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1001.    ANDERSON, Philip The English in Western India Being the Early History of the Factory at Surat, of Bombay and the Subordinate Factories of the Western Coast from the Earliest Period Until the Commencement of the Eighteeenth Century.  Item number: 35390.    US$350.00
1002.    ANDERSON, Poul Guardians of Time.  Item number: 68752.    US$40.00
1003.    ANDERSON, T.W. The Statistical Analysis of Time Series.  Item number: 62182.    US$60.00
1004.    ANDERSON, Wayne & LOGUE, Christopher The Magic Circus.  Item number: 47979.    US$35.00
1005.    ANDERSON, Will The Beer Poster Book.  Item number: 32700.    US$525.00
1006.    ANDERSON, William Castles of Europe, from Charlemagne to the Renaissance,.  Item number: 72279.    US$20.00
1007.    ANDERSON, William Practical Mercantile Letter-Writing. A Collection of Modern Letters of Business....  Item number: 52692.    US$25.00
1008.    ANDERSON, William Third and Final Report of the Geological Survey of Natal and Zululand.  Item number: 62909.    US$100.00
1009.    ANDERSSON, Aron Medieval Wooden Sculpture in Sweden: VOLUME II: Romanesque and Gothic Sculpture.  Item number: 71236.    US$60.00
1010.    ANDERSSON, C. J. Notes of Travel in South Western Africa..  Item number: 75186.    US$150.00
1011.    ANDERSSON, Charles John Lake Ngami or Explorations and Discovery During Four Years of Wanderings in Wilds of South-Western Africa.  Item number: 61903.    US$40.00
1012.    ANDERSSON, Charles John Lake Ngami: Explorations and Discoveries during the Four Years' Wanderings in the Wilds of Southwestern Africa..  Item number: 75168.    US$200.00
1013.    ANDERSSON, Charles John The Okavango River. A Narrative of Travel, Exploration, and Adventure.  Item number: 75406.    US$850.00
1014.    ANDERSSON, Charles John Lake Ngami, or Explorations and Discoveries During Four Years Wanderings in the Wilds of South Western Africa,.  Item number: 63691.    US$1,200.00
1015.    ANDERSSON, Charles John Lake Ngami, or Explorations and Discoveries During Four Years Wanderings in the Wilds of South Western Africa,.  Item number: 44741.    US$950.00
1016.    ANDERSSON, Charles John Notes of Travel in South Africa.  Item number: 61357.    US$100.00
1017.    ANDERSSON, Charles John The Okavango River A Narrative of Travel, Exploration and Adventure.  Item number: 67741.    US$100.00
1018.    ANDERSSON, Charles John (arranged and Edited John Henry GURNEY Notes on the Birds of Damaraland and the Adjacent Countries of South-West Africa..... With Some Additional Notes By the Editor, and an Introductory Chapter Containing a Sketch of the Author's Life, Abridged from the Orig.  Item number: 14627.    US$1,850.00
1019.    ANDERSSON, Ephraim Contribution l'Ethnographie des Kuta I.  Item number: 74599.    US$65.00
1020.    ANDERSSON, Muff Music In The Mix : The Story of South African popular Music.  Item number: 6290.    US$50.00
1021.    ANDERSSON, Muff Bite of the Banshee.  Item number: 70166.    US$25.00
1022.    ANDES, Louis Edgar The Treatment of Paper for Special Purposes.  Item number: 16298.    US$100.00
1023.    ANDOH, Elizabeth Washoku: Recipes from the Japanese Home Kitchen.  Item number: 73753.    US$35.00
1024.    ANDOR, L.E. / BARRATT, John/ VAN DER POST, Laurens The Personal Address Book of Jan Christian Smuts..  Item number: 61317.    US$105.00
1025.    ANDOVER, Henry The Dennisdale Tragedy.  Item number: 49930.    US$250.00
1026.    ANDRAE, Walter Das Wiedererstandene Assur.  Item number: 60201.    US$25.00
1027.    ANDREAE, Bernard The Art of Rome.  Item number: 14748.    US$250.00
1028.    ANDREAS-SALOME, Lou (Introduction By Mary-Kay WILMERS) The Freud Journal.  Item number: 48745.    US$20.00
1029.    ANDREASEN, A. H. E. (Introduction by) Miners' Companion in English, Afrikaans and Fanakalo.  Item number: 56879.    US$25.00
1030.    ANDREASEN, A.H.E. Miners' Companion in English, Afrikaans and Fanakalo..  Item number: 58720.    US$25.00
1031.    ANDREE Algemeiner Hasndatlas SIEBENTER AUFLAGE.  Item number: 65170.    US$250.00
1032.    ANDREE, Richard & PESCHEL, Oscar Physikalisch-Statistischer Atlas Des Deutschen Reichs..  Item number: 26852.    US$400.00
1033.    ANDRESEN, Jack Ski-ing on Water.  Item number: 56565.    US$20.00
1034.    ANDREWS (ANDREWES), Lancelot Holy Devotions: With Directions to Pray. Also A Brief Exposition Upon the Lords Prayer; the Creed; The Ten Commandments; The 7 Penitential Psalms; The 7 Psalms of Thanksgiving. Together with a Litany..  Item number: 60336.    US$500.00
1035.    ANDREWS, Barry; JONES, Paul; GAY, Gerald The Best of Mauritian Cooking..  Item number: 54514.    US$40.00
1036.    ANDREWS, Bruce The Guide to Swaziland.  Item number: 41629.    US$20.00
1037.    ANDREWS, H.J.C & FRANKENSTEIN, E.N & LAWS & PLANCKIE The Chess Problem Text Book with Illustrations.  Item number: 11598.    US$250.00
1038.    ANDREWS, H.K. An Introduction to the Technique of Palestrina.  Item number: 52424.    US$25.00
1039.    ANDREWS, Henry Andrews' Score Register and Notes on Rifle Shooting.  Item number: 73306.    US$65.00
1040.    ANDREWS, Henry Andrews' Score Register and Notes on Rifle Shooting for .303 Regulation Rifles..  Item number: 73944.    US$100.00
1041.    ANDREWS, Kenneth R. Drake's Voyages. A Re-Assessment of Their Place in Elizabethan Maritime Expansion.  Item number: 57884.    US$20.00
1042.    ANDREWS, Roy Chapman This Business of Exploring.  Item number: 54239.    US$125.00
1043.    ANESAKI, Masaharu Art, Life, and Nature in Japan.  Item number: 59431.    US$50.00
1044.    ANFAM, David Mark Rothko: The Works on Canvas: Catalogue Raisonne.  Item number: 56130.    US$200.00
1045.    ANGEL, R.J. (Introduction by) Mobil Court Art Collection. A Collection of South African Visual Art..  Item number: 53973.    US$45.00
1046.    ANGELOGLOU, Maggie A History of Make-up.  Item number: 40330.    US$40.00
1047.    ANGELOGLU, Maggie A History of Make-up.  Item number: 57878.    US$35.00
1048.    ANGELOU, Maya Collected Autobiographies of Maya Angelou.  Item number: 71936.    US$30.00
1049.    ANGELUCCI, Enzo Encyclopaedia of Automobiles.  Item number: 12306.    US$25.00
1050.    ANGLIN, Douglas, G & SHAW, Timothy, M Zambia's Foreign Policy : Studies in Diplomacy and Dependence.  Item number: 11492.    US$65.00

Over 9000 Items found
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