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151.    Adams Lange Kamen (Everything I Do) I Do It For You.  Item number: 47193.    US$3.00
152.    Adams, Alice After the War.  Item number: 42137.    US$1.00
153.    Adams, Alice Rich Rewards.  Item number: 41743.    US$0.01
154.    Adams, Anne (4402) Dress Size 18.  Item number: 33816.    US$3.00
155.    Adams, by Clifton Looper Putting Toes on Women's Hosiery.  Item number: 48196.    US$4.50
156.    Adams, Harold Ditched Blonde: A Carl Wilcox Mystery.  Item number: 47316.    US$3.00
157.    Adams, Henry Education of Henry Adams.  Item number: 47330.    US$3.00
158.    Adams, Henry Thomas Hart Benton: Drawing from Life.  Item number: 50347.    US$20.00
159.    Adams, Henry Mont-Saint-Michel and Chartres.  Item number: 49009.    US$2.00
160.    Adams, Jo. Donald Naked We Came.  Item number: 21843.    US$35.00
161.    Adams, Robert McC. Evolution of Urban Society: Early Mesopotamia and Prehispanice Mexico.  Item number: 36860.    US$10.00
162.    Adams, Scott Dogbert's Top Secret Management Handbook.  Item number: 43752.    US$3.99
163.    Adams, Shirley Belt Bazaar.  Item number: 23018.    US$17.95
164.    Adams, Steven Arts & Crafts Movement.  Item number: 29598.    US$12.50
165.    Adelaide Cotton Pin Wheel Bedspread.  Item number: 48837.    US$2.00
166.    Adeney, W. B. Fabric Printing: Hours of Leisure with patterns and dyes.  Item number: 15384.    US$6.00
167.    ADLER NEEDLEPOINT, A NEW LOOK.  Item number: 2703.    US$22.95
168.    Adler-Jones Co. Artificial Flowers and Decoratives 1917 Spr/Sum.  Item number: 31556.    US$5.00
169.    Adlow, Elijah Threshold of Justice: a judge's life story.  Item number: 38280.    US$5.00
170.    Administration et Redaction ud magasin des Demoise Magasin des Demoiselles tome 25th.  Item number: 48405.    US$150.00
171.    Administration et Redaction ud magasin des Demoise Magasin des Demoiselles tome 26th.  Item number: 48406.    US$150.00
172.    Adrian et al Encyclopedia of American Government.  Item number: 45110.    US$4.50
173.    Adrian, Charles R. Governing Urban America: structure, politics and administration.  Item number: 42734.    US$2.50
174.    Adrosko, Rita J. Natural Dyes and Home Dyeing.  Item number: 8703.    US$2.95
175.    Advance (Pattern #1974) Gored Skirt and Calot.  Item number: 26673.    US$3.00
176.    Advance Fashion News 1949 December.  Item number: 48994.    US$2.00
177.    Advance Pattern Co. Inc. Advance-Sew Easy Spring 1964.  Item number: 47616.    US$2.50
178.    Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations Alternative Approaches to Governmental Reorganization in Metropolitan.  Item number: 49840.    US$5.00
179.    Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations Impact of Federal Urban Development Programs on Local Government Organ.  Item number: 46966.    US$7.50
180.    Aeggehaette Ensian (flower in cross stitch).  Item number: 49896.    US$3.00
181.    Aeroflot (Travel Ephemera) Brochure and 3 post cards from USSR.  Item number: 49393.    US$3.00
182.    Aeroflot's International Routes from Africa to the Soviet Union.  Item number: 49392.    US$4.00
183.    Aeropot Soviet Airline 16 Post Cards of Moscow.  Item number: 50685.    US$10.00
184.    Afro-American Studies Department Diaspora: the journal of black thought and culture Fall/Winter 1989.  Item number: 40063.    US$10.00
185.    After the Exhibition Russian Craftsmen Modern Folk Art...  Item number: 5564.    US$30.00
186.    AG Publishers Fashion Images.  Item number: 34910.    US$40.00
187.    Agar, Herbert Price of Power: America since 1945.  Item number: 46333.    US$5.40
188.    Agar, Herbert Saving Remnant: an account of Jewish Survival.  Item number: 39686.    US$3.00
189.    Agate, Kristina Easy to Make Dough Crafts: over 25 delightful gift ideas.  Item number: 34508.    US$6.00
190.    Agatston MD, Arthur South Beach Diet Cookbook.  Item number: 48084.    US$4.00
191.    Aggie J Hopscotch Revival.  Item number: 8926.    US$2.50
192.    Agile Rabbit Editions Indian Textile Prints with free cd-rom inside.  Item number: 37288.    US$15.00
193.    AGNEW, Patience NEEDLEPOINT FOR CHURCHES.  Item number: 884.    US$15.00
194.    Agnon, S. Y. Two Tales: Betrothed & Edo and Enam.  Item number: 43596.    US$5.00
195.    Agria, John J. College Housing: a critique of the Federal College Housing Loan Progr.  Item number: 44152.    US$3.99
196.    Agutter, Margaret Cross Stitch Patterns.  Item number: 34993.    US$10.00
197.    Ahern, Nell Giles Boston Globe's Chocolate Cook Book.  Item number: 38964.    US$3.00
198.    Ahlberg & Jarneryd Block and Silk Screen Printing.  Item number: 19922.    US$7.50
199.    Aiello, Janette Cats and Kittens: iron-on transfer patterns.  Item number: 47972.    US$3.00
200.    AIKEN PORTABLE NEEDLEPOINT BOUTIQUE.  Item number: 265.    US$4.00

Over 9000 Items found
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