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401.    Mason, Jerry (editor). The Family of Children. .  Item number: 1885.    US$28.50
402.    Campbell, Duncan. Issues: Secret Service. .  Item number: 1888.    US$15.00
403.    Scott, J. D. The End of an Old Song: A Romance. .  Item number: 1890.    US$22.50
404.    Hill, Porter. China Flyer: An Adam Horne Adventure. .  Item number: 1893.    US$18.50
405.    Paul, Barbara. But He Was Already Dead When I Got There..  Item number: 19.    US$11.50
406.    Hahn, Emily. Eve and the Apes. .  Item number: 190.    US$16.00
407.    Pearson, Katherine (editor). At Home with Southern Living. .  Item number: 1905.    US$23.50
408.    Wapshott, Nicholas. Carol Reed: A Biography..  Item number: 1906.    US$16.50
409.    Sweeney, James B. A Combat Reporter's Report. .  Item number: 1909.    US$20.00
410.    Snyder, William C. and Jerry Ellis. Wildlife Neighbors of the Williamsburg Area: Jamestown, Williamsburg, Yorktown. .  Item number: 1912.    US$12.50
411.    Clarke, Oz. The Crown Wine Price Guide: A Consumer and Professional Handbook. 1986 Edition. .  Item number: 1914.    US$12.50
412.    Campbell Soup Co. The International Cook. .  Item number: 1915.    US$11.50
413.    Roth, Leland M. A Concise History of American Architecture. .  Item number: 1917.    US$19.50
414.    Miura, Yuichiro with Eric Perlman. The Man Who Skied Down Everest. .  Item number: 1919.    US$20.00
415.    Gunn, Neil M. Blood Hunt. .  Item number: 1924.    US$16.50
416.    Anwar, Chairil. The Complete Poetry and Prose of Chairil Anwar..  Item number: 1926.    US$60.00
417.    Peters, Robert. Hunting the Snark: A Compendium of New Poetic Terminology..  Item number: 1927.    US$14.50
418.    Carrion, Arturo Morales. Puerto Rico: A Political and Cultural History. .  Item number: 193.    US$30.00
419.    Pannell, J.P.M. Man the Builder: An Illustrated History of Engineering. .  Item number: 1930.    US$17.50
420.    Naughton, Jim. Taking to the Air: The Rise of Michael Jordan..  Item number: 1933.    US$15.00
421.    Pick, Albert. Standard Catalog of World Paper Money. Volume Two: General Issues. .  Item number: 1936.    US$30.00
422.    Gibbings, Sarah. The Tie: Trends and Traditions. .  Item number: 1939.    US$30.00
423.    Seymour, Jane. Jane Seymour's Guide to Romantic Living. .  Item number: 1940.    US$20.00
424.    Masterton, Graham. Headlines. .  Item number: 1941.    US$15.00
425.    Hession, Charles H. John Kenneth Galbraith & His Critics. .  Item number: 1945.    US$17.50
426.    Gould, Philip. The Eighth Continent: Tales of the Foreign Service. .  Item number: 1955.    US$17.50
427.    Royko, Mike. Dr. Kookie, You're Right! .  Item number: 1963.    US$17.50
428.    Elliott, Charles. Princesse of Versailles: The Life of Marie Adelaide of Savoy. .  Item number: 1965.    US$17.50
429.    Barkley, Charles with Rick Reilly. Sir Charles: The Wit and Wisdom of Charles Barkley. .  Item number: 1971.    US$12.00
430.    Feinstein, John. A Season Inside: One Year in College Basketball..  Item number: 1974.    US$13.50
431.    Lasdun, James. Three Evenings: Stories..  Item number: 1976.    US$20.00
432.    Jones, Rod. Julia Paradise: A Novel. .  Item number: 1978.    US$16.50
433.    Coppel, Alfred. Glory's War (Book Two of The Goldenwing Cycle)..  Item number: 198.    US$11.50
434.    Nye, Nelson. Mule Man. .  Item number: 1981.    US$18.50
435.    Hager, Jean. Masked Dancers. .  Item number: 1982.    US$20.00
436.    Brown, Sandra. Breakfast in Bed. .  Item number: 1983.    US$14.50
437.    Nicholl, Charles. The Creature in the Map: A Journey to El Dorado. .  Item number: 1985.    US$18.50
438.    Mackenzie, Richard. A Wee Nip at the 19th Hole: A History of the St. Andrews Caddie. .  Item number: 1986.    US$18.50
439.    Tennyson, Charles and Christine Fall. Alfred Tennyson: An Annotated Bibliography. .  Item number: 1988.    US$20.00
440.    Brady, Philip. Using Type Right. .  Item number: 1989.    US$15.00
441.    Pirtle, Caleb, III. The Grandest Day. .  Item number: 199.    US$23.50
442.    Young, Kevin. Most Way Home. .  Item number: 1991.    US$23.50
443.    Reynolds, Sheri. Bitterroot Landing. .  Item number: 1992.    US$35.00
444.    Webber, George W. The Congregation in Mission: Emerging Structures for the Church in an Urban World. .  Item number: 1993.    US$13.50
445.    McFarland, Dennis. A Face at the Window. .  Item number: 1998.    US$16.50
446.    Parsons, Rupert. The Canberran..  Item number: 2.    US$14.50
447.    Callahan, Tom and Dave Kindred. Around the World in 18 Holes..  Item number: 2001.    US$12.00
448.    Kelman, James. A Disaffection. .  Item number: 2002.    US$24.50
449.    Callahan, Tom and Dave Kindred. Around the World in 18 Holes..  Item number: 2004.    US$14.50
450.    Dolby, James R. I, Too, Am Man: A Psychologist's Reflections on Christian Experience. .  Item number: 2007.    US$12.50

4265 items found
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