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1501.    ALBERRO, Alexander & NORVELL, Patricia (Edited BY) Recording Conceptual Art: Early Interviews with Barry, Huebler, Kaltenbach, LeWitt, Morris, Oppenheim, Siegelaub, Smithson, and Weiner by Patricia Norvell.  Item number: 73634.    US$30.00
1502.    ALBERT, Henri; GIDE, Andre; HEROLD, A. Ferdinand; LEBEY, Andre; LOUYS, Pierre; DE REGNIER, Henri De; DE TINAN, Jean, Ill Le Centaure: Recueil Trimestrial De Litterature et d'Art VOL.II.  Item number: 19053.    US$575.00
1503.    ALBERT, Lionel (Compiled by) Some of the Jewish Men and Women Who Contributed to the History of Auckland 1840-1982..  Item number: 47294.    US$85.00
1504.    ALBERT, Mark Eccentric Muscle Training in Sports and Orthopaedics.  Item number: 75903.    US$50.00
1505.    ALBERT, Marvin The Midnight Sister.  Item number: 11955.    US$30.00
1506.    ALBERT, Marvin H. The Dark Godess.  Item number: 1897.    US$25.00
1507.    ALBERT, Marvin. The Gargoyle Conspiracy..  Item number: 536.    US$40.00
1508.    ALBERTI, Rafael Selected Poems.  Item number: 4601.    US$35.00
1509.    ALBERTON Alberton. Die Gees Van Vooruitgang / the Spirit of Progress. Golden Anniversary 1904-1954.  Item number: 61320.    US$40.00
1510.    ALBERTS, Andries Swart Weerlig. Ware Verhale En Lewensbeskrywinge, Plus Drie Legendes Uit Angola En Namibie.  Item number: 37926.    US$40.00
1511.    ALBERTS, Bruce; JOHNSON, Alexander; LEWIS, Julian; RAFF, Martin; ROBERTS, Keith; WALTER, Peter Molecular Biology of the Cell.  Item number: 58914.    US$125.00
1512.    ALBERTS, Louw & CHIKANE, Frank (Edited by) `The Road to Rustenburg: The Church Looking Forward to a New South Africa.  Item number: 78048.    US$20.00
1513.    ALBERTS, Paul South African Military Buildings Photographed.  Item number: 22943.    US$75.00
1514.    ALBERTS, Paul The Borders of Apartheid.  Item number: 27060.    US$375.00
1515.    ALBERTS, Paul The Borders of Apartheid.  Item number: 68399.    US$300.00
1516.    ALBERTS, Paul & GIBBS, George Children of the Flats.  Item number: 58994.    US$100.00
1517.    ALBERTUS MAGNUS (Translated By Virginia HEINES) Libellus De Alchimia, Ascribed to Albertus Magnus.  Item number: 47313.    US$150.00
1518.    ALBERTUS, Frater Alchemist's Handbook (Manual for Practical Laboratory Alchemy).  Item number: 63090.    US$20.00
1519.    ALBERTYN, A.P.J. Die Ensiklopedie Van Name in Suidwes-Afrika.  Item number: 31847.    US$90.00
1520.    ALBERTYN, Chris & McCANN, Mike Alcohol, Employment and Fair Labour Practice.  Item number: 55425.    US$35.00
1521.    ALBERTYN, J.R.; DU TOIT, P.; THERON, H.B. Kerk En Stad. Verslag Van Die Kommissie Van Ondersoek Van Die Gefedereerde N.G. Kerke Na Kerklike En Godsdienstige Toestande in Die Nege Stede Van Die Unie Van Suid Afrika.  Item number: 78012.    US$50.00
1522.    ALBERY, Peter & READ, Sylvia (Edited by) Here and Now Miscellany No.4.  Item number: 41784.    US$30.00
1523.    ALBRIGHT, David; BERKHOUT, Frans; WALKER, William World Inventory of Plutonium and Highly Enriched Uranium 1992.  Item number: 55548.    US$30.00
1524.    ALCALAY, Reuben The Complete English-Hebrew Dictionary (AND) the Complete Hebrew-English Dictionary.  Item number: 42691.    US$100.00
1525.    ALCIPHRON; AELIAN; PHILOSTRATUS The Letters.  Item number: 64849.    US$20.00
1526.    ALCOCK, A. A Naturalist in Indian Seas or Four Years with the Royal Indian Marine Survey Ship Investigator.  Item number: 77674.    US$250.00
1527.    ALCOCK, F. Bower Powers of Attorney.  Item number: 42471.    US$65.00
1528.    ALCOCK, Leslie Arthur's Britain History and Archaeology AD 367 - 634.  Item number: 21304.    US$30.00
1529.    ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS Alkoholiste Anoniem: Program Vir Die Rehabilitasie Van Alkoholiste En Hor Die Broederskap Werk.  Item number: 10759.    US$250.00
1530.    ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS Alcoholics Anonymous The Story of How Many Thousands of Men and Women Have Recovered From Alcoholism.  Item number: 77548.    US$600.00
1531.    ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS Alcoholics Anonymous.  Item number: 71289.    US$300.00
1532.    ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions.  Item number: 68528.    US$400.00
1533.    ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS Alcoholics Anonymous The Story of Hoe Many Thousands of Men and Women Have Recovered from Alcoholism.  Item number: 68529.    US$125.00
1534.    ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS Alkoholiste Anoniem: Program Vir Die Rehabilitasie Van Alkoholiste En Hoe Die Broederskap Werk.  Item number: 68216.    US$350.00
1535.    ALCOTT, Louisa M. Rose in Bloom.  Item number: 51093.    US$20.00
1536.    ALCOTT, Louisa M. Eight Cousins.  Item number: 51094.    US$20.00
1537.    ALCOTT, Louisa M. Jack and Jill.  Item number: 51095.    US$20.00
1538.    ALCOTT, Louisa, M Little Women.  Item number: 10639.    US$25.00
1539.    ALCUINUS, Flaccus Albinus (translated by) The Book of Jasher, One of the Sacred Books of the Bible. Long Lost or Undiscovered. Now Offered in Photographic Reproduction of the Version By Alcuin.  Item number: 49200.    US$135.00
1540.    ALCUINUS, Flaccus Albinus (translated by) The Book of Jasher, with Testimonies and Notes.  Item number: 21229.    US$25.00
1541.    ALDCROFT, Derek H (Editor) The Development of British Industry and Foreign Competition 1875-1914.  Item number: 27209.    US$35.00
1542.    ALDEN, Chris Mozambique and the Constructio of the New African State. From Negotiations to Nation Building.  Item number: 57072.    US$75.00
1543.    ALDEN, Chris & HIRANO, Katsumi (Edited by) Japan and South Africa in a Globalising World . A Distant Mirror..  Item number: 68256.    US$60.00
1544.    ALDEN, Henry J. C. Alden's Guide to Oxford.  Item number: 52703.    US$20.00
1545.    ALDEN, John D. THE AMERICAN STEEL NAVY - A Photographic History of the U.S. Navy from the Introduction of the Steel Hull in 1883 to the Cruise of the Great White Fleet, 1907-1909.  Item number: 59616.    US$125.00
1546.    ALDEN, Peter C.; ESTES, Richard D.; SCHLITTER, Duane; McBRIDE, Bunny Collins Guide to African Wildlife..  Item number: 68011.    US$30.00
1547.    ALDER, James Antique Art on the Northern Black Sea Coast Architecture Sculpture Painting Applied Arts.  Item number: 77821.    US$50.00
1548.    ALDER, Vera Stanley The Finding of the Third Eye.  Item number: 45306.    US$50.00
1549.    ALDER, Vera Stanley The Finding of the Third Eye.  Item number: 62439.    US$20.00
1550.    ALDERMAN, H.M. Old-World Villages of the Isle of Wight.  Item number: 36178.    US$20.00

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