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101.    Andronicos, Manolis THESSALONIKE MUSEUM: A New Guide to the Archaeological Treasures.  Item number: HCA-3322.    US$10.00
102.    Anger, Kenneth HOLLYWOOD BABYLON.  Item number: HCA-2127.    US$14.50
103.    Ann Cadell Crawford / William Roy Crawford U.S. FORCES TRAVEL & TRANSFER GUIDE U.S.A. AND CARIBBEAN AREAS.  Item number: HCA-1118.    US$9.50
104.    Annals of Surgery ANNALS OF SURGERY, January 1975, Volume 181.  Item number: HCA-3455.    US$25.00
105.    Annals of Surgery ANNALS OF SURGERY, July 1975, Volume 182.  Item number: HCA-3456.    US$25.00
106.    Annals of Surgery ANNALS OF SURGERY, July 1976, Volume 184.  Item number: HCA-3457.    US$25.00
107.    Anouilh, Jean; Fry, Christopher (translator), Illustrated by: Oliver Messel RING ROUND THE MOON: A Charade With Music ( L'Invitation au Chateau ).  Item number: HCA-6417.    US$22.00
108.    Anthony, Katharine THE LAMBS: A STORY OF PRE-VICTORIAN ENGLAND.  Item number: HCA-1823.    US$15.00
109.    Antonacci, Mark THE RESURRECTION OF THE SHROUD: New Scientific, Medical, and Archeological Evidence.  Item number: HCA-5979.    US$15.00
110.    Antony, Paul: Friedman, Jacquelyn ( Ian Fleming ) IAN FLEMING'S INCREDIBLE CREATION ( 007 ).  Item number: HCA-5670.    US$12.00
111.    Anzetti, Toni RIDERS OF LEVIATHAN.  Item number: HCA-6433.    US$8.00
112.    Appelfeld, Aharon TO THE LAND OF THE REEDS.  Item number: HCA-4570.    US$35.00
113.    Appler, A. C. THE YOUNGER BROTHERS: Their Life and Character.  Item number: HCA-5000.    US$30.00
114.    Arbuthnot, May Hill; Taylor, Mark (compilers), Illustrated by: John Averill, Wade Ray, Seymour Rosofsky, Debi Sussman, & TIME FOR OLD MAGIC.  Item number: HCA-5141.    US$27.00
115.    Archer, Dennis CANNON'S LAW.  Item number: HCA-1808.    US$15.00
116.    Arctic women-In-Crisis Volunteers TUNDRA DELIGHTS.  Item number: HCA-4438.    US$30.00
117.    Arias, Esther & Mortimer, Illustrated by: Walter Solon Romero THE CRY OF MY PEOPLE: Out of Captivity in Latin America.  Item number: HCA-2635.    US$10.00
118.    Arias, Ron FIVE AGAINST THE SEA: A True Story of Courage and Survival.  Item number: HCA-0123.    US$9.50
119.    Arias, Ron THE ROAD TO TAMAZUNCHALE.  Item number: HCA-3147.    US$10.00
120.    Arin, Michael SUCCESSFUL WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY.  Item number: DA-0003.    US$9.00
121.    Arkin, Alan THE CLEARING.  Item number: HCA-4191.    US$18.00
122.    Armitage, Yvonne Neely, Del Piano, Barbara Dorsam; Thoene, Catherin King, Illustrated by: David Parker ei nei, YOU REMEMBAH TOO!.  Item number: HCA-5578.    US$12.00
123.    Armstrong, David TRUMPET TO ARMS: Alternative Media in America.  Item number: HCA-6519.    US$10.00
124.    Armstrong, William H. JOANNA'S MIRACLE.  Item number: DC-0162.    US$8.75
125.    Arndt, Elmer J. F. THE FAITH WE PROCLAIM: The Doctrinal Viewpoint Generally Prevailing in the Evangelical and Reformed Church.  Item number: HCA-6480.    US$15.00
126.    Arneson, D.J. THE OFFICIAL COMPUTER HATER'S HANDBOOK.  Item number: HCA-1267.    US$8.00
127.    Arnold, Eleanor (editor) VOICES OF AMERICAN HOMEMAKERS.  Item number: HCA-6382.    US$15.00
128.    Aron, Raymond; McIntosh, James C. (translator); McIntosh, Marie (translator) THE COMMITTED OBSERVER: Raymond Aron Interviews with Jean-Louis Missika & Dominque Wolton.  Item number: HCA-3228.    US$15.00
129.    Ashford, Jeffery THE BITTER BITE.  Item number: HCA-0227.    US$10.00
130.    Asimov, Isaac THE DARK AGES.  Item number: HCA-6580.    US$35.00
131.    Asimov, Isaac OUT OF THE EVERYWHERE.  Item number: HCA-3938.    US$75.00
132.    Asimov, Isaac QUICK AND EASY MATH.  Item number: HCA-4194.    US$80.00
133.    Asimov, Isaac THE LEFT HAND OF THE ELECTRON.  Item number: HCA-6210.    US$7.50
134.    Asimov, Isaac IN MEMORY YET GREEN: The Autobiography of Isaac Asimov, 1920 - 1954.  Item number: HCA-6044.    US$15.00
135.    Asimov, Isaac, Illustrated by: David Wool HOW DID WE FIND OUT ABOUT ROBOTS? (How Did We Find Out About...Series).  Item number: HCA-3911.    US$40.00
136.    Asimov, Isaac, Illustrated by: David Wool HOW DID WE FIND OUT ABOUT EARTHQUAKES?.  Item number: HCA-2831.    US$25.00
137.    Asimov, Isaac, Illustrated by: John Bradford THE CLOCK WE LIVE ON.  Item number: HCA-3015.    US$25.00
138.    Asprin, Robert (edited By Elizabeth B. Bobbitt) Sweet Myth-tery of Life.  Item number: HCA-4162.    US$25.00
139.    Asprin, Robert, Illustrated by: Polly & Kelly Freas ANOTHER FINE MYTH.  Item number: HCA-1762.    US$28.00
140.    Assagioli, Robert M.D. THE ACT OF WILL.  Item number: HCA-5967.    US$50.00
141.    Astiz, Carlos A. PRESSURE GROUPS AND POWER ELITES IN PERUVIAN POLITICS.  Item number: HCA-0601.    US$12.00
142.    Astor, Gerald THE CHARGE IS RAPE.  Item number: HCA-2429.    US$14.00
143.    Athanas, Verne, Illustrated by: Stanley Borack (cover illustration) THE PROUD ONES.  Item number: HCA-3386.    US$10.00
144.    Atherton, Nancy AUNT DIMITY DIGS IN.  Item number: HCA-0259.    US$14.00
145.    Atkinson, M. E., Illustrated by: Stuart Tresilian THE MONSTER OF WIDGEON WEIR: A Novel for Boys and Girls.  Item number: HCA-4553.    US$15.00
146.    Atkinson, Rick THE LONG GRAY LINE.  Item number: HCA-0994.    US$15.00
147.    Atthreya, N. H. THE YOU AND I IN BUSINESS: When Do People Give Their Best.  Item number: HCA-1478.    US$18.00
148.    Atwood, Margaret THE BLIND ASSASSIN.  Item number: HCA-3647.    US$35.00
149.    Auden, W. H. EPISTLE TO A GODSON and Other Poems.  Item number: HCA-6559.    US$25.00
150.    Auel, Jeam M., Illustrated by: Hiroko (cover painting) THE MAMMOTH HUNTERS.  Item number: HCA-1299.    US$10.00

4095 items found
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