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1451.    AITCHISON, Jean The Articulate Mammal. An Introduction to Psycholinguistics.  Item number: 14816.    US$20.00
1452.    AITKEN, J.B. Automatic Weaving.  Item number: 78202.    US$50.00
1453.    AITKEN, R.D. Who is My Neighbour? The Story of a Mission Hospital in South Africa.  Item number: 39853.    US$50.00
1454.    AITKEN, R.D. & GALE, G.W. Botanical Survey of Natal and Zululand.  Item number: 16098.    US$30.00
1455.    AJAR, Emile Momo.  Item number: 30866.    US$40.00
1456.    AJAYI, Omofolabo Yoruba Dance. The Semiotics of Movement and Body Attitude in a Nigerian Culture..  Item number: 48011.    US$30.00
1457.    AJS MOTORCYCLES A.J.S. Motorcycles 1934.  Item number: 78219.    US$75.00
1458.    AKDIKMEN, Resuhi Langenscheidt's Standard Turkish Dictionary. Turkish-English English- Turkish.  Item number: 36491.    US$20.00
1459.    AKED, Charles F. Who Was Right? The Annual Sermon Our Cowardly War. Preached on Peace Sunday December 22nd 1901.  Item number: 74680.    US$100.00
1460.    AKEHURST, Richard Game Guns and Rifles: Percussion to Hammerless Ejector in Britain.  Item number: 77963.    US$30.00
1461.    AKELY, Mary Congo Eden.  Item number: 11835.    US$30.00
1462.    AKENSIDE, Mark The Poetical Works of Mark Akenside..  Item number: 40614.    US$100.00
1463.    AKERMAN, Anthony Dark Outsider.  Item number: 66796.    US$20.00
1464.    AKERS, Mary (Edited by) Encyclopaedia Rhodesia.  Item number: 48584.    US$50.00
1465.    AKHILANANDA, Swami Mental Health and Hindu Psychology.  Item number: 34567.    US$30.00
1466.    AKHILANANDA, Swami Mental Health and Hindu Psychology.  Item number: 31385.    US$30.00
1467.    AKHMATOVA, Anna The Complete Poems.  Item number: 23066.    US$250.00
1468.    AKHOUN, Noor L' Ile de la Reunion, Terre Magique.  Item number: 65391.    US$25.00
1469.    AKINARI, Ueda Ugetsu Monagatari. Tales of Moonlight and Rain.  Item number: 48964.    US$50.00
1470.    AKINJOGBIN, I. A. Dahomey and Its Neighbours 1708 - 1818.  Item number: 65623.    US$75.00
1471.    AKINSEMOYIN, 'Kunle (Edited by) Nigeria. A Quarterly Magazine . No. 97.  Item number: 56468.    US$15.00
1472.    AKINYEMI, A.B (ed) Nigeria and the World, Readings in Nigerian Foreign Policy.  Item number: 11830.    US$30.00
1473.    AKPAN, N.U. The Struggle for Secession 1966-1970. A Pesonal Account of the Nigerian Civil War.  Item number: 32710.    US$40.00
1474.    AKRIGG, G.P.V. Jacobean Pageant. The Court of King James I.  Item number: 42545.    US$40.00
1475.    AKRILL, Caroline Showing the Ridden Pony.  Item number: 54124.    US$25.00
1476.    AKURGAL, Ekrem Ancient Civilizations and Ruins of Turkey. From Prehistoric Times to the End of the Roman Empire..  Item number: 16648.    US$40.00
1477.    AKURGAL, Hirmer The Art Of The Hittites.  Item number: 2918.    US$120.00
1478.    AL KHALIFA, Hamad Bin Isa First Light. Modern Bahrain and Its Heritage..  Item number: 62771.    US$40.00
1479.    AL-AKKAD, Abbas Mahmoud The Arab's Impact on European Civilisation.  Item number: 32596.    US$20.00
1480.    AL-BAYATI, Basil Basil Al-Bayati Architect.  Item number: 32886.    US$50.00
1481.    Al-BAYATI, Basil Basil Al-Bayati. Architect..  Item number: 58831.    US$45.00
1482.    AL-HIJI, Yacoub The Voyage Of Al-Ghazeer.  Item number: 6463.    US$45.00
1483.    AL-HIJJI, Yacoub The Voyage of Al-Ghazeer.  Item number: 45174.    US$30.00
1484.    Al-LAWATY, Malallah Bin Ali Habib (Compiled by) Papers Submitted at the International Seminar on the Silk Roads, Held at Sultan Qaboos University, Muscat, Sultanate of Oman, 20-21 November 1990.  Item number: 27510.    US$45.00
1485.    AL-NAKAWA, Israel Ibn (Edited H G ENELOW) Menorat Ha-maor PART II.  Item number: 39285.    US$50.00
1486.    AL-SAYYID, Afaf Lutfi Egypt and Cromer. A Study in Anglo Egyptian Relations.  Item number: 14184.    US$30.00
1487.    ALABONE, Edward The Cure Of Consumption, Asthma, Bronchitis, And Other Diseases Of The Chest.  Item number: 78617.    US$30.00
1488.    ALAGOA, E.J. King Boy of Brass.  Item number: 44725.    US$30.00
1489.    ALAGOA, Ebiegberi , Joe The Small Brave City-State a History of Nembe - Brass in the Niger Delta.  Item number: 11375.    US$35.00
1490.    ALAIN-FOURNIER The Wanderer (Le Grand Meaulnes).  Item number: 64677.    US$50.00
1491.    ALAMGIR, Mohiuddin & ARORA, Poonam Providing Food Security for All..  Item number: 46765.    US$30.00
1492.    ALAN, B. The Great Britain and Commonwealth Catalogue of Great British Errors.  Item number: 66563.    US$25.00
1493.    ALARCON, Pedro Antoniono The Three Cornered Hat.  Item number: 22486.    US$30.00
1494.    ALATAS, Syed Farid Democracy and Authoritarianism in Indonesia and Malaysia. The Rise of the Post-Colonial State..  Item number: 33102.    US$75.00
1495.    ALBANESE, Marilia Ancient India from the Origins to the XIII Century A D.  Item number: 71043.    US$100.00
1496.    ALBANY, Prince Michael of The Forgotten Monarchy of Scotland. The True Story of the House of Stewart and the Hidden Lineage of the Kings and Queens of Scots..  Item number: 39367.    US$50.00
1497.    ALBEE, Edward Who's Afraid Of Virginia Woolf-: Original Broadway Cast LP Recording.  Item number: 72001.    US$65.00
1498.    ALBEE, Edward The Play: The Ballad of the Sad Cafe, Carson McCullers' Novella Adapted to the Stage.  Item number: 13921.    US$40.00
1499.    ALBEE, Edward Box (and) Quotations from Chairman Mao Tse-tung.  Item number: 60341.    US$25.00
1500.    ALBEE, Edward. The Ballad of the Sad Cafe..  Item number: 225.    US$35.00

Over 9000 Items found
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