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1001.    ANDERSON, Poul Guardians of Time.  Item number: 68752.    US$40.00
1002.    ANDERSON, T.W. The Statistical Analysis of Time Series.  Item number: 62182.    US$60.00
1003.    ANDERSON, Wayne & LOGUE, Christopher The Magic Circus.  Item number: 47979.    US$35.00
1004.    ANDERSON, Will The Beer Poster Book.  Item number: 32700.    US$525.00
1005.    ANDERSON, William Practical Mercantile Letter-Writing. A Collection of Modern Letters of Business....  Item number: 52692.    US$25.00
1006.    ANDERSON, William Third and Final Report of the Geological Survey of Natal and Zululand.  Item number: 62909.    US$100.00
1007.    ANDERSON, William Castles of Europe, from Charlemagne to the Renaissance,.  Item number: 72279.    US$20.00
1008.    ANDERSSON, Aron Medieval Wooden Sculpture in Sweden: VOLUME II: Romanesque and Gothic Sculpture.  Item number: 71236.    US$60.00
1009.    ANDERSSON, C. J. Notes of Travel in South Western Africa..  Item number: 75186.    US$150.00
1010.    ANDERSSON, Charles John Notes of Travel in South Africa.  Item number: 61357.    US$100.00
1011.    ANDERSSON, Charles John The Okavango River A Narrative of Travel, Exploration and Adventure.  Item number: 67741.    US$100.00
1012.    ANDERSSON, Charles John Lake Ngami or Explorations and Discovery During Four Years of Wanderings in Wilds of South-Western Africa.  Item number: 61903.    US$40.00
1013.    ANDERSSON, Charles John Lake Ngami: Explorations and Discoveries during the Four Years' Wanderings in the Wilds of Southwestern Africa..  Item number: 75168.    US$200.00
1014.    ANDERSSON, Charles John Lake Ngami, or Explorations and Discoveries During Four Years Wanderings in the Wilds of South Western Africa,.  Item number: 63691.    US$1,200.00
1015.    ANDERSSON, Charles John The Okavango River. A Narrative of Travel, Exploration, and Adventure.  Item number: 75406.    US$850.00
1016.    ANDERSSON, Charles John Lake Ngami, or Explorations and Discoveries During Four Years Wanderings in the Wilds of South Western Africa,.  Item number: 44741.    US$950.00
1017.    ANDERSSON, Charles John (arranged and Edited John Henry GURNEY Notes on the Birds of Damaraland and the Adjacent Countries of South-West Africa..... With Some Additional Notes By the Editor, and an Introductory Chapter Containing a Sketch of the Author's Life, Abridged from the Orig.  Item number: 14627.    US$1,850.00
1018.    ANDERSSON, Ephraim Contribution l'Ethnographie des Kuta I.  Item number: 74599.    US$65.00
1019.    ANDERSSON, Muff Bite of the Banshee.  Item number: 70166.    US$25.00
1020.    ANDERSSON, Muff Music In The Mix : The Story of South African popular Music.  Item number: 6290.    US$50.00
1021.    ANDES, Louis Edgar The Treatment of Paper for Special Purposes.  Item number: 16298.    US$100.00
1022.    ANDOH, Elizabeth Washoku: Recipes from the Japanese Home Kitchen.  Item number: 73753.    US$35.00
1023.    ANDOR, L.E. / BARRATT, John/ VAN DER POST, Laurens The Personal Address Book of Jan Christian Smuts..  Item number: 61317.    US$105.00
1024.    ANDOVER, Henry The Dennisdale Tragedy.  Item number: 49930.    US$250.00
1025.    ANDRAE, Walter Das Wiedererstandene Assur.  Item number: 60201.    US$25.00
1026.    ANDREAE, Bernard The Art of Rome.  Item number: 14748.    US$250.00
1027.    ANDREAS-SALOME, Lou (Introduction By Mary-Kay WILMERS) The Freud Journal.  Item number: 48745.    US$20.00
1028.    ANDREASEN, A. H. E. (Introduction by) Miners' Companion in English, Afrikaans and Fanakalo.  Item number: 56879.    US$25.00
1029.    ANDREASEN, A.H.E. Miners' Companion in English, Afrikaans and Fanakalo..  Item number: 58720.    US$25.00
1030.    ANDREE Algemeiner Hasndatlas SIEBENTER AUFLAGE.  Item number: 65170.    US$250.00
1031.    ANDREE, Richard & PESCHEL, Oscar Physikalisch-Statistischer Atlas Des Deutschen Reichs..  Item number: 26852.    US$400.00
1032.    ANDRESEN, Jack Ski-ing on Water.  Item number: 56565.    US$20.00
1033.    ANDREWS (ANDREWES), Lancelot Holy Devotions: With Directions to Pray. Also A Brief Exposition Upon the Lords Prayer; the Creed; The Ten Commandments; The 7 Penitential Psalms; The 7 Psalms of Thanksgiving. Together with a Litany..  Item number: 60336.    US$500.00
1034.    ANDREWS, Barry; JONES, Paul; GAY, Gerald The Best of Mauritian Cooking..  Item number: 54514.    US$40.00
1035.    ANDREWS, Bruce The Guide to Swaziland.  Item number: 41629.    US$20.00
1036.    ANDREWS, H.J.C & FRANKENSTEIN, E.N & LAWS & PLANCKIE The Chess Problem Text Book with Illustrations.  Item number: 11598.    US$250.00
1037.    ANDREWS, H.K. An Introduction to the Technique of Palestrina.  Item number: 52424.    US$25.00
1038.    ANDREWS, Henry Andrews' Score Register and Notes on Rifle Shooting.  Item number: 73306.    US$65.00
1039.    ANDREWS, Henry Andrews' Score Register and Notes on Rifle Shooting for .303 Regulation Rifles..  Item number: 73944.    US$100.00
1040.    ANDREWS, Kenneth R. Drake's Voyages. A Re-Assessment of Their Place in Elizabethan Maritime Expansion.  Item number: 57884.    US$20.00
1041.    ANDREWS, Roy Chapman This Business of Exploring.  Item number: 54239.    US$125.00
1042.    ANESAKI, Masaharu Art, Life, and Nature in Japan.  Item number: 59431.    US$50.00
1043.    ANFAM, David Mark Rothko: The Works on Canvas: Catalogue Raisonne.  Item number: 56130.    US$200.00
1044.    ANGEL, R.J. (Introduction by) Mobil Court Art Collection. A Collection of South African Visual Art..  Item number: 53973.    US$45.00
1045.    ANGELOGLOU, Maggie A History of Make-up.  Item number: 40330.    US$40.00
1046.    ANGELOGLU, Maggie A History of Make-up.  Item number: 57878.    US$35.00
1047.    ANGELOU, Maya Collected Autobiographies of Maya Angelou.  Item number: 71936.    US$30.00
1048.    ANGELUCCI, Enzo Encyclopaedia of Automobiles.  Item number: 12306.    US$25.00
1049.    ANGLIN, Douglas, G & SHAW, Timothy, M Zambia's Foreign Policy : Studies in Diplomacy and Dependence.  Item number: 11492.    US$65.00
1050.    ANGLO AMERICAN The Story of Anglo American Corporation of South Africa Limited in South Africa.  Item number: 73264.    US$100.00

Over 9000 Items found
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