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1651.    AYRTON, Maxwell & SILCOCK, Arnold Wrought iron And its decorative Use.  Item number: 7580.    US$350.00
1652.    AYTON, Richard & DANIELL, William A Voyage Round Great Britain, Undertaken in the Summer of the Year 1813, and Commencing from the Land's-End, Cornwall,.  Item number: 74188.    US$200.00
1653.    AZADI, Siawosch & ANDREWS, Peter A. Mafrash. Gewebte Transporttaschen als textile Bilder des Orients - Arbeiten der Schahsawan und anderer Stämme Persiens. Woven transport packs as an art from among the Shahsevan and other nomads in Persia..  Item number: 59213.    US$125.00
1654.    AZADI, Siawosch & BESIM, Adil Teppiche in Der Belutsch Tradition / Carpets in the Baluch Tradition.  Item number: 59264.    US$80.00
1655.    AZADI, Siawosch U; KERIMOV, Latif; ZOLLINGER, Werner Azerbaijani-Caucasian Rugs.  Item number: 59276.    US$125.00
1656.    AZAM, Jean Paul Trade, Exchange Rate, and Growth in Sub-Saharan Africa.  Item number: 67283.    US$30.00
1657.    AZEVEDO, Carlos De Baroque Organ-Cases of Portugal..  Item number: 58852.    US$30.00
1658.    AZHAYEV, Vasili Far from Moscow.  Item number: 49665.    US$40.00
1659.    AZIZ, Ahmerd Khalil An Investigation in to the the Factors Governing the Persistence of Urdu as a Minority Language in South Africa.  Item number: 72746.    US$60.00
1660.    AZIZ, M.A. Japan's Colonialism and Indonesia.  Item number: 48255.    US$75.00
1661.    AZORES Arquivo Dos Acores VOLUME XV.  Item number: 69819.    US$75.00
1662.    AZRAEL Wisdom for the New Age. Teachings of the Great White Brotherhood.  Item number: 54645.    US$35.00
1663.    B., P. Karel Verlat Eeuwfeest-Album 1824 - 1924.  Item number: 63031.    US$25.00
1664.    B., W. B. (Edited by) Memoir of the Rev. William Shaw, Late General Superintendent o f the Wesleyan Missions in South-Eastern Africa.  Item number: 75149.    US$125.00
1665.    BAA, Theodore M. (Prepared by) Year Book of the Holland Society of New York 1898..  Item number: 52816.    US$50.00
1666.    BAARD, E Dagga Stone Pipes in the Collection of the National Museum Researches of the National Museum Vol. 2 Part 7).  Item number: 14469.    US$50.00
1667.    BABB, James (Introduction by) The White House Library. A Short-Title List..  Item number: 49512.    US$40.00
1668.    BABCOCK & WILCOX Forged Steel Water-tube Marine Boilers.  Item number: 64231.    US$60.00
1669.    BABE, Jerome L. The South African Diamond Fields..  Item number: 65959.    US$120.00
1670.    BABEL, Isaac The Collected Stories of Isaac Babel..  Item number: 472.    US$65.00
1671.    BABENIA, Natoo Memoirs of a Saboteur. Reflections on My Political Activity in India and South Africa..  Item number: 60019.    US$25.00
1672.    BABINGTON, Anthony The Power to Silence. A History of Punishment in Britain..  Item number: 57118.    US$20.00
1673.    BABINGTON, Anthony For the Sake of Example Capital Courts Martial 1914 1920.  Item number: 74259.    US$35.00
1674.    BABKIN, B.P. Pavlov A Biography.  Item number: 52873.    US$25.00
1675.    BABLET, Denis Edward Gordon Craig.  Item number: 66884.    US$20.00
1676.    BACCHIOCCHI, Samuele From Sabbath to Sunday : A Historical Investigation of the Rise of Sunday Observance in Early Christianity.  Item number: 68060.    US$30.00
1677.    BACH, C.P.E. Essay on the True Art of Playing Keyboard Instruments.  Item number: 56995.    US$20.00
1678.    BACH, Daniel C. La France et l'Afrique du Sud: Histoire, mythes et enjeux Contemporains.  Item number: 60518.    US$50.00
1679.    BACH, J. S. Brandenburg Concertos No.1 In F; No.2 In F.  Item number: 73370.    US$10.00
1680.    BACH, J. S. Brandenburg Concerto No.3 In G.  Item number: 73371.    US$10.00
1681.    BACH, J. S. Brandenburg Concerto No.4 In G.  Item number: 73372.    US$10.00
1682.    BACH, J. S. Brandenburg Concerto No.5 In D.  Item number: 73373.    US$10.00
1683.    BACH, J. S. Die Kunst Der Fuge The Art of the Fugue L'art De La Fuge.  Item number: 73348.    US$10.00
1684.    BACH, J. S. Suite No. 1 c Major.  Item number: 73349.    US$10.00
1685.    BACH, J. S. Suite No. 3 D Major.  Item number: 73350.    US$10.00
1686.    BACH, J. S. Suite No. D Major.  Item number: 73351.    US$10.00
1687.    BACH, J. S. Brandenburgisches Konzert No 6.  Item number: 73352.    US$10.00
1688.    BACH, J.S. Brandenburg Concerto 4.  Item number: 51686.    US$10.00
1689.    BACH, J.S. Das Wohltemperierte Klavier Band 1 AND Band II.  Item number: 74772.    US$20.00
1690.    BACH, Johan Sebastian Sechs Partiten, Nach Dem Originaldruck Von 1731 Herausgegeben Von Rudolf STEGLICH; Fingersatz Von Hans-Martin THEOPOLD..  Item number: 51798.    US$30.00
1691.    BACH, Johan Sebastian Franzosische Suiten, Nach Dem Eigenschrift Und Abschriften Aus Bachs Familien Und Schulerkreis Von Rudolf STEGLICH; Fingersatz Von Hans-Martin THEOPOLD..  Item number: 51799.    US$20.00
1692.    BACH, Johann Sebastian Piano Concerto in D Minor.  Item number: 51711.    US$10.00
1693.    BACH, Johann Sebastian Brandenburg Concerto 3.  Item number: 51712.    US$10.00
1694.    BACH, Johann Sebastian Brandenburg Concerto 1.  Item number: 51713.    US$10.00
1695.    BACH, Johann Sebastian Brandenburg Concerto 6.  Item number: 51714.    US$10.00
1696.    BACH, Johann Sebastian Brandenburg Concerto 2.  Item number: 51715.    US$10.00
1697.    BACH, Johann Sebastian (Revised and Annotated By Ferruccio B. BUSONI) The Well Tempered Clavichord VOL.1.  Item number: 69045.    US$40.00
1698.    BACH, Richard Jonathan Livingston Seemeeu.  Item number: 52996.    US$50.00
1699.    BACH, S.J. The Metabolism of Protein Constituents of the Mammalian Body.  Item number: 50362.    US$25.00
1700.    BACHER, Wilhelm Tradition und Tradenten in den Schulen Palästinas und Babyloniens. Studien und Materialien zur Entstehungsgeschichte des Talmuds..  Item number: 63316.    US$100.00

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