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1651.    ALFIERI, Benno; CUMBERFORD, Robert; LOVETTI, Valentina Chris Bangle BMW Global Design.  Item number: 75563.    US$45.00
1652.    ALFIERI, Bruno (Edited by) ZODIAC 8: International Magazine of Contemporary Architecture / Revue Internationale D'architecture Contemporaine / Revista Internazionale D'architectura Contemporanea / Internationale Zeitschrift Fur Moderne Architektur.  Item number: 33776.    US$75.00
1653.    ALFIERI, Bruno (Edited by) ZODIAC 9: International Magazine of Contemporary Architecture / Revue Internationale D'architecture Contemporaine / Revista Internazionale D'architectura Contemporanea / Internationale Zeitschrift Fur Moderne Architektur.  Item number: 50731.    US$75.00
1654.    ALFORD, Charles J. Geological Features of the Transvaal, South Africa.  Item number: 70901.    US$350.00
1655.    ALFORD, Henry S.L. & SWORD, W. Dennistoun The Egyptian Soudan, Its Loss and Recovery.  Item number: 71428.    US$150.00
1656.    ALFORD, Robert R. & FRIEDLAND, Roger Powers of Theory. Capitalism, the State, and Democracy..  Item number: 54489.    US$35.00
1657.    ALFORD, Violet Pyrenean Festivals. Calendar Customs, Music and Magic, Drama and Dance.  Item number: 38260.    US$85.00
1658.    ALFRED HERBERT LIMITED Abridged Catalogue of MacHine Tools No.46.  Item number: 36192.    US$30.00
1659.    ALFRED, Mike Life in the Suburbs. Poems..  Item number: 77933.    US$30.00
1660.    ALFRED, Mike Poetic Licence.  Item number: 77934.    US$30.00
1661.    ALGER, Raymond S. Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Techniques and Applications.  Item number: 72265.    US$30.00
1662.    ALGIONBY, John, Orteur A Gleam from the Golden Shore.  Item number: 11833.    US$40.00
1663.    ALGOUD, Henri Meubeles Et Ensebles Provencaux.  Item number: 5323.    US$25.00
1664.    ALGREN, Nelson Notes From A Sea Diary: Hemingway All The Way.  Item number: 4604.    US$25.00
1665.    ALGREN, Nelson The Neon Wilderness.  Item number: 47629.    US$30.00
1666.    ALGREN, Nelson A Walk on The Wild Side.  Item number: 3176.    US$100.00
1667.    ALHAIQUE, Claudio & ZEPPEGNO, Luciano (And Others) Italian Builders.  Item number: 29169.    US$50.00
1668.    ALI, Tariq The Clash Of Fundamentalisms: Crusades, Jihads and Modernity.  Item number: 71644.    US$40.00
1669.    ALI-SAMI (Translated By R. SHARP) Perepolis (Takht-i-Jamshid).  Item number: 69835.    US$25.00
1670.    ALIGHIERI, Dante (Translated Henry Francis CARY) The Vision: Or Hell, Purgatory, and Paradise of Dante Alighieri. Authors Corrected Edition.  Item number: 64308.    US$65.00
1671.    ALINARI (???) ROMA: 60 Original Photographs.  Item number: 14328.    US$500.00
1672.    ALINGTON, C.A. Blackmail in Blankshire.  Item number: 28911.    US$65.00
1673.    ALINGTON, Cyril More Eton Fables.  Item number: 13630.    US$30.00
1674.    ALKIE An Alcoholic's Story.  Item number: 43455.    US$85.00
1675.    ALLAGOA, L.. (Edited by) Nigeria. A Quarterly Magazine . No. 100.  Item number: 56470.    US$15.00
1676.    ALLAN, Cecil J. Titans of the Track. L.M.S. No. 2.  Item number: 15813.    US$12.00
1677.    ALLAN, Cecil J. Titans of the Track. Great Western Railway. A Miscellany of GWR Photographs from the Cameras of H.C.Casserley, M.W.Earley, N.F.Ingram, H.M.Madgwick.  Item number: 15816.    US$12.00
1678.    ALLAN, Cecil J. Titans of the Track. Great Western Railway..  Item number: 15817.    US$12.00
1679.    ALLAN, Cecil J. Titans of the Track. London and North Eastern Railway No. 2.  Item number: 15819.    US$12.00
1680.    ALLAN, Ian Locovariety.  Item number: 15831.    US$15.00
1681.    ALLAN, Ian Locollection.  Item number: 15832.    US$15.00
1682.    ALLAN, Ian (Edited by) Titans of the Track. London and North Eastern Railway.  Item number: 15818.    US$12.00
1683.    ALLAN, Ian (edited by) Titans of the Track. London Midland and Scottish Railway.  Item number: 15814.    US$12.00
1684.    ALLAN, Ian (edited by) Titans of the Track. Southern Railway No. 2.  Item number: 15815.    US$12.00
1685.    ALLAN, J.K. & KNOX, J. Economic Geology Of The Fife Coalfields Area II- Cowdenbeath and Central Fife, Including Fordell, Lochgelly, Cadham, and Kirkcaldy.  Item number: 76699.    US$40.00
1686.    ALLAN, Kevin; GOTZ, Greme; JOSEPH, Carmel Johannesburg:An African City In Change.  Item number: 72286.    US$30.00
1687.    ALLAN, Mea The Tradescants. Their Plants, Gardens and Museum 1570-1662.  Item number: 60334.    US$50.00
1688.    ALLAN, Mea The Tradescants : Their plants Gardens And Museum 1570-1662.  Item number: 7090.    US$85.00
1689.    ALLAN, Mea Palgrave of Arabia. The Life of William Gifford Palgrave 1826 - 88.  Item number: 13883.    US$20.00
1690.    ALLAN, R.K. Rolling Bearings. A Comprehensive Treatise Covering History, Theory, Design and the Practical Application and Use of Ball and Roller Bearings..  Item number: 33446.    US$40.00
1691.    ALLAN, Roy & Clarissa The Essential German Shepherd Dog.  Item number: 58185.    US$20.00
1692.    ALLAN, W. The African Husbandman.  Item number: 36613.    US$75.00
1693.    ALLAN< John; MATTINGLEY, Harold; ROBINSON, E.S.G. (Edited by) The Numismatic Chronicle and Journal of the Royal Numismatic Society 1946 Parts I-II.  Item number: 59483.    US$25.00
1694.    ALLAND, Alexander Jacob A RIIS Photographer and Citizen.  Item number: 10824.    US$75.00
1695.    ALLAND, Alexander (Introduction By Pearl BUCK) American Counterpoint.  Item number: 35690.    US$100.00
1696.    ALLANE, Lee Chinese Rugs. A Buyer's Guide..  Item number: 59271.    US$30.00
1697.    ALLANSON, Sue; PARKES, Margaret; WILLIAMS, Vicky (Edited by) More Memories of Knysna.  Item number: 61568.    US$40.00
1698.    ALLARD, Mary Rug Making: Techniques and Design.  Item number: 78186.    US$20.00
1699.    ALLARD, Paul; STOKES, Ian A.F.; BLANCHI, Jean-Pierre Three Dimensional Analysis of Human Movement..  Item number: 51967.    US$50.00
1700.    ALLARDYCE, W.L. The Story of the Falkland Islands. Being an Account of Their Discovery and Early History 1500-1842.  Item number: 51263.    US$65.00

Over 9000 Items found
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