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51.    100 Idees Family Knits.  Item number: 5866.    US$9.95
52.    138Preiisner, Terry Ginger Snap: child's boat neck pullover.  Item number: 48155.    US$1.00
53.    1963 April #1 vol xxviii Heimatwerk, Booklet on Swiss Folkart and Handwork.  Item number: 47443.    US$15.00
54.    1965 August #2-3 vol xxx Heimatwerk, Booklet on Swiss Folkart and Handwork.  Item number: 47441.    US$15.00
55.    1968 Marz #1 vol xxxiii Heimatwerk, Booklet on Swiss Folkart and Handwork.  Item number: 47442.    US$15.00
56.    1970 Dec vol xxxv #4 Heimatwerk, Booklet on Swiss Folkart and Handwork.  Item number: 47440.    US$15.00
57.    1998 Costume Collections Series Reflections in Time- Calendar.  Item number: 30726.    US$5.00
58.    602Bartlett, George A. Is Marriage Necessary, the memoirs of a Reno judge.  Item number: 41649.    US$0.01
59.    90th Congress, S. 3497, Public Law 90-448 An Act: Housing and Urban Developement Act of 1968.  Item number: 47355.    US$7.50
60.    A Contemporary Jewish Review Response 1971 Fall #11.  Item number: 42639.    US$2.50
61.    A Practical Household Journal Ladies Home Companion vol xviii #8.  Item number: 50668.    US$5.00
62.    Aaron, Henry J. Federal Housing Subsidies: history, problems, and alternatives.  Item number: 41333.    US$0.50
63.    Aaron, Henry J. Why Is Welfare So Hard to Reform?.  Item number: 41536.    US$1.00
64.    Aaron, Henry J. Shelter and Subsidies: who benefits from Federal Housing Policies?.  Item number: 44652.    US$4.50
65.    Aaron, Henry J. Who Pays the Property Tax: a new view.  Item number: 50281.    US$2.50
66.    AB C.O. Borgs Textilindustri Borgs I Lund (Swedish Weavings).  Item number: 51001.    US$4.00
67.    Abbate editor Art Nouveau: the style of the 1890's.  Item number: 26983.    US$8.00
68.    Abbey Books Indian Miniatures: the song celestial or Bahagavad-Gita.  Item number: 39422.    US$5.00
69.    ABBEY, Barbara 101 WAYS TO IMPROVE YOUR KNITTING.  Item number: 482.    US$19.95
70.    ABBEY, Barbara COMPLETE BOOK OF KNITTING.  Item number: 499.    US$15.00
71.    ABBEY, Barbara COMPLETE BOOK OF KNITTING.  Item number: 45020.    US$15.00
72.    Abels & Koss Painting...Materials and Methods.  Item number: 36351.    US$3.00
73.    Abensour, Miguel (article) Saint-Just and the Problem of Heroism in the French Revoluti.  Item number: 48320.    US$3.00
74.    Ablow, Keith Compulsion.  Item number: 50068.    US$2.50
75.    Aboriginal Artists Desert Designs.  Item number: 11980.    US$19.95
76.    Abourzek, James G. Advice & Dissent: memoirs of South Dakota and the U. S. Senate.  Item number: 44211.    US$4.35
77.    Abraham, Henry J. Judicial Process.  Item number: 43561.    US$5.00
78.    Abrahams, Peter Fan.  Item number: 45912.    US$3.00
79.    Abramovitz, Janet N. Imperiled Waters, Impoverished Future: decline of freshwater ecosyste.  Item number: 42014.    US$0.25
80.    Abrams Publishing Day in the Life of Australia.  Item number: 48969.    US$7.00
81.    Abrams, Charles Language of Cities: a glossary of terms.  Item number: 43842.    US$3.99
82.    Abramson, Glenda Blackwell Companion to Jewish Culture.  Item number: 48502.    US$15.00
83.    Abrmovitz and Mattoon Paper Cuts: recovering the paper landscape.  Item number: 41342.    US$0.50
84.    Abse, Joan John Ruskin, the Passionate Moralist.  Item number: 45447.    US$4.99
85.    Academy of Political Science Political Science Quarterly 1979 Spring.  Item number: 43805.    US$3.99
86.    Academy of Political Science, Columbia University Control or Fate in Economic Affairs.  Item number: 42561.    US$2.50
87.    Academy of Sciences of the Uzbek SSR Miniatures: Illuminations of Amir Hosrov Dehlevi's Works.  Item number: 23730.    US$50.00
88.    Achdjian, Albert Un Art Fondamental Le Tapis: the Rug.  Item number: 11503.    US$135.00
89.    Ackerman, James S. Palladio.  Item number: 49202.    US$7.50
90.    Ackerman, Phyllis Enjoy Your Museum IV: Handwoven Textiles.  Item number: 12072.    US$2.00
91.    Ackerman, Phyllis Catalog of the Tapestries in the Collection of Frank Gair Macomber.  Item number: 10773.    US$50.00
92.    ADAC Freizeit-Atlas 15 ausgewahlte Panorama-Strassen Alpen.  Item number: 49298.    US$6.95
93.    Adam Ready-to-use Reading and Writing Silhouettes.  Item number: 34628.    US$4.95
94.    ADAMS PENNSYLVANIA DUTCH ART.  Item number: 1897.    US$1.00
95.    Adams Firsthand Report.  Item number: 32647.    US$5.00
96.    Adams Jr, Russell B. Boston Money Tree: how the proper men of Boston made, invested &.  Item number: 44855.    US$4.50
97.    Adams, Alice After the War.  Item number: 42137.    US$1.00
98.    Adams, Alice Rich Rewards.  Item number: 41743.    US$0.01
99.    Adams, by Clifton Looper Putting Toes on Women's Hosiery.  Item number: 48196.    US$4.50
100.    Adams, Harold Ditched Blonde: A Carl Wilcox Mystery.  Item number: 47316.    US$3.00

Over 9000 Items found
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