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101.    Bohjalian, Christopher A. A KILLING IN THE REAL WORLD.  Item number: HCA-2219.    US$40.00
102.    Stacey, Susannah ( pseudonym of Jill Staynes & Margaret Storey ) A KNIFE AT THE OPERA.  Item number: HCA-4359.    US$15.00
103.    Carter, Nick A KOREAN TIGER.  Item number: HCA-2669.    US$5.00
104.    Bird, Isabella L. A LADY'S LIFE IN THE ROCKY MOUNTAINS.  Item number: HCA-0808.    US$10.75
105.    Price, Marjorie ( aka Maggie Peck, aka Margot Prince ) A LESSON IN LOVE.  Item number: HCA-4603.    US$10.00
106.    McCarthy, Senator Eugene J. A LIBERAL ANSWER TO THE CONSERVATIVE CHALLENGE.  Item number: HCA-0522.    US$10.00
107.    Barnard, Robert, Illustrated by: Tim Gaydos (jacket design) A LITTLE LOCAL MURDER.  Item number: HCA-4716.    US$18.00
108.    Mosley, Walter A LITTLE YELLOW DOG: AN EASY RAWLINS MYSTERY.  Item number: HCA-2194.    US$30.00
109.    Richmond, Al A LONG VIEW FROM THE LEFT, MEMOIRS OF AN AMERICAN REVOLUTIONARY.  Item number: DA-0121.    US$12.50
110.    Nickerson, Marjorie A LONG WAY FORWARD: The First Hundred Years of Packer Collegiate Institute.  Item number: HCA-4259.    US$21.00
111.    Sneider, Vern, Illustrated by: Barye Phillips (cover illustration) A LONG WAY FROM HOME and Other Stories.  Item number: HCA-6359.    US$7.50
112.    Demarinis, Rick A LOVELY MONSTER: The Adventures of Claude Rains and Dr. Tellenbeck.  Item number: HCA-0801.    US$30.00
113.    O'Neill, Devlin A MAID FOR ALL SEASONS, Volume 1 ( I, One ).  Item number: HCA-5695.    US$15.00
114.    Daventry, Leonard, Illustrated by: Al Nagy (jacket design) A MAN OF DOUBLE DEED.  Item number: HCA-5323.    US$15.00
115.    McCourt, Malachy A MONK SWIMMING.  Item number: HCA-1123.    US$14.00
116.    Owens, Virginia Stem, Illustrated by: Ron Mazellin (cover illustration) A MULTITUDE OF SINS.  Item number: HCA-1357.    US$8.50
117.    Kennedy, John F. A NATION OF IMMIGRANTS.  Item number: HCA-3057.    US$30.00
118.    Harrigan, Stephen A NATURAL STATE.  Item number: DA-0060.    US$10.00
119.    Kantar, Edwin B. A NEW APPROACH TO PLAY AND DEFENSE.  Item number: HCA-0041.    US$20.00
120.    McLaren, Brian D. A NEW KIND OF CHRISTIAN: A Tale of Two Friends on a Spiritual Journey.  Item number: HCA-5969.    US$16.00
121.    Baker, Eugene; Hightower, J. Howard A New Type of Phobia Is Isolated : Famanotophobia.  Item number: HCA-3061.    US$20.00
122.    Coover, Robert A NIGHT AT THE MOVIES OR, YOU MUST REMEMBER THIS.  Item number: HCA-0469.    US$15.00
123.    Kilcher, Jewel, Illustrated by: Pat Steir A NIGHT WITHOUT ARMOR: Poems.  Item number: HCA-5495.    US$65.00
124.    Wigmore, John Henry A PANORAMA OF THE WORLD'S LEGAL SYSTEMS.  Item number: HCA-5148.    US$45.00
125.    McCarthy, John P., Jr. A PARENT'S GUIDE TO COACHING BASEBALL.  Item number: HCA-5900.    US$10.00
126.    Goldsmith, Joel S. A PARENTHESIS IN ETERNITY.  Item number: HCA-6248.    US$15.00
127.    Oe, Kenzaburo A PERSONAL MATTER.  Item number: HCA-1173.    US$25.00
128.    Mills, Stephen E. A PICTORIAL HISTORY OF NORTHWEST AIRLINES.  Item number: HCA-3981.    US$20.00
129.    Cohen, Stan B., Illustrated by: Monter Dollack (front Cover art); Davis Perkins (back Cover Art & Half-Title Page art) A PICTORIAL HISTORY OF SMOKEJUMPING.  Item number: HCA-4431.    US$20.00
130.    Gambrell, Herbert & Virginia A PICTORIAL HISTORY OF TEXAS.  Item number: HCA-4740.    US$18.00
131.    Butler, Margaret Manor A PICTORIAL HISTORY OF THE WESTERN RESERVE 1796 TO 1860.  Item number: HCA-3134.    US$25.00
132.    Duringer, Dr. William C. A PIONEER DOCTOR'S STORY.  Item number: HCA-6117.    US$85.00
133.    Duringer, Dr. William C. A PIONEER DOCTOR'S STORY.  Item number: HCA-6138.    US$105.00
134.    Kelly, John D. A POLITICS OF VIRTUE: Hinduism, Sexuality, and Countercolonial Discourse in Fiji.  Item number: HCA-5383.    US$10.00
135.    Krieger, Louis C. C. A POPULAR GUIDE TO THE HIGHER FUNGI (MUSHROOMS) OF NEW YORK STATE.  Item number: HCA-4247.    US$40.00
136.    Thede, Nancy (editor); Beaudet, Pierre (editor) A Post-Apartheid Southern Africa?.  Item number: HCA-3930.    US$25.00
137.    Rodway, Allan, Illustrated by: Piet Mondrian (jacket art) A PREFACE TO AUDEN.  Item number: HCA-5265.    US$17.00
138.    MacCalla, Rev. W. L.; Campbell, Alexander A PUBLIC DEBATE ON CHRISTIAN BAPTISM Between the Rev. W. L. MacCalla, a Presbyterian Teacher, and Alexander Campbell. To Which is Added an Essay on the Christian Religion By A. Campbell.  Item number: HCA-6451.    US$60.00
139.    Piland, Ralph M., Illustrated by: George Speck A QUEST . . ..  Item number: HCA-5649.    US$17.00
140.    Gash, Jonathan, Illustrated by: Mark Burckhardt (jacket illustration) A RAG, A BONE AND A HANK OF HAIR.  Item number: HCA-2785.    US$15.00
141.    Matthews, Clayton, Illustrated by: Harry Barton (cover art) A RAGE OF DESIRE.  Item number: DA-0208.    US$9.00
142.    Bemporad, Jack (edited by) A RATIONAL FAITH: ESSAYS IN HONOR OF RABBI LEVI A. OLAN.  Item number: HCA-1440.    US$20.00
143.    Wallace, W. Stewart A READER IN CANADIAN CIVICS.  Item number: HCA-1837.    US$12.50
144.    Hobsbaum, Philip ( Robert Lowell ) A READER'S GUIDE TO ROBET LOWELL.  Item number: HCA-2218.    US$15.00
145.    Sherwood, Debbie A REDHEAD IN RED SQUARE.  Item number: HCA-5087.    US$35.00
146.    Richards, Henry W. A REPLY TO THE CHURCH OF THE FIRTSBORN OF THE FULNESS OF TIMES.  Item number: HCA-2804.    US$25.00
147.    O'Conner, Len A REPORTER IN SWEET CHICAGO.  Item number: HCA-0729.    US$17.00
148.    Royster, Charles A REVOLUTIONARY PEOPLE AT WAR: The Continental Army and American Character, 1775 - 1783.  Item number: HCA-5747.    US$15.00
149.    McKinney, Eleanor A ROAD TO PARADISE.  Item number: HCA-1795.    US$15.00
150.    Kurnitz, Harry (adapted by) A SHOT IN THE DARK.  Item number: HCA-2029.    US$12.00

4095 items found
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