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401.    Archer, Jules. They Had a Dream: The Civil Rights Struggle from Frederick Douglass to Marcus Garvey to Martin Luther King and Malcolm X (Epoch Biographies)..  Item number: 1697.    US$17.00
402.    Bradley, Marion Zimmer. Ghostlight. .  Item number: 1698.    US$16.50
403.    Cader, Michael and Fabienne Marsh. Dave's World: The Unofficial Guide to the Late Show with David Letterman. .  Item number: 1702.    US$10.00
404.    Shackleton, Philip. The Furniture of Old Ontario. .  Item number: 1707.    US$85.00
405.    London, Oscar. Take One As Needed: 50 Capsules of Humor for Temporary Relief of Misery Due to Low-Fat Diets, Safe Sex, & Aerobic Exercise. .  Item number: 1708.    US$11.50
406.    Firestone, Roy with Scott Ostler. Up Close and In Your Face with the Greats, Near-Greats, and Ingrates of Sports. .  Item number: 1710.    US$15.00
407.    Clark, Mary Higgins. Moonlight Becomes You: A Novel [Large Print]. .  Item number: 1711.    US$12.50
408.    Immergut, Debra Jo. Private Property: Stories. .  Item number: 1714.    US$19.50
409.    Barsali, Isa Belli. Medieval Goldsmith's Work. .  Item number: 172.    US$17.50
410.    Kelly, Elizabeth Y. The Magic If: Stanislavski for Children. .  Item number: 1724.    US$20.00
411.    Landmarks from Bow to Boston. .  Item number: 1726.    US$15.00
412.    Roberts, Les. The Lake Effect: A Milan Jacovich Mystery..  Item number: 173.    US$18.00
413.    Freedman, Lew. Father of the Iditarod: The Joe Redington Story. .  Item number: 1732.    US$13.50
414.    Liberace. Liberace: An Autobiography. .  Item number: 1733.    US$17.50
415.    Grant, Linda. A Woman's Place. .  Item number: 1736.    US$10.00
416.    MacDonald, Patricia. No Way Home. .  Item number: 1737.    US$10.00
417.    Bradfield, Scott. The History of Luminous Motion. .  Item number: 176.    US$20.00
418.    Allen, David Grayson and Kathleen McDermott. Accounting for Success: A History of Price Waterhouse in America 1890-1990. .  Item number: 1760.    US$19.50
419.    Skutch, Robert. The Day the World Forgot: A Tale for All Times..  Item number: 1761.    US$10.00
420.    LaBella, Arleen and Dolores Leach. Personal Power: The Guide to Power for Today's Working Woman. .  Item number: 177.    US$13.50
421.    Sidney, Sylvia with Alfred Allen Lewis. Sylvia Sidney Needlepoint Book. .  Item number: 1770.    US$13.50
422.    Maran, Stephen P. (editor). The Astronomy and Astrophysics Encyclopedia. .  Item number: 1773.    US$95.00
423.    Potok, Chaim. I Am the Clay. .  Item number: 1779.    US$16.50
424.    Katzenbach, John. State of Mind..  Item number: 178.    US$13.50
425.    Rothwax, Harold J. Guilty: The Collapse of Criminal Justice. .  Item number: 1782.    US$15.00
426.    Perrin, Tom. Atlantic Coast Conference Football: A History Through 1991..  Item number: 179.    US$85.00
427.    Calhoun, Catherine. Discover the Shores of the Great Lakes. .  Item number: 1797.    US$14.50
428.    Healy, Jeremiah. Act of God..  Item number: 18.    US$16.50
429.    Rountree, Cathleen. The Heart of Marriage: Discovering the Secrets of Enduring Love. .  Item number: 1801.    US$16.50
430.    Zuill, William. Bermuda Journey: A Leisurely Guidebook. .  Item number: 1802.    US$24.50
431.    Weschler, Lawrence. A Miracle, a Universe: Settling Accounts with Torturers. .  Item number: 1805.    US$13.50
432.    Domar, Alice D. Healing Mind, Healthy Woman: Using the Mind-Body Connection to Manage Stress and Take Control of Your Life. .  Item number: 1807.    US$16.50
433.    Shagan, Steve. Pillars of Fire..  Item number: 1808.    US$10.00
434.    Yerby, Frank. Speak Now. .  Item number: 1809.    US$26.50
435.    Lynch, Wayne. Calgary: A Year in Focus. .  Item number: 1816.    US$25.00
436.    Park, Paul. The Gospel of Corax. .  Item number: 1825.    US$16.50
437.    Anderson, Poul. All One Universe. .  Item number: 183.    US$10.00
438.    Andrews, Clarence A. This is Iowa: A Cavalcade of the Tall Corn State. .  Item number: 1831.    US$23.50
439.    Cohen, William S. and George J. Mitchell. Men of Zeal: A Candid Inside Story of the Iran-Contra Hearings. .  Item number: 1832.    US$15.00
440.    Kuus, Juhan / Trevor McDonald. South Africa in Black and White. .  Item number: 1834.    US$24.50
441.    Miller, Lyle H. and Alma Dell Smith. Stress and Marriage: The Conflict-Reducing, Intimacy-Enhancing, Problem-Solving Guide to a Better Marriage. .  Item number: 1838.    US$12.50
442.    Shreve, Anita. The Weight of Water. .  Item number: 1842.    US$19.50
443.    Friskopp, Annette and Sharon Silverstein. Straight Jobs, Gay Lives: Gay and Lesbian Professionals, the Harvard Business School, and the American Workplace. .  Item number: 1853.    US$16.50
444.    Binkley, Sue. The Clockwork Sparrow: Time, Clocks, and Calendars in Biological Organisms. .  Item number: 1856.    US$17.50
445.    McCutchan, Philip. Convoy East..  Item number: 1860.    US$14.50
446.    Holland, Noy. The Spectacle of the Body: Stories. .  Item number: 1861.    US$14.50
447.    Edey, Maitland A. and Donald C. Johanson. Blueprints: Solving the Mystery of Evolution. .  Item number: 1862.    US$17.50
448.    Brehier, Jean-Pierre with Felicia Gressette. Sunshine Cuisine. .  Item number: 1869.    US$16.50
449.    The Museum of Television & Radio. Worlds Without End: The Art and History of the Soap Opera. .  Item number: 1870.    US$22.50
450.    Neft, David S., Bob Carroll, and Richard M. Cohen. The Boston Red Sox Trivia Book..  Item number: 1873.    US$10.00

4283 items found
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