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401.    Amrstrong, Sally Nine Lives of Charlotte Taylor.  Item number: 47265.    US$12.00
402.    An Observer Message from Moscow.  Item number: 42079.    US$0.57
403.    ANCHOR 32 EMBROIDERY STITCHES book 2.  Item number: 15908.    US$1.00
404.    ANCHOR ANCHOR MANUAL OF NEEDLEWORK.  Item number: 2980.    US$30.00
405.    Anchor Panama Embroidery.  Item number: 9903.    US$2.75
406.    Anchor Kuche (kitchen).  Item number: 17654.    US$4.00
407.    Anchor Fashion Embroidery: counted cross stitch on any fabric.  Item number: 28346.    US$3.00
408.    Anchor #592 Binca Embroidery.  Item number: 9859.    US$2.00
409.    Anchor Emby #593 Floral Motifs in Embroidery...  Item number: 5293.    US$3.00
410.    Anchor School Leaflet Embroidered Borders from Buildings.  Item number: 38828.    US$2.00
411.    Anchor School Leaflet Fish Motifs in Embroidery.  Item number: 49637.    US$3.50
412.    Anchor Transfer Alphabets and Numerals #940.  Item number: 45216.    US$4.99
413.    Andean Yarns Alpace Alpaquita Superfina Sweater Patterns.  Item number: 18366.    US$1.50
414.    Andere Old Needlework Boxes and Tools: their study and how to collect them.  Item number: 9937.    US$70.00
415.    Anders Applique: old and new.  Item number: 10879.    US$7.00
416.    Andersen & Caemmerer Jr Banners Banners Banners Etc..  Item number: 39189.    US$5.00
417.    Andersen Wandel Vogel-Jorgensen Berlingske Haandarbejds-Bog 1, 2, 3 (needlework book in 3 volumes).  Item number: 47463.    US$100.00
418.    Andersen, Inge Stokholm Charted Design #71084: Table Cloth with Fruit Motifs.  Item number: 45409.    US$7.50
419.    Andersen, Susan Be My Baby.  Item number: 50197.    US$2.50
420.    ANDERSON BRIDGET AND PADDY.  Item number: 2713.    US$4.00
421.    ANDERSON SVEN SCANDINAVIAN.  Item number: 2712.    US$4.00
422.    Anderson and Hopkins Feminine Face of God: unfolding the sacred in women.  Item number: 41221.    US$0.01
423.    Anderson and Pingree Sweaters from the Maine Islands.  Item number: 10844.    US$15.95
424.    Anderson et al Public Policy and Politics in America.  Item number: 43657.    US$5.00
425.    Anderson, Beryl Creative Spinning, Weaving & Plant Dyeing.  Item number: 51369.    US$2.50
426.    Anderson, Bruce N. Ecologue: the environmental catalogue and consumer's guide for a safe.  Item number: 42695.    US$2.50
427.    Anderson, Clarita S. Weaving a Legacy: The Don and Jean Stuck Coverlet Collection.  Item number: 22330.    US$125.00
428.    ANDERSON, Donald M. ELEMENTS OF DESIGN.  Item number: 2336.    US$25.00
429.    ANDERSON, F. CREWEL EMBROIDERY.  Item number: 677.    US$8.00
430.    Anderson, Fay Colour Book of Crewel Embroidery.  Item number: 50476.    US$4.75
431.    Anderson, Faye Applique Designs: full size patterns and instructions for 50 blocks.  Item number: 47764.    US$5.00
432.    Anderson, Jack Alice in Blunderland.  Item number: 44239.    US$4.35
433.    Anderson, Jack Anderson Papers.  Item number: 33501.    US$10.00
434.    Anderson, James R. What Must I do to be Saved? a devotional.  Item number: 51123.    US$5.00
435.    Anderson, Marina For Needlework Lovers (to cross stitch) #616.  Item number: 36926.    US$2.50
436.    Anderson, Sara Colors.  Item number: 21879.    US$3.50
437.    Anderson, Walt Politics and Environment: a reader in ecological crisis 2nd edition.  Item number: 46364.    US$5.40
438.    Anderson, Walt Place of Power: American Episode in Human Evolution.  Item number: 41860.    US$1.00
439.    ANDES FAR BEYOND THE FRINGE.  Item number: 1955.    US$8.95
440.    Andres Birds.  Item number: 24517.    US$6.00
441.    Andresen, Gudrun Bonde Syninger pa laerred 2.  Item number: 37302.    US$35.00
442.    Andresen, Gudrun Bonde Syninger pa laerred.  Item number: 25969.    US$35.00
443.    Andresen, Tove Form og fantasi-fritskabende broderi (Creative Embroidery).  Item number: 34780.    US$24.00
444.    Andrews and Bostwick Desert Farmers at the River's Edge: the Hohokam and Pueblo Grande.  Item number: 51315.    US$20.00
445.    Andrews, Christine Embroidery for Group Working...  Item number: 3815.    US$9.95
446.    Andrews, Fred H. Indian Art and Crafts,.  Item number: 8854.    US$12.00
447.    Andrews, J. Botanical Print: Apples.  Item number: 47528.    US$7.00
448.    Andrews, Pat Voices of Diversity: Twentieth-Century Perspectives on History and.  Item number: 42700.    US$2.50
449.    Andrezejewski, Jerzy Ashes and Diamonds.  Item number: 39533.    US$2.00
450.    ANG Needle Pointers 2001 March.  Item number: 40676.    US$1.25

Over 9000 Items found
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