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451.    Francis, Dick. To the Hilt. .  Item number: 223.    US$16.00
452.    Dickinson, Peter. Merlin Dreams..  Item number: 2234.    US$100.00
453.    Henry, Marguerite with illustrations by Wesley Dennis. Black Gold. .  Item number: 2236.    US$75.00
454.    Masters, Olga. Amy's Children..  Item number: 224.    US$20.00
455.    Reuss, Frederick. Horace Afoot. .  Item number: 2240.    US$30.00
456.    Trillin, Calvin. Family Man. .  Item number: 2242.    US$15.00
457.    Faust, Ron. Fugitive Moon. .  Item number: 2244.    US$17.50
458.    Middlebrook, Christina. Seeing the Crab: A Memoir of Dying. .  Item number: 2248.    US$15.00
459.    Wilson, Jean. The Shakespeare Legacy: The Material Legacy of Shakespeare's Theatre. .  Item number: 2249.    US$22.50
460.    Conant, Susan. Black Ribbon: A Dog Lover's Mystery. .  Item number: 2251.    US$15.00
461.    Schuchard, Oliver (photographer) / Steve Kohler (text). Two Ozark Rivers: The Current and the Jack's Fork. .  Item number: 2253.    US$28.50
462.    Green, Melinda. Rachel's Recital. .  Item number: 2254.    US$20.00
463.    Bishop, Robert. Quilts, Coverlets, Rugs & Samplers. .  Item number: 2256.    US$37.50
464.    Rahn, Joan Elma. Keeping Warm, Keeping Cool. .  Item number: 2258.    US$14.50
465.    Redlich, Fredrick and Daniel X. Freedman. The Theory and Practice of Psychiatry..  Item number: 2260.    US$20.00
466.    Conley, Robert J. The Saga of Henry Starr..  Item number: 2261.    US$25.00
467.    Holmes, Cora. Good-Bye, Boise...Hello, Alaska. .  Item number: 2265.    US$14.50
468.    Le Pelley, Guernsey. Once Over Lightly. .  Item number: 227.    US$11.50
469.    Ware, George W. (editor). Reviews Of Environmental Contamination And Toxicology, Volume 142..  Item number: 2274.    US$70.00
470.    Pedrycz, Witold (editor). Fuzzy Modelling: Paradigms And Practice..  Item number: 2276.    US$220.00
471.    Marx, Maarten, Laszlo Polos, and Michael Masuch. Arrow Logic and Multi-Modal Logic (Center for the Study of Language and Information - Lecture Notes)..  Item number: 2280.    US$50.00
472.    Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus. The Sources: 2. .  Item number: 2281.    US$20.00
473.    Dafermos, Constantine, J.L. Ericksen, and David Kinderlehrer. Amorphous Polymers and Non-Newtonian Fluids (The IMA Volumes in Mathematics and Its Applications; Volume 6)..  Item number: 2290.    US$60.00
474.    Linderman, Frank Bird. Wolf and the Winds..  Item number: 2292.    US$16.00
475.    Patterson, Daniel W. and Charles G. Zug III (editors). Arts in Earnest: North Carolina Folklife..  Item number: 2295.    US$20.00
476.    Cummins, Robert and John Pollock (editors). Philosophy and AI: Essays at the Interface..  Item number: 2297.    US$35.00
477.    Wrobel, Stefan. Concept Formation and Knowledge Revision..  Item number: 2300.    US$130.00
478.    Laborde, Jean-Marie (editor). Intelligent Learning Environments: The Case of Geometry (NATO ASI Series F: Computer and Systems Sciences, Vol. 117)..  Item number: 2301.    US$80.00
479.    Ploog, K. H. and L. Tapfer (editors). Physics and Technology of Semiconductor Quantum Devices: Proceedings of the International School Held in Mesagne (Brindisi), Italy 21-26 September 1992 (Lecture Notes in Physics, Vol. 419)..  Item number: 2303.    US$80.00
480.    Roe, Byron P. Probability and Statistics in Experimental Physics..  Item number: 2305.    US$37.50
481.    Linton, Joan Pong. The Romance of the New World: Gender and the Literary Formations of English Colonialism (Cambridge Studies in Renaissance Literature and Culture 27)..  Item number: 2308.    US$70.00
482.    Santmyer, Helen Hoover. Farewell, Summer..  Item number: 231.    US$13.50
483.    Prose, Francine. The Peaceable Kingdom: Stories..  Item number: 2311.    US$20.00
484.    Hollyday, Joyce. Turning Toward Home: A Sojourn of Hope..  Item number: 2312.    US$14.50
485.    Breen, John F. Encyclopedia of Reptiles and Amphibians..  Item number: 2315.    US$26.50
486.    Day, Dianne. Emperor Norton's Ghost: A Fremont Jones Mystery. .  Item number: 2322.    US$16.50
487.    Chamberlin, Ann. Reign of the Favored Women. .  Item number: 2323.    US$16.50
488.    Shalev, Meir. The Loves of Judith. .  Item number: 2325.    US$16.50
489.    Schine, Cathleen. The Evolution of Jane. .  Item number: 2326.    US$16.50
490.    Diamond, Rickey Gard. Second Sight: A Novel..  Item number: 2328.    US$12.50
491.    Wiggins, Marianne. Almost Heaven: A Novel. .  Item number: 2329.    US$16.50
492.    McNally, T. M. Almost Home. .  Item number: 2330.    US$16.50
493.    Tokunaga, Suminori. Landownership and Residential Land Use in Urban Economics: Existence and Uniqueness of the Equilibrium..  Item number: 2332.    US$75.00
494.    Kaiser, Uwe. Link Theory in Manifolds (Lecture Notes in Mathematics, 1669)..  Item number: 2333.    US$25.00
495.    The Spider Web 1933..  Item number: 2335.    US$45.00
496.    Sawyer, John. History of Cherry Valley From 1740 to 1898..  Item number: 2336.    US$25.00
497.    Taylor, Jeri. Mosaic: A Novel (Star Trek Voyager)..  Item number: 2339.    US$13.50
498.    Coren, Alan (ed.). Punch in the Country. .  Item number: 238.    US$25.00
499.    Koren, Edward. What about Me?: Cartoons from the New Yorker..  Item number: 2402.    US$11.50
500.    Clark, Tom and Dick Kleiner. Rock Hudson: Friend of Mine..  Item number: 2403.    US$13.50

4028 items found
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