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1451.    AUCTION CATALOGUE Catalogue of the Highly Important Toulouse-Philidor Collection of Manuscript and Printed Music and Other Valuable Manuscripts and Printed Books.  Item number: 72386.    US$30.00
1452.    AUCTION CATALOGUE Catalogue of Fine Oriental Manuscripts and Miniatures Containing the Property of A. R. J. Chapman.....22nd May 23rd May 1930.  Item number: 71578.    US$45.00
1453.    AUCTION CATALOGUE Catalogue of The Mr. And Mrs. Jack R. Dick Collection of English Sporting and Conversation Paintings Part Three.  Item number: 71730.    US$35.00
1454.    AUCTION CATALOGUE Catalogue of Important Oriental Ceramics, Archaic Bronzes and Works of Art. 4th November 1969.  Item number: 71731.    US$30.00
1455.    AUCTION CATALOGUE Catalogue of Fine Chinese Hardstone Carvings,Ceramics, Archaic Bronzes and Works of Art. 16th December 1969.  Item number: 71732.    US$30.00
1456.    AUCTION CATALOGUE Catalogue of Fine Chinese Jade Carvings, Ceramics, and Works of Art. 20th / 21st October 1969.  Item number: 71733.    US$30.00
1457.    AUCTION CATALOGUE Catalogue of Fine Chinese Ceramics, Jades and Works of Art. 11th March 1969.  Item number: 71734.    US$30.00
1458.    AUCTION CATALOGUE Catalogue of Chinese Jade Carvings, Ceramics and Works of Art 1st July 1969of Art. 11th March 1969.  Item number: 71735.    US$30.00
1459.    AUCTION CATALOGUE Catalogue of Chinese Snuff Bottles 28th October 1969.  Item number: 71736.    US$30.00
1460.    AUCTION CATALOGUE Catalogue of Oriental Ceramics and Works of Art 13th May 1969.  Item number: 71737.    US$30.00
1461.    AUCTION CATALOGUE Catalogue of a Collection of Fine Netsuke and Japanese Works of Art 17th July 1969.  Item number: 71738.    US$30.00
1462.    AUCTION CATALOGUE Catalogue of Fine Japanese Lacquer, Inro, Netsuke and Works of Art 6th May 1969.  Item number: 71739.    US$30.00
1463.    AUCTION CATALOGUE Catalogue of Ballet and Theatre Material. The Property of Madame Mila Barsacq, of PAris / Anton Dolin / The late Serge Grigoriev / The Estate of the late Sol Hurok / The Estate of the Late Baroness von Wrangell //Thursda.  Item number: 71740.    US$30.00
1464.    AUCTION CATALOGUE Important Chinese Jades, Ceramics and Works of Art Monday November 3 1969.  Item number: 71741.    US$30.00
1465.    AUCTION CATALOGUE The Peony Pavilion Collection: Chinese Tea Ceramics for Japan (c. 1580 - 1650) Monday 12 June 1989.  Item number: 71513.    US$175.00
1466.    AUCTION CATALOGUE Legends in Time, Formula One Memorabilia and Art, to Include the Complete Collection of Alan Stammers' Original Works. Monday 20 March 2006.  Item number: 73854.    US$30.00
1467.    AUCTION CATALOGUE The Clarendon Coin Collection PART ONE.  Item number: 73855.    US$30.00
1468.    AUCTION CATALOGUE Christie's Clocks, Barometers and Watches: South Kensington Wednesday, 29 April 1998.  Item number: 75752.    US$20.00
1469.    AUCTION CATALOGUE Christie's Important Wrist and Pocketwatches: London Wednesday, 18 March 1998.  Item number: 75753.    US$20.00
1470.    AUCTION CATALOGUE Fine Watches and Wristwatches. 26 June 1997.  Item number: 75754.    US$20.00
1471.    AUCTION CATALOGUE The Important Jewelry Collection of Madame Ganna Walska.  Item number: 75069.    US$25.00
1472.    AUCTION CATALOGUE From Elegant Mansions: Fine Classical Chinese Furniture and Works of Art. 16 September 1998.  Item number: 69599.    US$40.00
1473.    AUCTION CATALOGUE The Imperial Sale Yuanmingyuan Hong Kong 30 April 2000.  Item number: 69618.    US$135.00
1474.    AUCTION CATALOGUE Paintings, Watercolors, Bronzes, Illustrated Letters, Books and Ephemer by Charles Marion Russell The Collection of Fred A. Rosenstock, Denver.  Item number: 68208.    US$30.00
1475.    AUCTION CATALOGUE Catalogue of Pre Columbian, American Indian, Oceanic and African Art 23rd July 1979.  Item number: 24230.    US$20.00
1476.    AUCTION CATALOGUE Asian Contemporary Art (AND) Chinese 20th Century Art - Evening Sale Hong Kong 30/11/2008.  Item number: 70924.    US$40.00
1477.    AUCTION CATALOGUE Collection Brian et Diane Leyden, Art Bete et Senufo, Paris 5 Decembre 2007.  Item number: 70870.    US$45.00
1478.    AUCTION CATALOGUE The Bredenhof Bullion. 542 Silver Bars, Most Stamped with VOC Markings, Salvaged This Year from the Wreck of the Bredenhof, Which Went Down in 1753 in the Mozambique Channel..  Item number: 70287.    US$200.00
1479.    AUCTION CATALOGUE Fine Chinese Classical Paintings & Calligraphy 30 October 1994.  Item number: 70377.    US$30.00
1480.    AUCTION CATALOGUE Fine 19th and 20th Century Chinese Paintings 30 October 1994.  Item number: 70379.    US$30.00
1481.    AUCTION CATALOGUE The China Trade Sale. Chinese Export Ceramics and Works of Art. 5 April 2000.  Item number: 69588.    US$30.00
1482.    AUCTION CATALOGUE An Important Collection of Japanese Porcelain, Japanese and Korean Art September 15, 1999.  Item number: 69663.    US$30.00
1483.    AUCTION CATALOGUE Japanese Lacquer, Wednesday, 19 March 1997.  Item number: 69664.    US$30.00
1484.    AUCTION CATALOGUE Japanese Lacquer, Wednesday, 19 June 1997.  Item number: 69665.    US$30.00
1485.    AUCTION CATALOGUE Japanese Swords, Sword Fittings, Guns, Armour and a European Private Collection of Tsuba London Tuesday May 19, 1992.  Item number: 69666.    US$25.00
1486.    AUCTION CATALOGUE 'The Jingguantang Collection Part II: Fine and important Chinese Ceramics and works of art: New York, Thursday, March 20, 1997.  Item number: 69667.    US$100.00
1487.    AUCTION CATALOGUE The Yangzhitang Collection of Imperial Porcelain of the Late Qing Dynasty. 30 March 1997.  Item number: 69668.    US$100.00
1488.    AUCTION CATALOGUE The Imperial Sale 27 April 1997.  Item number: 69669.    US$80.00
1489.    AUCTION CATALOGUE Chinese Ceramics and Works of Art: A Private Collection from Hawaii. March 20 1997.  Item number: 69670.    US$30.00
1490.    AUCTION CATALOGUE Ming - The Age of Refinement - 16 November 1998 -.  Item number: 69671.    US$50.00
1491.    AUCTION CATALOGUE Export Art of China and Japan. The China Trade Sale 6 April 1998.  Item number: 69672.    US$40.00
1492.    AUCTION CATALOGUE Important Hebrew Manuscripts and Printed Books From the Library of the London Beth Din Sold by Order of the Trustees of the United Synagogue: 23 June 1999.  Item number: 69673.    US$30.00
1493.    AUCTION CATALOGUE Fine Clocks and Watches June 24 1993..  Item number: 69674.    US$18.00
1494.    AUCTION CATALOGUE Chinese 20th Century Art..  Item number: 69648.    US$40.00
1495.    AUCTION CATALOGUE Asian Contemporary Art 30 November 2008.  Item number: 69649.    US$40.00
1496.    AUCTION CATALOGUE Asian Contemporary Art 25 November 2007.  Item number: 69650.    US$65.00
1497.    AUCTION CATALOGUE Chinese 20th Century Art 30 November 2008.  Item number: 69651.    US$30.00
1498.    AUCTION CATALOGUE Asian Contemporary Art 25 May 2008.  Item number: 69652.    US$65.00
1499.    AUCTION CATALOGUE The Studio of Bernat Klein.  Item number: 69606.    US$40.00
1500.    AUCTION CATALOGUE Fine Jade Carvings, Jadeite Jewellery and Works of Art - 9-10 October 1990.  Item number: 69607.    US$30.00

Over 9000 Items found
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