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151.    Alden Royal Persia: tales and art of Iran.  Item number: 22145.    US$6.00
152.    Alderson and Smith Bride Goes West.  Item number: 42912.    US$3.00
153.    Alderson, Chottie Casebook of Needlepoint Projects and Techniques...  Item number: 4468.    US$6.25
154.    Alderson, Chottie Sunflower (needlepoint project) Oct 1972 EGA Seminar.  Item number: 49691.    US$3.50
155.    Aldridge and Swamidass Cross-Functional Management of Technology: cases and readings.  Item number: 45574.    US$5.50
156.    Aleene Egg Carton Novelties.  Item number: 26120.    US$2.00
157.    Aleene Projects with Cups.  Item number: 32833.    US$2.00
158.    Aleichem, Sholom Wandering Star.  Item number: 41542.    US$0.50
159.    Aleichem, Sholom Old Country.  Item number: 42145.    US$1.00
160.    Alexa Tabby Cat.  Item number: 35801.    US$2.50
161.    Alexander Hamilton Institute Modern Business: a series of texts prepared as part of the Modern.  Item number: 50184.    US$2.50
162.    ALEXANDER, Eugenie FABRIC PICTURES.  Item number: 3211.    US$3.98
163.    Alexander, Herbert E. Political Financing.  Item number: 41534.    US$1.00
164.    Alexis, Andre Childhood, a novel.  Item number: 41723.    US$0.01
165.    Alice Brooks (Design #7052) (girl) Child's Knitted Suit.  Item number: 49387.    US$3.00
166.    Alice Brooks Designs (Pattern #7448) Dressing Tables and Bedspreads.  Item number: 13127.    US$3.00
167.    Alire Saenz, Benjamin Carry Me Like Water, a novel.  Item number: 44131.    US$3.99
168.    All American Crafts Paint Works: magazine for decorative painters.  Item number: 38862.    US$3.00
169.    All American Crafts Fashion Knitting '95 June #77.  Item number: 37343.    US$3.00
170.    All American Crafts Fashion Knitting 1995 Oct.  Item number: 37824.    US$3.00
171.    All American Crafts Craft Works '92 Mar.  Item number: 27836.    US$2.25
172.    All American Crafts Fashion Knitting No 44 September 1989.  Item number: 48650.    US$3.50
173.    All American Crafts Knit 'n Style 2007 December.  Item number: 47017.    US$5.00
174.    All American Crafts Knit 'n Style 2008 August.  Item number: 47018.    US$5.00
175.    All American Crafts Knit 'n Style 2008 June.  Item number: 47019.    US$5.00
176.    All India Handicrafts Board National Awards to Master Craftsmen.  Item number: 38714.    US$4.00
177.    All India Handicrafts Board National Awards to Master Craftsmen 1966.  Item number: 42675.    US$2.50
178.    All-India Fine Arts & Crafts Society Roopa-Lekha: an illustrated journal of Indian arts and crafts.  Item number: 39000.    US$40.00
179.    All-India Fine Arts & Crafts Society Art News vol VI 1952 Mar/Apr nos. 2 & 3.  Item number: 44948.    US$4.50
180.    Allbeck, Tahia Be-Dazzling.  Item number: 16008.    US$14.00
181.    Allen Birth Symbol in Traditional Women's Art from Eurasia and the Western.  Item number: 24548.    US$35.00
182.    Allen Stone Brown Mother's Assistant and Young Lady's Friend 1853.  Item number: 39002.    US$40.00
183.    Allen, C. Frank Field and Office Tables specially applicable to railroads.  Item number: 35886.    US$10.00
184.    Allen, George E. Everyday Birds.  Item number: 38593.    US$5.00
185.    Allen, James S. Reconstruction: The Battle for Democracy 1865-1876.  Item number: 46691.    US$5.90
186.    Allen, Virginia Jean Dubuffet: drawings.  Item number: 40776.    US$4.95
187.    Allende, Isabel Ines of My Soul a novel.  Item number: 47327.    US$3.50
188.    Alley, Ronald Gauguin: 48 paintings in full colour and 6 black and white illustrati.  Item number: 40140.    US$5.00
189.    Allied Graphic Arts Modern Needlecraft & Sewing Showcase '73 Fall/Win.  Item number: 16589.    US$2.00
190.    Alliger, L. G. Fleur-de-Lis Fancies: an aid to art-needlework.  Item number: 48402.    US$25.00
191.    Allison and Halperin Beureaucratic Politics: a paradign and some policy implications.  Item number: 42759.    US$2.50
192.    Alma Lynne California Dreamin'.  Item number: 17563.    US$1.50
193.    Alma Lynne Stockings Were Hung... Leaflet I (Boy).  Item number: 29087.    US$2.50
194.    Alma Lynne To Sister & Brother with Love (charted designs).  Item number: 28382.    US$3.00
195.    Alma Lynne Stockings were Hung... II (Girl).  Item number: 13884.    US$2.00
196.    Alma Lynne Mini Monthly Series: children.  Item number: 36463.    US$2.50
197.    Alma Lynne Designs Mini Motif Designs (to cross stitch).  Item number: 36949.    US$2.50
198.    Alma Lynne Designs Park Avenue Collection.  Item number: 17665.    US$2.25
199.    Alnap Co Raffia #42.  Item number: 23121.    US$4.00
200.    Alperovitz and Faux Rebuilding America: a blueprint for the new economy.  Item number: 42454.    US$2.50

Over 9000 Items found
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