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251.    Beattie, Ann MY LIFE, STARRING DARA FALCON.  Item number: HCA-1309.    US$12.75
252.    Beaven, Paul W. (Preface, Remarks & Summary) FOR THE WELFARE OF CHILDREN: The Addresses of the First Twenty-Five Presidents of the American Academy of Pediatrics.  Item number: HCA-5563.    US$20.00
253.    Beavis, Gerald THE BOOK OF THE MICROSCOPE.  Item number: HCA-4265.    US$28.00
254.    Bechdolt, Frederick R. RIOT AT RED WATER.  Item number: HCA-0114.    US$9.00
255.    Beck, Pamela / Massman, Patti RICH MEN, SINGLE WOMEN.  Item number: HCA-2053.    US$5.00
256.    Bedoya, Luis Ivan, Illustrated by: Ral Restrepo APRENDER A APREHENDER.  Item number: HCA-5553.    US$50.00
257.    Beecher, John, Illustrated by: Barbara Beecher (block prints) TO LIVE AND DIE IN DIXIE.  Item number: HCA-6549.    US$10.00
258.    Begleiter, Steven ( photographs by ) FATHER'S & SONS.  Item number: DC-0226.    US$16.00
259.    Behme, Robert L. SHASTA & ROGUE: A COYOTE STORY.  Item number: HCA-0366.    US$12.75
260.    Behr, Edward HIROHITO: Behind the Myth.  Item number: HCA-1687.    US$10.00
261.    Beierwaltes, William H. LOVE OF LIFE: Autobiographical Sketches.  Item number: HCA-2192.    US$40.00
262.    Beilenson, Esther Budoff I DO, I DO: TRADITIONS, POETRY AND IDEAS ON COURTSHIP AND MARRIAGE.  Item number: HCA-1784.    US$12.00
263.    Beinfield, Harriet; Korngold, Efrem BETWEEN HEAVEN AND EARTH: A Guide to Chinese Medicine.  Item number: HCA-5594.    US$12.00
264.    Belli, Melvin M., Sr.; Carlova, John BELLI FOR YOUR MALPRACTICE DEFENSE.  Item number: HCA-5562.    US$25.00
265.    Bello, Mark / Smithsonian Institution A WORLD OF DISCOVERY: An Exploration of Behind-the-Scenes Research in the Arts, Sciences and Humanities.  Item number: HCA-1800.    US$10.00
266.    Bemporad, Jack (edited by) A RATIONAL FAITH: ESSAYS IN HONOR OF RABBI LEVI A. OLAN.  Item number: HCA-1440.    US$20.00
267.    Benchley, Robert, Illustrated by: Gluyas Williams CHIPS OFF THE OLD BENCHLEY.  Item number: HCA-0943.    US$10.00
268.    Bender, Roger James AIR ORGANIZATIONS OF THE THIRD REICH: THE LUFTWAFFE.  Item number: HCA-4320.    US$40.00
269.    Benedek, Emily BEYOND THE FOUR CORNERS OF THE WORLD: A Navajo Woman's Journey.  Item number: HCA-5600.    US$40.00
270.    Benedek, Emily THE WIND WON'T KNOW ME: A History of the Navajo-Hopi Land Dispute.  Item number: HCA-5601.    US$45.00
271.    Benedict, Dianne SHINY OBJECTS (Iowa Short Fiction Award Ser.).  Item number: HCA-4544.    US$25.00
272.    Benefield, June, Illustrated by: Gilbert Velasquez LAUGHING TO KEEP FROM CRYING.  Item number: HCA-1038.    US$10.00
273.    Benford, Gregory TIDES OF LIGHT.  Item number: HCA-6145.    US$15.00
274.    Bengtsson, Hans & Atkinson, George ORIENTEERING FOR SPORT AND PLEASURE.  Item number: HCA-2788.    US$22.00
275.    Benham, Jack L. SILVERTON and Neighboring Ghost Towns: Howardsville, Mineral Point, Eureka, Gladstone, Niegoldstown, Chattanooga, Middleton, Poghkeepsie, Animas Forks, Congress.  Item number: HCA-6150.    US$20.00
276.    Benner, Judith A. Lone Star Rebel.  Item number: HCA-3088.    US$25.00
277.    Benner, Judith Ann SUL ROSS, Soldier, Statesman, Educator.  Item number: HCA-6603.    US$50.00
278.    Bennett County Retired Teachers Association BENNETT COUNTY BRANDS - Gems of the Past.  Item number: HCA-5291.    US$35.00
279.    Bennett County Retired Teachers Association BENNETT COUNTY BRANDS - Gems of the Past.  Item number: HCA-5292.    US$35.00
280.    Bennett, Harold & Judy THE CAMBRIDGE GLASS BOOK.  Item number: HCA-6200.    US$15.00
281.    Bennett, Nel ( Noel ); Bighorse, Tina, Illustrated by: Robert Jacobson WORKING WITH THE WOOL: How to Weave a Navajo Rug.  Item number: HCA-5716.    US$10.00
282.    Bennett, Tony ( w/ Will Friedwald ) THE GOOD LIFE.  Item number: HCA-3304.    US$15.00
283.    Bennett, William J. (edited by) THE BOOK OF VIRTUES: A TREASURY OF GREAT MORAL STORIES.  Item number: HCA-0697.    US$14.00
284.    Berenstain, Stan & Jan WHAT YOUR PARENTS NEVER TOLD YOU ABOUT BEING A MOM OR DAD.  Item number: HCA-1192.    US$6.50
285.    Berg, Elizabeth THE PULL OF THE MOON.  Item number: HCA-2477.    US$15.00
286.    Berg, Rick, Illustrated by: Debi Dean THE ART AND ADVENTURE OF TRAVELING CHEAPLY.  Item number: HCA-2589.    US$20.00
287.    Bergamini, John THE TRAGIC DYNASTY: A History of the Romanovs.  Item number: HCA-5480.    US$15.00
288.    Bergan, Helen J. WHERE THE MONEY IS: A Fund Raiser's Guide to the Rich.  Item number: HCA-5270.    US$12.00
289.    Berger, Milton M., M.D. (edited by) VIDEOTAPE TECHNIQUES IN PSYCHIATRIC TRAINING AND TREATMENT.  Item number: HCA-1337.    US$30.00
290.    Berges, Emily Trafford THE FLYING CIRCUS.  Item number: HCA-0468.    US$10.00
291.    Berle, Milton B.S. I LOVE YOU: Sixty Funny Years with The Famous and the Infamous.  Item number: HCA-0264.    US$12.00
292.    Berlin, Dr. R. J. ( frei bearbeitet von Dr. Lorenz Tutschek ) DIE NATUR. Ein Lesebuch fr Schule und Haus..  Item number: HCA-4791.    US$30.00
293.    Bernstein, Carol L. THE CELEBRATION OF SCANDAL: Toward the Sublime in Victorian Urban Fiction.  Item number: HCA-5027.    US$18.00
294.    Bernstein, Gary PRO TECHNIQUES OF BEAUTY & GLAMOUR PHOTOGRAPHY.  Item number: HCA-3475.    US$18.00
295.    Berry, Bertice REDEMPTION SONG.  Item number: HCA-5357.    US$25.00
296.    Berry, Henry SEMPER FI, MAC: LIVING MEMORIES OF THE U.S. MARINES IN WORLD WAR II.  Item number: HCA-0747.    US$9.00
297.    Berry, John THE HILLS OF HOME.  Item number: HCA-5755.    US$16.00
298.    Berry, Leonard L. / Bennett, David R. /brown, Carter W. SERVICE QUALITY: A PROFIT STRATEGY FOR FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS.  Item number: HCA-1300.    US$20.00
299.    Bess, C. W THE C. T. BUSH STORY.  Item number: HCA-0169.    US$25.00
300.    Bess, C. W THE C. T. BUSH STORY.  Item number: HCA-3811.    US$35.00

4096 items found
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