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1.    (Commander R. G. A. Fitch) H. M. S. Berwick. Third Commission, April 1965-July 1967.  Item number: 093801.    US$66.80
2.    (No Author) Leeds City Art Gallery: a Selection of the Paintings, Sculpture, Drawings, Watercolours and Prints..  Item number: 089895.    US$4.99
3.    The Ellesmere Collection Drawings by the Carracci Part I.  Item number: 086947.    US$13.17
4.    Holy Bible.  Item number: 092437.    US$13.68
5.    , Illustrated by: L. Leslie Brooke The story of the three bears (Leslie Brooke's little books series).  Item number: 081619.    US$6.68
6.    - Frontline 1940-1941: the official story of the Civil Defence of Britain.  Item number: 092192.    US$6.76
7.    ---- The Cardiff Region, A Survey.  Item number: 085654.    US$8.08
8.    [Antoine de La Sale] Les Quinze Joyes De Mariage.  Item number: 078993.    US$22.50
9.    [Ed.]Luis Feduchi Spanish Architects Abroad: Rafael Moneo/Victor Lopez Cotelo/EnriqueSoBeJano/Juan Miro/Inaki Abalos.  Item number: R0907.    US$42.87
10.    [Ed] Holger Pump-Uhllmann From Department Store to 'City Gallery [Stadt-Galerie']: Buildings for Retail Trade by Walter Brune.  Item number: R0217.    US$69.60
11.    [Ed] Jinling Qu Japanese Storefront Design.  Item number: R0673.    US$40.35
12.    [Ed] Yeal Xie Groupe 6 : A History of Architectures.  Item number: R0690.    US$56.49
13.    [Ed] Yeal Xie Hotel Guestrooms.  Item number: R1006.    US$51.21
14.    [Thomas day] The History of Sandford and Merton Intended for the Use of Children.  Item number: 066588.    US$105.00
15.    ~ Space - Display.  Item number: R1066.    US$30.30
16.    Stanley Gibbons Simplified Stamp Catalogue 1942.  Item number: 092655.    US$33.38
17.    The Dictionary Of National Biography Part 1: From The Beginnings To 1900.  Item number: 092717.    US$28.77
18.    Turner And Dr. Whitaker: townley Hall Art Gallery Exhibition..  Item number: 084197.    US$8.46
19.    Games And Sports In The Army 1932-33..  Item number: 092933.    US$17.00
20.    Contact Photographers 15.  Item number: 075282.    US$32.15
21.    Handbook for Home Teachers of the Blind.  Item number: 075287.    US$6.43
22.    Church Needlework 2, Canvas Work.  Item number: 076242.    US$6.40
23.    Seamark Omnibus of Thrills.  Item number: 093281.    US$14.36
24.    Shiver and Shake Annual 1980.  Item number: 079337.    US$9.00
25.    Ocean Passages Of The World..  Item number: 093638.    US$33.55
26.    Puzzles of Life, The.  Item number: 090373.    US$4.00
27.    Practice Management Bundle: Plan of Work, Job Book, Architects Handbook of Practice Management..  Item number: R1154.    US$166.69
28.    Technical Review Series 3-pack special price.  Item number: R1170.    US$60.60
29.    Job Book Record Sheets.  Item number: R1135.    US$17.03
30.    Bundle: Law in Practice: the RIBA Legal Handbook + Part 3 Handbook.  Item number: R1107.    US$80.00
31.    Restoration Plays:.  Item number: 069913.    US$8.48
32.    Masterpieces of Creation.  Item number: 082637.    US$31.13
33.    Minor Works Bundle 2011: JCT Minor Works Building Contract with Contractor's Design 2011: (MWD) + Contract Administration Forms: MW11 Project Pack.  Item number: R1147.    US$64.01
34.    B. M. W. Guide to French Hotels.  Item number: 079724.    US$6.12
35.    The Fey: Sacrifice.  Item number: 079787.    US$6.00
36.    English Historic Costume Painting Book: No. 2 - Norman Period 1066-1154.  Item number: 079889.    US$15.47
37.    Dickens' London.  Item number: 079910.    US$23.21
38.    Home Nursing And Hygiene.  Item number: 079983.    US$6.20
39.    Wolsey Lodges the Collection 2012.  Item number: 083905.    US$10.44
40.    Shropshire.  Item number: 083908.    US$4.82
41.    Standen.  Item number: 083946.    US$4.82
42.    MacConnal-Mason Gallery - Important Recent Acquisitions 2001.  Item number: 084124.    US$14.66
43.    Glasgow: Travel Guide (Collins Traveller).  Item number: 084335.    US$6.39
44.    Beningbrough North Yorkshire.  Item number: 084026.    US$4.81
45.    Victoria And Albert Museum Portrait Miniatures.  Item number: 084659.    US$4.83
46.    Cecil Rhodes in Southern Africa: A viewer's guide.  Item number: 084667.    US$11.72
47.    Commonwealth Catalogue of King George VI Stamps.  Item number: 084701.    US$17.77
48.    The Noble Eightfold Path.  Item number: 084784.    US$4.82
49.    The Reader's Digest Great Encyclopaedic Dictionary.  Item number: 085257.    US$30.85
50.    Ancient Art To Post-impressionism: Masterpieces From The Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek, Copenhagen.  Item number: 085359.    US$26.56

Over 9000 Items found
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