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1001.    ABE, Tetsuo Moulders of Modern Forms. Looking at Europe's Forefront of Art.  Item number: 30775.    US$165.00
1002.    ABED, Kobo The Woman In The Dunes.  Item number: 4650.    US$65.00
1003.    ABEDIAN, Iraj & BIGGS, Michael (Edited by) Economic Globalization and Fiscal Policy.  Item number: 62092.    US$40.00
1004.    ABEDIAN, Iraj; VAN DER MERWE, Rowena; WILKINS, Nick; JHA, Prabhat The Economics of Tobacco Control. Towards an Optimal Policy Mix..  Item number: 55422.    US$40.00
1005.    ABEHSERA, Michel Zen MacRobiotic Cooking. Book of Oriental and Traditional Recipes.  Item number: 17870.    US$20.00
1006.    ABEL ( Transl. Bernhard PLEUS) Untersuchunggen Uber Schiessbaumwolle (Researches on Gun-Cotton), Nach Den Originalabhandlungen in Den Philosophical Transactions of theRoyal Society of London.  Item number: 12090.    US$350.00
1007.    ABELS, Jules The Parnell Tragedy..  Item number: 41897.    US$25.00
1008.    ABEND, Hallett My Years in China 1926 - 1941.  Item number: 13487.    US$30.00
1009.    ABERCROMBIE, H.R. Africa's Peril. The Colour Problem.  Item number: 31260.    US$65.00
1010.    ABERCROMBIE, H.R. Africa's Peril. The Colour Problem.  Item number: 57736.    US$50.00
1011.    ABERCROMBIE, John Pathological and Practical Researches on Diseases of the Brain and the Spinal Cord.  Item number: 15073.    US$220.00
1012.    ABERCROMBIE, John Inquiries Concerning the Intellectual Powers and the Investigation of Truth..  Item number: 47739.    US$75.00
1013.    ABERDARE, Lord (Edited by) Rackets, Squash Rackets, Tennis Fives & Badminton.  Item number: 32082.    US$50.00
1014.    ABERDEEN, Countess of International Council of Women. Report of Transactions of the Fourth Quinquennial Meeting Held at Toronto Canada June 1909.  Item number: 24393.    US$135.00
1015.    ABERGAVENNY A Large 19th Century Vellum Document Relating to This Family.  Item number: 25501.    US$85.00
1016.    ABERIGH-MACKAY, George R. Twenty One Days in India, or the Tour of Sir Ali Baba K C B and the Teapot Series..  Item number: 50193.    US$50.00
1017.    ABERMAN, A. Gerrard (Edited By) Rhodesia Calls. No.56 July/Aug 1969.  Item number: 72987.    US$10.00
1018.    ABERMAN, A. Gerrard (Edited By) Rhodesia Calls. No.70 Nov/Dec 1971.  Item number: 72988.    US$10.00
1019.    ABERMAN, A. Gerrard (Edited By) Rhodesia Calls. No.71 Jan / Feb 1972.  Item number: 72989.    US$10.00
1020.    ABERMAN, A. Gerrard (Edited By) Rhodesia Calls. No.72 Mar./Apr. 1972.  Item number: 72990.    US$10.00
1021.    ABERMAN, A. Gerrard (Edited By) Rhodesia Calls. No.84 Mar./Apr. 1974.  Item number: 72991.    US$10.00
1022.    ABERMAN, A. Gerrard (Edited By) Rhodesia Calls. No.88 Nov. / Dec.. 1974.  Item number: 72992.    US$10.00
1023.    ABHEDANANDA, Swami True Psychology.  Item number: 21422.    US$25.00
1024.    ABHEDANANDA, Swami The Vedanta Philosophy.  Item number: 22979.    US$20.00
1025.    ABHEDANANDA, Swami Religion Revelation and God.  Item number: 22980.    US$30.00
1026.    ABHEDANANDA, Swami Universal Religion and Vedanta.  Item number: 22981.    US$20.00
1027.    ABHEDANANDA, Swami Philosophy and Religion.  Item number: 22982.    US$30.00
1028.    ABHEDANANDA, Swami Self Knowledge.  Item number: 22985.    US$20.00
1029.    ABHEDANANDA, Swami The Thoughts on Sankhya, Buddhism and Vedanta.  Item number: 22986.    US$45.00
1030.    ABHEDANANDA, Swami The Mystery of Death.  Item number: 22987.    US$25.00
1031.    ABHEDANANDA, Swami Great Saviours of the World.  Item number: 22988.    US$65.00
1032.    ABHEDANANDA, Swami The Steps Towards Perfection.  Item number: 23005.    US$15.00
1033.    ABHEDANANDA, Swami A Study of Heliocentric Science.  Item number: 23006.    US$75.00
1034.    ABLEMAN, Paul The Twilight of the Vilp.  Item number: 44260.    US$20.00
1035.    ABLEMAN, Paul As Near as I Can Get.  Item number: 15089.    US$40.00
1036.    ABLEMAN, Paul VAC.  Item number: 38453.    US$20.00
1037.    ABNEY, W. De W. And Many Others The Barnet Book of Photography.  Item number: 41862.    US$40.00
1038.    ABOU-ESH, Ibrahim Mohammed Design Concepts of Islamic Architecture. Aeshetic Evaluation of the Islamic Domestic Architecture in Egypt During the Mamluk and Turkish Period (1245-1805).  Item number: 32595.    US$65.00
1039.    ABPLANALP, Arthur Slimness and Health . The Hygienic, Aesthetic and Practical Value of Scientifically Devised and Graduated Exercise. New Forms of Exercise for Men, Women and Children..  Item number: 41798.    US$85.00
1040.    ABRAHAM, Ashley P. Rock Climbing in Skye.  Item number: 35669.    US$400.00
1041.    ABRAHAM, Garth The Catholic Church and Apartheid. The Response of the Catholic Church to the First Decade of National Party Rule 1948-1957.  Item number: 62286.    US$40.00
1042.    ABRAHAM, Herbert The Asphalts and Allied Substances. Their Occurrence, Modes of Production, Uses in the Arts and Methods of Testing.  Item number: 33080.    US$45.00
1043.    ABRAHAM, R.C. An Introduction to Spoken Hausa (AND) Hausa Reader for European Students..  Item number: 37740.    US$65.00
1044.    ABRAHAM, W.G The Mind of Africa.  Item number: 11813.    US$25.00
1045.    ABRAHAM, Werner Terminologie Zur Neueren Linguistik..  Item number: 45822.    US$65.00
1046.    ABRAHAMS Peter. Mine Boy..  Item number: 256.    US$100.00
1047.    ABRAHAMS, E.B. Greek Dress. A Study of the Costumes Worn in Ancient Greece from the Pre- Hellenic Times to the Hellenic Age..  Item number: 60439.    US$85.00
1048.    ABRAHAMS, Gabeba Seventeenth and Eighteeth Century Glass Bottles Excavated from the Fort De Goede Hoop Cape Town.  Item number: 71243.    US$65.00
1049.    ABRAHAMS, Gerald Not Only Chess, A Selection of Chessays.  Item number: 68447.    US$20.00
1050.    ABRAHAMS, Harold & CRUMP, Jack Olympic Games 1952.  Item number: 3843.    US$40.00

Over 9000 Items found
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