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351.    Bloxsome, John L., Illustrated by: D. Omer (Salty) Seamon (endpapers) ROSE: The First One Hundred Years.  Item number: HCA-1794.    US$30.00
352.    Bluestein, Jane, Ph.D. (compiled by) MENTORS, MASTERS AND MRS. MacGREGOR: STORIES OF TEACHERS MAKING A DIFFERENCE.  Item number: HCA-1224.    US$8.50
353.    Bly, Robert THE SIBLING SOCIETY.  Item number: HCA-0005.    US$12.00
354.    Bly, Robert, Illustrated by: Rembrandt (cover drawing) SELECTED POEMS.  Item number: HCA-1805.    US$9.50
355.    Blyton, Enid, Illustrated by: Dorothy Hall THE SECRET OF MOON CASTLE.  Item number: HCA-6371.    US$8.00
356.    Boatner, Mark Mayo III, Illustrated by: Major Allen C. Northrop & Lowell I. Miller (maps & diagrams) THE CIVIL WAR DICTIONARY.  Item number: HCA-3079.    US$20.00
357.    Boatright, Mody C.; Hudson, Wilson M.; Maxwell, Allen (editors), Illustrated by: Jose Cisneros TEXAS FOLK AND FOLKLORE XXVI.  Item number: HCA-5003.    US$30.00
358.    Bodine, John J. TAOS PUEBLO: A Walk Through Time.  Item number: HCA-5363.    US$7.50
359.    Boehm, Peggy, Illustrated by: Shizu Matsuda KNITTING WITHOUT NEEDLES.  Item number: HCA-2737.    US$10.00
360.    Bogosian, Eric SEX, DRUGS AND ROCK AND ROLL.  Item number: HCA-1272.    US$20.00
361.    Bohjalian, Chris MIDWIVES.  Item number: HCA-0690.    US$7.00
362.    Bohjalian, Christopher A. A KILLING IN THE REAL WORLD.  Item number: HCA-2219.    US$40.00
363.    Bokina, John OPERA AND POLITICS: From Monteverdi to Henze.  Item number: HCA-4812.    US$75.00
364.    Bolton, Paul GOVERNORS OF TEXAS.  Item number: HCA-3416.    US$25.00
365.    Bond, Bob THE HANDBOOK OF SAILING.  Item number: HCA-0141.    US$12.50
366.    Bond, Michael MONSIEUR PAMPLEMOUSSE INVESTIGATES ( A Gastronomic Mystery ).  Item number: HCA-5675.    US$15.00
367.    Bond, Simon, Illustrated by: Simon Bond BATTERED LAWYERS AND OTHER GOOD IDEAS.  Item number: HCA-0610.    US$8.50
368.    Bond, Tommy Butch w/ Genini, Ron DARN RIGHT IT'S BUTCH: MEMORIES OF OUR GANG, THE LITTLE RASCALS.  Item number: HCA-2263.    US$25.00
369.    Bonet, Juan MAJORCA.  Item number: HCA-2350.    US$65.00
370.    Bonnie, Fred THANH HO DELIVERS.  Item number: HCA-5320.    US$15.00
371.    Borges, Jorge Luis; Ferrari, Osvaldo REENCUENTRO. DIÁLOGOS INÉDITOS.  Item number: HCA-5422.    US$25.00
372.    Boris, Harold N. SLEIGHTS OF MIND: ONE AND MULTIPLES OF ONE.  Item number: HCA-3945.    US$15.00
373.    Botein, Bernard OUR CITIES BURN WHILE WE PLAY COPS AND ROBBERS.  Item number: HCA-1809.    US$22.00
374.    Boucher, Anthony, Illustrated by: Richard Powers (cover art) FAR AND AWAY.  Item number: HCA-2604.    US$12.00
375.    Bourne, Peter G. FIDEL: A BIOGRAPHY OF FIDEL CASTRO.  Item number: HCA-2534.    US$15.00
376.    Bowditch, Nathaniel, LL. D. AMERICAN PRACTICAL NAVIGATOR: An Epitome of Navigation and Nautical Astronomy.  Item number: HCA-5803.    US$25.00
377.    Bowen, David' Ascencio, Juan A. (editors) PYRAMIDS OF GLASS: Short Fiction from Modern Mexico.  Item number: HCA-5837.    US$15.00
378.    Bowman, John, J.; Borer, Emile ( edited By A. Tremayne, assisted by T. R. Robinson for Third Edition ) MODERN WATCH REPAIRING AND ADJUSTING.  Item number: HCA-5368.    US$24.00
379.    Bowser, Charles W. LET THE BUNKER BURN: THE FINAL BATTLE WITH MOVE.  Item number: HCA-1275.    US$15.00
380.    Boy Scouts of America SEA EXPLORING MANUAL.  Item number: HCA-0581.    US$8.00
381.    Boyarin, Jonathan A STORYTELLER'S WORLDS: Education of Shlomo Noble in Europe and America.  Item number: HCA-5195.    US$15.00
382.    Boyce, Chris, Illustrated by: John Harris (jacket illustration) EXTRATERRESTRIAL ENCOUNTER : A PERSONAL PERSPECTIVE.  Item number: HCA-1429.    US$12.50
383.    Boyd, Jack, Illustrated by: David Smith (jacket art) LIFE AS IT'S LIVED (Cedar Gap Archives Ser., Vol. 1).  Item number: HCA-4387.    US$20.00
384.    Boyd, Spike THE COMPLETE HANDBOOK OF POWER AND HAND TOOL WOOD CARVING.  Item number: HCA-3810.    US$17.50
385.    Boyer, Letha, Illustrated by: Catherine Ledeker (cover illustration) HOME IN THE HILLS.  Item number: HCA-4959.    US$10.00
386.    Boyer, Letha, Illustrated by: Catherine Ledeker (cover illustration) OF THESE CONTENTED HILLS.  Item number: HCA-4960.    US$10.00
387.    Boyle, Mrs. George R. (data compiled by) SUCCESSFUL GARDEING IN THE MAGIC VALLEY OF TEXAS.  Item number: HCA-6563.    US$10.00
388.    Boyles, Denis AFRICAN LIVES.  Item number: HCA-1290.    US$7.50
389.    Brabbs, Derry (phoyographs) ENGLISH PUBS (Weidenfeld Country Miniatures Series).  Item number: HCA-5736.    US$12.00
390.    Bradbury, Ray THE MACHINERIES OF JOY.  Item number: HCA-0504.    US$9.00
391.    Braden, Vic VIC BRADEN' QUICK FIXES: Expert Cures for Common Tennis Problems.  Item number: HCA-4079.    US$10.00
392.    Bradford, Alfred S., Illustrated by: Pamela Lenck Bradford (jacket Artwork & frontispiece) SOME EVEN VOLUNTEERED: THE FIRST WOLFHOUNDS PACIFY VIETNAM.  Item number: HCA-2151.    US$18.00
393.    Bradford, Barbara Taylor THE COMPLETE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF HOMEMAKING IDEAS.  Item number: DA-0011.    US$12.00
394.    Bradford, M. E. ORIGINAL INTENTIONS: On the Making and Ratification of the United States Constitution.  Item number: HCA-5790.    US$15.00
395.    Bradley, Donald M., Jr. MATT BRADLEY'S ARKANSAS.  Item number: HCA-1854.    US$25.00
396.    Bradley, Marion Zimmer (with the Friends of Darkover) RENUNCIATES OF DARKOVER.  Item number: HCA-4763.    US$14.00
397.    Bradshaw, Jon, Illustrated by: Fred Koester (jacket illustration) DREAMS THAT MONEY CAN BUY: THE TRAGIC LIFE OF LIBBY HOLMAN.  Item number: HCA-0849.    US$17.00
398.    Brady, Anne M., Illustrated by: Roger Smith (jacket illustration) HONEY OFF THORNS.  Item number: HCA-1114.    US$15.00
399.    Brady, Lillian, Illustrated by: Jerome Connolly THE SAGA OF A WHITETAIL.  Item number: HCA-4369.    US$20.00
400.    Bragdon, Elspeth, Illustrated by: Lilian Obligado ONE TO MAKE READY.  Item number: HCA-4806.    US$25.00

4096 items found
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