AMIN, Mohamed & WiILLETS, Duncan & TETLEY, Brian Journey Through Kenya.  Item number: 1929.    US$50.00
1950.    AMIN, Mohamed & WILLETTS, Duncan & TETLEY, Brian The Roof of the World.  Item number: 10945.    US$40.00

Over 9000 Items found
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