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151.    Auden, W. H. EPISTLE TO A GODSON and Other Poems.  Item number: HCA-6559.    US$25.00
152.    Auel, Jeam M., Illustrated by: Hiroko (cover painting) THE MAMMOTH HUNTERS.  Item number: HCA-1299.    US$10.00
153.    Auel, Jean M. THE MAMMOTH HUNTERS.  Item number: HCA-0002.    US$15.00
154.    Aufricht, Mary MUSING MOMENTS.  Item number: HCA-5515.    US$25.00
155.    Augenstein, Leroy COME, LET US PLAY GOD.  Item number: HCA-2538.    US$15.00
156.    Ault, Addison & Dudek, Gerald O. NMR: AN INTRODUCTION TO PROTON NUCLEAR MAGNETIC RESONANCE SPECTROSCOPY.  Item number: HCA-2337.    US$25.00
157.    Ausubel, Nathan THE BOOK OF JEWISH KNOWLEDGE.  Item number: HCA-5276.    US$20.00
158.    author unknown CHICAGO: The City Beautiful.  Item number: HCA-3533.    US$20.00
159.    Authorised ( Authorized ) By the American Committee of Revision; Philip Schaff, President; George E. Day, Secretary HOLY BIBLE: OLD TESTAMENT, REVISED VERSION, VOLUME I; GENESIS - RUTH ( Presentation Copy from the American Committee of Revision ).  Item number: HCA-3858.    US$200.00
160.    Avery, D. (editor) THE CONCISE ILLUSTRATED BOOK OF MODERN COMMERCIAL AIRCRAFT.  Item number: HCA-1812.    US$10.00
161.    Avery, Derek WORDSWORTH COLOR HANDBOOKS: Fighter Aircraft.  Item number: HCA-1885.    US$15.00
162.    Avi, Illustrated by: Randy Gaul (jacket art) DEVIL'S RACE.  Item number: HCA-2925.    US$15.00
163.    Axler, James OUTLANDERS: Hellbound Fury.  Item number: HCA-2863.    US$7.50
164.    Aymar, Brandt (edited by) THE PERSONALITY OF THE BIRD.  Item number: HCA-1654.    US$12.00
165.    Ayres, Pam, Illustrated by: Roy Garnham Elmore SOME MORE OF ME POETRY.  Item number: HCA-2370.    US$15.00
166.    Baader, Juan; Moore, Inge (translator) THE SAILING YACHT.  Item number: HCA-3245.    US$20.00
167.    Baantjer ( translated from the Dutch By H. G. Smittenaar ) DEKOK AND THE ROMANTIC MURDER.  Item number: HCA-6621.    US$12.00
168.    Babris, Peter BALTIC YOUTH UNDER COMMUNISM.  Item number: HCA-6525.    US$15.00
169.    Babson, Marian, Illustrated by: John Nickle (cover illustration) ENCORE MURDER.  Item number: HCA-1855.    US$15.00
170.    Bach, Orville E., Jr. HIKING THE YELLOWSTONE BACKCOUNTRY.  Item number: HCA-4803.    US$8.00
171.    Bachmann, Ingeborg; Gilbert, Mary Fran (translator) THREE PATHS TO THE LAKE: Stories By Ingeborg Bachmann.  Item number: HCA-6317.    US$30.00
172.    Bacon, Jean & Stuart ORFORD AND ORFORD NESS.  Item number: HCA-4061.    US$12.50
173.    Bacon, Sir Francis THE EFFAYES, OR COUNSELS CIVILL AND MORALL OF FRANCIS BACON ( The Essays of Sir Francis Bacon ).  Item number: HCA-2083.    US$15.00
174.    Baehr, Patricia, Illustrated by: Andrew Glass (jacket illustration) FALLING SCALES.  Item number: HCA-1039.    US$14.50
175.    Bagby, George THE REAL GONE GOOSE.  Item number: HCA-6363.    US$8.00
176.    Bagnall, Brian; Bagnall, Ursula; Hille, Astrid WATERCOLORS: Buildings: ( Artist's Workshop Series ).  Item number: HCA-4430.    US$24.00
177.    Bailey, Barry COME JOIN THE FAMILY.  Item number: HCA-3047.    US$25.00
178.    Bailey, L. H. HOW PLANTS GET THEIR NAMES.  Item number: HCA-4598.    US$35.00
179.    Baily, Francis; Holmes, Jack D. L. (editor & introduction) JOURNAL OF A TOUR IN UNSETTLED PARTS OF NORTH AMERICA IN 1796 & 1797.  Item number: HCA-6256.    US$20.00
180.    Baines, John; Malek, Jaromir ATLAS OF ANCIENT EGYPT.  Item number: HCA-3156.    US$25.00
181.    Bainton, Roland H. HUNTED HERETIC: The Life and Death of Michael Servetus, 1511 - 1553.  Item number: HCA-6414.    US$15.00
182.    Bakan, David ON METHOD: Toward Reconstruction of a Psychological Investigation.  Item number: HCA-1458.    US$14.00
183.    Baker, Daisy, Illustrated by: Pamela Mara TRAVELS IN A DONKEY TRAP.  Item number: HCA-1161.    US$11.50
184.    Baker, Eugene; Hightower, J. Howard A New Type of Phobia Is Isolated : Famanotophobia.  Item number: HCA-3061.    US$20.00
185.    Baker, H. Dean; Ryder, E. A.; Baker, N. H. TEMPERATURE MEASUREMENT IN ENGINEERING: VOLUME 1 & VOLUME 2.  Item number: HCA-4322.    US$25.00
186.    Baker, Hines H.; Lomax, O. Q. (foreword) WORKING WITH HUMBLE, Edition of May 1952.  Item number: HCA-5664.    US$40.00
187.    Baker, Philip S.; Fuccillo, Domenic A., Jr.; Gerrard, Martha W.; Lafferty, Robert H. , Jr. RADIOISOTOPES IN INDUSTRY.  Item number: HCA-3273.    US$10.00
188.    Baker, Russell THE RESCUE OF MISS YASKELL and Other Pipe Dreams.  Item number: HCA-0996.    US$10.00
189.    Baker, Russell THERE'S A COUNTRY IN MY CELLAR.  Item number: HCA-0827.    US$11.00
190.    Balch, Glenn, Illustrated by: Nils Hogner INDIAN PAINT: The Story of an Indian Pony.  Item number: HCA-3625.    US$50.00
191.    Baldacci, David ABSOLUTE POWER.  Item number: HCA-0261.    US$10.00
192.    Baldwin, Faith THE JUNIPER TREE.  Item number: HCA-2199.    US$15.00
193.    Ball, Alan (screenplay & afterword); Mendes, Sam (introduction) AMERICAN BEAUTY : The Shooting Script.  Item number: HCA-3292.    US$15.00
194.    Ball, John E. CARPENTERS AND BUILDERS LIBRARY NO. 1: Tools, Steel Square, Joinery.  Item number: HCA-0316.    US$7.50
195.    Ball, Terence ROUSSEAU'S GHOST: A Novel.  Item number: HCA-6188.    US$45.00
196.    Ballantine, Bill, Illustrated by: Bill Ballantine CLOWN ALLEY.  Item number: HCA-6695.    US$40.00
197.    Ballard, J. G., Illustrated by: Tim White (jacket illustration) HELLO AMERICA.  Item number: HCA-6700.    US$15.00
198.    Ballinger, Walter F. / Drapanas, Theodore SURGERY, VOLUME 71, January - June, 1972.  Item number: HCA-3449.    US$25.00
199.    Ballinger, Walter F. / Drapanas, Theodore SURGERY, VOLUME 72, July - December, 1972.  Item number: HCA-3450.    US$25.00
200.    Ballinger, Walter F. / Drapanas, Theodore SURGERY, VOLUME 73, January - June, 1973.  Item number: HCA-3451.    US$25.00

4104 items found
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