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151.    DeNevi, Don. Riddle of the Rock: The Only Successful Escape from Alcatraz. .  Item number: 1373.    US$19.50
152.    Karl, George with Don Yaeger. This Game's the Best! So Why Don't They Quit Screwing with It?.  Item number: 1375.    US$13.50
153.    Cheuse, Alan. The Tennessee Waltz and Other Stories. .  Item number: 1378.    US$13.50
154.    Byrnes, Thomas. Selling Sense. .  Item number: 1381.    US$17.50
155.    Holland, Celia. Great Maria. .  Item number: 1383.    US$16.50
156.    Haywood, Gar Anthony. It's Not a Pretty Sight: An Aaron Gunner Mystery..  Item number: 1384.    US$16.50
157.    Kline, Christina Baker. Desire Lines: A Novel. .  Item number: 1386.    US$15.00
158.    Finch, Phillip. Paradise Junction. .  Item number: 139.    US$15.00
159.    Gerard, Philip. Desert Kill. .  Item number: 1390.    US$18.50
160.    Garfield, Charles. Peak Performers: The New Heroes of American Business. .  Item number: 1392.    US$15.00
161.    Fruehling, Rosemary T. and N.B. Oldham. Write to the Point! Letters, Memos, and Reports That Get Results. .  Item number: 1395.    US$12.50
162.    Hill, Linda A. Becoming a Manager: Mastery of a New Identity. .  Item number: 1396.    US$16.50
163.    Rion, Michael. The Responsible Manager: Practical Strategies for Ethical Decision Making. .  Item number: 1397.    US$16.50
164.    Goldberg, Lee. Beyond the Beyond. .  Item number: 1399.    US$13.50
165.    Riley, Pat. Show Time: Inside the Lakers' Breakthrough Season..  Item number: 1400.    US$16.50
166.    Hannah, Barry. Hey Jack! .  Item number: 1401.    US$19.50
167.    Kidder, Tracy. Old Friends. .  Item number: 1407.    US$14.50
168.    Archer, Clive and David Scrivener. Northern Waters: Security and Resource Issues. .  Item number: 1413.    US$35.00
169.    Inman, Robert. Dairy Queen Days: A Novel. .  Item number: 1414.    US$14.50
170.    Roosevelt, Elliott. The White House Pantry Murder. .  Item number: 1415.    US$18.50
171.    Edgerton, Clyde. The Floatplane Notebooks: A Novel..  Item number: 1419.    US$13.50
172.    Colbert, Edwin H. Digging into the Past: An Autobiography. .  Item number: 1420.    US$16.50
173.    Doig, Ivan. Ride with Me, Mariah Montana. .  Item number: 1422.    US$16.50
174.    Johnston, Velda. The Underground Stream. .  Item number: 1423.    US$19.50
175.    Collier, James Lincoln. The Making of Man: The Story of Our Ancient Ancestors. .  Item number: 1431.    US$18.50
176.    Page, Jake. The Deadly Canyon..  Item number: 1433.    US$16.50
177.    Haywood, Gar Anthony. Bad News Travels Fast..  Item number: 1435.    US$11.50
178.    Hatcher, Robin Lee. Whispers from Yesterday. .  Item number: 1437.    US$10.00
179.    Whitney, Phyllis A. The Singing Stones. .  Item number: 1439.    US$10.00
180.    Kakonis, Tom. Michigan Roll: A Novel. .  Item number: 1445.    US$30.00
181.    Seton, Ernest Thompson. Wild Animals I Have Known. .  Item number: 1447.    US$22.50
182.    Mear, Roger and Robert Swan. A Walk to the Pole: To the Heart of Antarctica in the Footsteps of Scott..  Item number: 1448.    US$16.00
183.    Clark, Mary Higgins (editor). The International Association of Crime Writers Presents Bad Behavior. .  Item number: 1451.    US$14.50
184.    Parnall, Peter. Woodpile. .  Item number: 1454.    US$22.50
185.    Erickson, Steve. Rubicon Beach. .  Item number: 146.    US$20.00
186.    Collins, Carolyn Strom and Christina Wyss Erikson. The Little Women Treasury. .  Item number: 1460.    US$18.50
187.    Philip, Neil (editor). Singing America: Poems That Define a Nation. .  Item number: 1461.    US$17.50
188.    The Bible Through the Ages..  Item number: 1462.    US$17.50
189.    Warren, Paul. Caleb Beldragon's Chronicle of the Three Counties. .  Item number: 1466.    US$13.50
190.    Jordan, Heather Bryant. How Will the Heart Endure: Elizabeth Bowen and the Landscape of War. .  Item number: 1468.    US$32.50
191.    Lipman, Elinor. The Way Men Act: A Novel. .  Item number: 1470.    US$14.50
192.    Siegel, Beatrice. Lillian Wald of Henry Street. .  Item number: 1471.    US$17.50
193.    Parkinson, C. Northcote. The Life and Times of Horatio Hornblower..  Item number: 1481.    US$13.50
194.    White, Colin (editor). The Nelson Companion..  Item number: 1482.    US$13.50
195.    Kapitza [Kapitsa], Peter. Kapitza in Cambridge and Moscow: Life and Letters of a Russian Physicist. .  Item number: 1483.    US$22.50
196.    Ely, Scott. Pit Bull. .  Item number: 1486.    US$14.50
197.    Conaway, James. The Kingdom in the Country. .  Item number: 1488.    US$15.00
198.    Hentoff, Nat. John Cardinal O'Connor: At the Storm Center of a Changing American Catholic Church. .  Item number: 149.    US$12.50
199.    Montecino, Marcel. Sacred Heart. .  Item number: 1491.    US$14.50
200.    Goddall, Jane. Animal Series 6 of 8 volumes. .  Item number: 1494.    US$30.00

4238 items found
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