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451.    Robinson, Ray. The Home Run Heard 'Round the World: The Dramatic Story of the 1951 Giants--Dodgers Pennant Race..  Item number: 1620.    US$16.50
452.    Grizzard, Lewis. Chili Dawgs Always Bark at Night..  Item number: 1621.    US$14.50
453.    Biderman, Bob. Judgement of Death. .  Item number: 1622.    US$13.50
454.    Sarrantonio, Al. The Worms. .  Item number: 1623.    US$14.50
455.    McCarthy, Mary. Occasional Prose. .  Item number: 1626.    US$15.00
456.    Currah, Ann (editor). The Cat Compendium. .  Item number: 163.    US$15.00
457.    Roberts, Les. The Cleveland Local: A Cleveland Novel Featuring Milan Jacovich..  Item number: 1634.    US$16.50
458.    Lapham, Lewis H. (editor) with Peter T. Struck. The End of the World. .  Item number: 1638.    US$18.50
459.    Brooks, Charles (editor). Best Editorial Cartoons of the Year: 1992 Edition. .  Item number: 1640.    US$12.00
460.    Foxworthy, Jeff. No Shirt. No Shoes....No Problem! .  Item number: 1641.    US$15.00
461.    Bova, Ben. Millennium: A Novel About People and Politics in the Year 1999. .  Item number: 1643.    US$11.50
462.    New Pathways in Science and Technology: Collected Research Briefings 1982-1984. .  Item number: 1644.    US$10.00
463.    Davidson, Lionel. Kolymsky Heights. .  Item number: 1646.    US$14.50
464.    Williamson, Harold F., et al. The American Petroleum Industry: The Age of Energy 1899-1959. .  Item number: 1656.    US$32.50
465.    Plain, Belva. The Golden Cup. .  Item number: 1657.    US$15.00
466.    Ward, Mary. The Hodgson Mill Oat Bran Cookbook and Guide to Reducing Blood Cholesterol. .  Item number: 1661.    US$11.50
467.    Sarah, the Duchess of York, with Jeff Coplon. My Story. .  Item number: 1669.    US$14.50
468.    Chetwin, Grace. The Atheling..  Item number: 167.    US$13.50
469.    Foster, Alan Dean. Dinotopia Lost. .  Item number: 1672.    US$14.50
470.    Cornwell, Patricia. Scarpetta's Winter Table..  Item number: 1673.    US$30.00
471.    Naisbitt, John. Megatrends Asia: Eight Asian Megatrends That Are Reshaping Our World. .  Item number: 1674.    US$14.50
472.    Berrall, Julia S. The Garden: An Illustrated History. .  Item number: 1677.    US$18.50
473.    Alexander, Lydia Lewis, et al. Wearing Purple. .  Item number: 1678.    US$13.50
474.    Strand, Mark. Walleye Tactics, Tips & Tales (Complete Angler's Library)..  Item number: 1679.    US$11.50
475.    Stein, Richard with Stephani Cook. Set Free -- The Book About Hair. .  Item number: 1680.    US$20.00
476.    Winfrey, Oprah. Journey to Beloved. .  Item number: 1682.    US$20.00
477.    Lenz, Frederick. Surfing the Himalayas: A Spiritual Adventure. .  Item number: 1683.    US$13.50
478.    Jordan, Michael. For the Love of the Game: My Story. .  Item number: 1684.    US$11.50
479.    Schaeffer, Susan Fromberg. The Golden Rope. .  Item number: 1686.    US$13.50
480.    Bailey, Covert and Rhonda Gates. Smart Eating: Choosing Wisely, Living Lean. .  Item number: 1687.    US$14.50
481.    Pope, Dudley. Ramage at Trafalgar: A Novel..  Item number: 1689.    US$50.00
482.    Zarnow, Teryl. The Mother Side of Midnight: Nocturnal Confessions of a Lunchbox Queen. .  Item number: 169.    US$14.50
483.    Rossi, Christina Peri. Dostoevsky's Last Night. .  Item number: 1690.    US$14.50
484.    Young, Jim. Armed Memory. .  Item number: 1693.    US$16.50
485.    Benatovich, Beth (compiler). What We Know So Far: Wisdom Among Women. .  Item number: 1694.    US$14.50
486.    Archer, Jules. They Had a Dream: The Civil Rights Struggle from Frederick Douglass to Marcus Garvey to Martin Luther King and Malcolm X (Epoch Biographies)..  Item number: 1697.    US$17.00
487.    Bradley, Marion Zimmer. Ghostlight. .  Item number: 1698.    US$16.50
488.    Cader, Michael and Fabienne Marsh. Dave's World: The Unofficial Guide to the Late Show with David Letterman. .  Item number: 1702.    US$10.00
489.    Shackleton, Philip. The Furniture of Old Ontario. .  Item number: 1707.    US$85.00
490.    London, Oscar. Take One As Needed: 50 Capsules of Humor for Temporary Relief of Misery Due to Low-Fat Diets, Safe Sex, & Aerobic Exercise. .  Item number: 1708.    US$11.50
491.    Firestone, Roy with Scott Ostler. Up Close and In Your Face with the Greats, Near-Greats, and Ingrates of Sports. .  Item number: 1710.    US$15.00
492.    Clark, Mary Higgins. Moonlight Becomes You: A Novel [Large Print]. .  Item number: 1711.    US$12.50
493.    Immergut, Debra Jo. Private Property: Stories. .  Item number: 1714.    US$19.50
494.    Barsali, Isa Belli. Medieval Goldsmith's Work. .  Item number: 172.    US$17.50
495.    Kelly, Elizabeth Y. The Magic If: Stanislavski for Children. .  Item number: 1724.    US$20.00
496.    Landmarks from Bow to Boston. .  Item number: 1726.    US$15.00
497.    Roberts, Les. The Lake Effect: A Milan Jacovich Mystery..  Item number: 173.    US$18.00
498.    Freedman, Lew. Father of the Iditarod: The Joe Redington Story. .  Item number: 1732.    US$13.50
499.    Liberace. Liberace: An Autobiography. .  Item number: 1733.    US$17.50
500.    Grant, Linda. A Woman's Place. .  Item number: 1736.    US$10.00

4312 items found
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