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201.    Ballinger, Walter F. / Drapanas, Theodore SURGERY, VOLUME 77, January - June, 1975.  Item number: HCA-3454.    US$25.00
202.    Bancroft, Caroline THE UNSINKABLE MRS. BROWN.  Item number: HCA-2096.    US$10.00
203.    Bandman, Bertram THE PLACE OF REASON IN EDUCATION.  Item number: HCA-1764.    US$20.00
204.    Bane, Vickie L. & Benet, Lorenzo THE LIVES OF DANIELLE STEEL: The Unauthorized Biography of America's #1 Best-Selling Author.  Item number: HCA-2181.    US$14.75
205.    Banerjee, H. N. AMERICANS WHO HAVE BEEN REINCARNATED.  Item number: HCA-0842.    US$7.50
206.    Banks, Jimmy Money, Marbles and Chalk: The Wondrous World of Texas Politics.  Item number: HCA-5393.    US$15.00
207.    Barbach, Lonnie, Ph.D. PLEASURES: Women Write Erotica.  Item number: HCA-1459.    US$8.50
208.    Barbach, Lonnie, Ph.D. PLEASURES: Women Write Erotica.  Item number: HCA-0325.    US$8.50
209.    Barbach, Lonnie, Ph.D. EROTIC INTERLUDES: TALES TOLD BY WOMEN.  Item number: HCA-0433.    US$8.00
210.    Barber, James PEASANT'S CHOICE: More from the Urban Peasant.  Item number: HCA-5976.    US$12.00
211.    Barclay, Glen MIND OVER MATTER: Beyond the Bounds of Nature.  Item number: HCA-3909.    US$20.00
212.    Barclay, R. A. THE LAW GIVERS: Leviticus and Deuteronomy.  Item number: HCA-2764.    US$10.00
213.    Bardin, James EL REINO DE LOS INCAS DEL PERÚ ( PERU ).  Item number: HCA-5226.    US$15.00
214.    Barefoot, Robert R. Barefoot on Coral Calcium: AN ELIXER OF LIFE? : Health Secrets of Coral of Okinawa.  Item number: HCA-5674.    US$10.00
215.    Barfknecht, Gary W. MICHILLANEOUS.  Item number: HCA-3998.    US$10.00
216.    Barker, Pat REGENERATION.  Item number: HCA-0903.    US$7.00
217.    Barnard, Robert, Illustrated by: Tim Gaydos (jacket design) A LITTLE LOCAL MURDER.  Item number: HCA-4716.    US$18.00
218.    Barnes, Wally, Illustrated by: the author THE BATTLE OF BURTONWOOD ( BEWSEY BRIDGE - GATE 4 ) AUGUST 1942.  Item number: HCA-3643.    US$30.00
219.    Barnes, Will C.; Lockwood, Frank C. (editor), Illustrated by: Cas Duchow (a decoration by) APACHES & LONGHORNS: The Reminiscences of Will C. Barnes.  Item number: HCA-4981.    US$80.00
220.    Baron, Cynthia S.; Suazo, Melba M. NINE LETTERS: The Story of the 1986 Filipino Revolution.  Item number: HCA-6701.    US$10.00
221.    Barr, Stephen EXPERIMENTS IN TOPOLOGY.  Item number: HCA-0314.    US$7.50
222.    Barreca, Regina THEY USED TO CALL ME SNOW WHITE...BUT I DRIFTED: WOMEN'S STRATEGIC USE OF HUMOR.  Item number: HCA-0809.    US$18.00
223.    Barrett, Monte SUN IN THEIR EYES: A Novel of Texas in 1812.  Item number: HCA-3388.    US$18.00
224.    Barroll, J. Leeds ARTIFICIAL PERSONS: The Formation of Character in the Tragedies of Shakespeare.  Item number: HCA-3215.    US$15.00
225.    Barry, Dave DAVE BARRY'S GREATEST HITS.  Item number: HCA-1858.    US$8.75
226.    Barry, Dave, Illustrated by: Peter de Seve (cover illustration) BAD HABITS.  Item number: HCA-0821.    US$5.00
227.    Barry, Ken, Illustrated by: Darcy (cover art) THE BIGAMIST.  Item number: HCA-4479.    US$7.50
228.    Barthelme, Donald SADNESS.  Item number: HCA-1841.    US$20.00
229.    Bartholomew, Mel, Illustrated by: Erick Ingraham SQUARE FOOT GARDENING.  Item number: HCA-2422.    US$14.75
230.    Bartley, Nalbro PEASE PORRIDGE HOT.  Item number: HCA-6556.    US$25.00
231.    Bas-Raberín, Phillipe ( traduccion - translation from the French: Waldo Leirós ) EL BLUES MODERNO.  Item number: HCA-5454.    US$20.00
232.    Basler, Roy P. (editor) THE COLLECTED WORKS OF ABRAHAM LINCOLN: IX, Index.  Item number: HCA-6302.    US$30.00
233.    Bass, Rick THE DEER PASTURE.  Item number: HCA-0003.    US$150.00
234.    Bates, Ralph SIROCCO and Other Stories.  Item number: HCA-6247.    US$15.00
235.    Battle, Lois BED & BREAKFAST.  Item number: HCA-0237.    US$10.00
236.    Baudelaire, Charles ( Richard Howard, translator ), Illustrated by: Michael Mazur LES FLEURS DU MAL.  Item number: HCA-5973.    US$14.00
237.    Bauer, Fred THE SPRINGHOUSE DAILY DEVOTIONAL.  Item number: HCA-3591.    US$15.00
238.    Baum, Vicki RENDEZVOUS IN PARIS.  Item number: HCA-3686.    US$10.00
239.    Bauman, Richard (editor); Abrahams, Roger D. (editor) AND OTHER NEIGHBORLY NAMES: Social Process and Cultural Image in Texas Folklore.  Item number: HCA-3575.    US$25.00
240.    Baur, Betty THIS IS GOODBYE.  Item number: HCA-6506.    US$20.00
241.    Bausch, Richard RARE AND ENDANGERED SPECIES, A Novella and Stories.  Item number: HCA-0072.    US$10.00
242.    Baxendale, Leo, Illustrated by: Leo Baxendale WILLY THE KID, BOOK 2 (TWO).  Item number: HCA-3837.    US$25.00
243.    Baxter, Gordon BAX SEAT: The Log of a Pasture Pilot.  Item number: HCA-5596.    US$15.00
244.    Bayley, Edwin R. JOE MCCARTHY AND THE PRESS.  Item number: HCA-0982.    US$7.50
245.    Bayley, Sir John, Knt. ( One of the Justices of His Majecty's Court of King's Benc ) SUMMARY OF THE LAW OF BILLS OF EXCHANGE, CASH BILLS, AND PROMISSORY NOTES..  Item number: HCA-5408.    US$55.00
246.    Beach, Edward L., Captain, U.S.N. (Ret) THE UNITED STATES NAVY: A 200-YEAR HISTORY.  Item number: HCA-0611.    US$9.25
247.    Beach, Patrick A GOOD FOREST FOR DYING: The Tragic Death of a Young Man on the Front Lines of the Environmental Wars.  Item number: HCA-6459.    US$24.00
248.    Bean, Orson ME AND THE ORGONE.  Item number: HCA-2742.    US$15.00
249.    Beard, Rebecca EVERYMAN'S SEARCH (PSYCHOSOMATIC MEDICINE).  Item number: HCA-1117.    US$10.00
250.    Beaton, M. C., Illustrated by: Alan Dingman (jacket illustration) DEATH OF A DENTIST.  Item number: HCA-1887.    US$14.00

4096 items found
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