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501.    Burns, George DR. BURNS' PRESCRIPTION FOR HAPPINESS * ( * Buy Two Books and Call Me in the Morning ).  Item number: HCA-0192.    US$7.50
502.    Burns, Olive Ann, Illustrated by: Wendell Minor (jacket art) LEAVING COLD SASSY.  Item number: HCA-0848.    US$10.00
503.    Burrough, Bryan VENDETTA: American Express and the Smearing of Edmond Safra.  Item number: HCA-0407.    US$9.00
504.    Burroughs, Edgar Rice THE OAKDALE AFFAIR.  Item number: HCA-6006.    US$6.00
505.    Burroughs, Edgar Rice THE GODS OF MARS.  Item number: HCA-6007.    US$5.00
506.    Burroughs, Edgar Rice THE ETERNAL SAVAGE.  Item number: HCA-6008.    US$5.00
507.    Burroughs, Edgar Rice THE EFFICIENCY EXPERT.  Item number: HCA-6009.    US$40.00
508.    Burroughs, Edgar Rice THE GIRL FROM HOLLYWOOD.  Item number: HCA-6267.    US$45.00
509.    Burroughs, Edgar Rice, Illustrated by: Frank Frazetta (cover & title page illustrations) CARSON OF VENUS.  Item number: HCA-6541.    US$5.00
510.    Burroughs, Edgar Rice, Illustrated by: Frank Frazetta (cover & title page illustrations) LOST ON VENUS.  Item number: HCA-6542.    US$6.00
511.    Burroughs, Edgar Rice, Illustrated by: Frank Frazetta (cover art) LAND OF TERROR.  Item number: HCA-6005.    US$9.00
512.    Burroughs, Edgar Rice, Illustrated by: Frank Frazetta (cover art) THE LAND OF HIDDEN MEN.  Item number: HCA-5995.    US$5.00
513.    Burroughs, Edgar Rice, Illustrated by: Frank Frazetta (cover art) BACK TO THE STONE AGE.  Item number: HCA-5996.    US$5.00
514.    Burroughs, Edgar Rice, Illustrated by: Frank Frazetta (cover art) TANAR OF PELLUCIDAR.  Item number: HCA-5998.    US$8.00
515.    Burroughs, Edgar Rice, Illustrated by: Frank Frazetta (cover art) THE MAD KING.  Item number: HCA-5632.    US$7.50
516.    Burroughs, Edgar Rice, Illustrated by: J. Allen St. John (frontispiece) TARZAN AT THE EARTH'S CORE.  Item number: HCA-6062.    US$15.00
517.    Burroughs, Edgar Rice, Illustrated by: Roy Krenkel (cover & title page) A FIGHTING MAN OF MARS.  Item number: HCA-6002.    US$10.00
518.    Burton, Jane, Illustrated by: Jane Burton (photography) THE WONDROUS WORLD OF FISHES: THEIR COLOURS AND PATTERNS.  Item number: HCA-4130.    US$15.00
519.    Burton, Levar AFTERMATH.  Item number: HCA-2160.    US$12.00
520.    Bush, George S. AN AMERICAN HARVEST: The Story of Weil Brothers-Cotton.  Item number: HCA-5603.    US$20.00
521.    Bush, Mark B. ECOLOGY OF A CHANGING PLANET.  Item number: HCA-2774.    US$15.00
522.    Bushby, D. Maitland (editor) THE GOLDEN STALLION: An Anthology of Poems Concerning the Southwest and Written By Representative Southwestern Poets..  Item number: HCA-4582.    US$40.00
523.    Bushnell, O. A. MOLOKAI.  Item number: HCA-5308.    US$15.00
524.    Butler, Margaret Manor A PICTORIAL HISTORY OF THE WESTERN RESERVE 1796 TO 1860.  Item number: HCA-3134.    US$25.00
525.    Butler, Octavia E. WILD SEED.  Item number: HCA-3535.    US$40.00
526.    Butler, Robert Olen THE DEUCE.  Item number: HCA-0010.    US$12.00
527.    Butler, Samuel THE WAY OF ALL FLESH.  Item number: HCA-0327.    US$10.00
528.    Butor, Michel ( translated By Richard Howard ) DEGREES.  Item number: HCA-4414.    US$24.00
529.    Butts, J. Lee TEXAS BAD GIRLS: Hussies, Harlots, and Horse Thieves.  Item number: HCA-6683.    US$18.00
530.    Byars, Betsy THE MOON AND I.  Item number: HCA-1030.    US$20.00
531.    Byatt, A. S. SHADOW OF A SUN.  Item number: HCA-2391.    US$85.00
532.    Byrnes, Edd (w/ Marshall Terrill) KOOKIE NO MORE.  Item number: HCA-6689.    US$15.00
533.    Byrnes, Gene REG'LAR FELLOWS ( Regular ).  Item number: HCA-5439.    US$15.00
534.    Cadwallader & Nudnick, Illustrated by: R. Taylor THE LITTLE BLACK BOOK: A Manual for Bachelors.  Item number: HCA-3018.    US$7.50
535.    Caesar, Gene RIFLE FOR RENT: A Dramatic True Story of One of the Most Colorful Figures of the Untamed Southwest.  Item number: HCA-5621.    US$9.00
536.    Cahill, Mary CARPOOL.  Item number: HCA-1778.    US$14.00
537.    Cain, James M., Illustrated by: E. McKnight Kauffer (jacket drawing) THREE OF A KIND: Three Short Novels.  Item number: HCA-1079.    US$12.75
538.    Cairns, Mary Lyons GRAND LAKE: The Pioneers.  Item number: HCA-3631.    US$30.00
539.    Caldwell, Erskine THIS VERY EARTH.  Item number: DC-0317.    US$6.50
540.    Caldwell, Steven STAR QUEST: An Incredible Voyage Into the Unknown.  Item number: HCA-0444.    US$11.75
541.    Callahan, James Morton AMERICAN FOREIGN POLICY IN MEXICAN RELATIONS.  Item number: HCA-3406.    US$25.00
542.    Callahan, Jennie Waugh RADIO WORKSHOP FOR CHILDREN.  Item number: HCA-6255.    US$45.00
543.    Calvino, Italo ( translated from the Italian by William Weaver ), Illustrated by: Anita Walker Scott (jacket design) T ZERO.  Item number: HCA-5917.    US$95.00
544.    Calvocoressi, Peter A TIME FOR PEACE.  Item number: HCA-0806.    US$8.00
545.    Campbell, Harry Modean / Foster, Ruel E. ELIZABETH MADOX ROBERTS, AMERICAN NOVELIST.  Item number: HCA-1196.    US$10.00
546.    Campbell, Robert JUICE.  Item number: HCA-0012.    US$15.00
547.    Canada, William H., M.D. BEAUTY SURGERY.  Item number: HCA-4043.    US$10.00
548.    Canby, Tom (narrative material); Rogers, Roy (introduction) LEGENDS OF THE WEST: a Collection of U. S. Commemorative Stamps.  Item number: HCA-5275.    US$15.00
549.    Canfield, Alyce GOD IN HOLLYWOOD.  Item number: DC-0318.    US$5.00
550.    Caniff, Milton (Maurice Horn, editor), Illustrated by: Milton Caniff TERRY AND THE PIRATES.  Item number: HCA-4594.    US$33.00

4096 items found
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