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551.    Campbell, Suzan. Preface by Thomas Buechner. The American West: People, Places, and Ideas..  Item number: 9040.    US$18.50
552.    Campiglia, James; Wells, Steve. The Official U.S. Casino Chip Price Guide..  Item number: 7176.    US$17.50
553.    Campolo, Tony. Letters to a Young Evangelical (Art of Mentoring)..  Item number: 5132.    US$15.00
554.    Camus, Albert. Neither Victims nor Executioners..  Item number: 5211.    US$20.00
555.    Canadian Authors Association. Pure Fiction: The Okanagan Short Story Award Winners. .  Item number: 378.    US$16.50
556.    Canavan, Andrea. The Federal Aviation Administration (Your Government--How It Works)..  Item number: 2712.    US$16.50
557.    Canavan, Trudi. The Magician's Apprentice..  Item number: 7070.    US$15.00
558.    Cannadine, David. G.M. Trevelyan: A Life in History..  Item number: 4585.    US$20.00
559.    Cannell, Dorothy. The Importance of Being Ernestine: An Ellie Haskell Mystery..  Item number: 7015.    US$16.50
560.    Cannell, Stephen J. The Viking Funeral..  Item number: 9489.    US$13.50
561.    Cannon, Jack. Cannibal..  Item number: 9353.    US$40.00
562.    Cantelon, Philip L. and Kenneth D. Durr. The Roadway Story..  Item number: 6707.    US$40.00
563.    Cantril, Hadley and Charles H. Bumstead. Reflections on the Human Venture..  Item number: 5510.    US$13.50
564.    Capps, Benjamin. Tales of the Southwest (A Double D western)..  Item number: 4437.    US$14.50
565.    Card, Orson Scott. Earthfall (Homecoming: Volume 4)..  Item number: 6420.    US$16.50
566.    Card, Orson Scott. Earthborn (Homecoming: Volume 5)..  Item number: 8630.    US$16.50
567.    Card, Orson Scott. Shadow of the Giant..  Item number: 9564.    US$14.00
568.    Cardwell, Donna. Silk Art Embroidery: A Woman's History of Ornament & Empowerment..  Item number: 9583.    US$20.00
569.    Carey, Diane. Rose Legacy. .  Item number: 1257.    US$13.50
570.    Carey, Jacqueline. Naamah's Curse..  Item number: 8790.    US$16.50
571.    Carhart, Tom. Lost Triumph: Lee's Real Plan at Gettysburg -- And Why It Failed..  Item number: 9556.    US$20.00
572.    Carl Hiaasen. Star Island..  Item number: 9233.    US$14.50
573.    Carlon, Patricia. The Price of an Orphan. .  Item number: 2066.    US$15.00
574.    Carmody, John. How to Handle Trouble: a Guide to Peace of Mind. .  Item number: 448.    US$17.50
575.    Carpenter, Humphrey. J.R.R. Tolkien: A Biography..  Item number: 6461.    US$15.00
576.    Carpenter, William. Power Boating: The Great Ideas Book : How to Buy & Sell, Equip, Trailer, Operate, Maintain, Store, and Insure Your Power Boat Successfully!.  Item number: 5977.    US$15.00
577.    Carrion, Arturo Morales. Puerto Rico: A Political and Cultural History. .  Item number: 193.    US$30.00
578.    Carroll, Daniel B. Henri Mercier and the American Civil War..  Item number: 3262.    US$35.00
579.    Carroll, Francis M. Money for Ireland: Finance, Diplomacy, Politics, and the First Dail Eireann Loans, 1919-1936 (Praeger Studies in Diplomacy and Strategic Thought)..  Item number: 7924.    US$45.00
580.    Carroll, James. An American Requiem: God, My Father, and the War That Came Between Us..  Item number: 9002.    US$20.00
581.    Carsten, Francis Ludwig. War Against War: British and German Radical Movements in the First World War..  Item number: 4140.    US$17.50
582.    Cart, Michael. Presenting Robert Lipsyte (Twayne's United States Authors Series)..  Item number: 7885.    US$24.00
583.    Carter, Alden R. Colonies in Revolt (The American Revolution)..  Item number: 8445.    US$12.50
584.    Carter, Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter. Everything to Gain: Making the Most of the Rest of Your Life..  Item number: 5389.    US$13.50
585.    Carter, Jimmy. The Hornet's Nest: A Novel of the Revolutionary War..  Item number: 8570.    US$18.50
586.    Carter, Rosalynn. Helping Yourself Help Others: A Book for Caregivers..  Item number: 5267.    US$20.00
587.    Cartier-Bresson, Henri. Henri Cartier-Bresson: A Propos de Paris..  Item number: 6316.    US$22.00
588.    Cartland, Barbara. Journey to Paradise..  Item number: 1048.    US$13.50
589.    Cartwright, Justin. Look at It This Way..  Item number: 1170.    US$15.00
590.    Carver, Jeffrey A. Strange Attractors (Chaos Chronicles, Volume Two)..  Item number: 6423.    US$23.00
591.    Carver, Raymond. Cathedral: Stories..  Item number: 6605.    US$45.00
592.    Cary, Bob. Ely Echoes: The Portages Grow Longer..  Item number: 5629.    US$11.00
593.    Cason, Buzz. Living the Rock'N'Roll Dream: The Adventures of Buzz Cason..  Item number: 6201.    US$23.00
594.    Cassidy, Anita. A Practical Guide to Information Systems Strategic Planning..  Item number: 5579.    US$40.00
595.    Catanach, J, N. The Last Rite of Hugo T..  Item number: 7542.    US$12.50
596.    Cauwels, Janice M. Imbroglio: Rising to the Challenges of Borderline Personality Disorder..  Item number: 4186.    US$27.50
597.    Celeste, Dagmar Braun. We Can Do Together: Impressions of a Recovering Feminist First Lady..  Item number: 8363.    US$16.00
598.    Celeste, Dagmar Braun. We Can Do Together: Impressions of a Recovering Feminist First Lady..  Item number: 3975.    US$17.50
599.    Celeste, Dagmar Braun. We Can Do Together: Impressions of a Recovering Feminist First Lady..  Item number: 3799.    US$11.50
600.    Cerri, Stefano A. and John Whiting (editors). Learning Technology in the European Communities - Proceedings of the DELTA Conference on Research and Development - The Hague - 18-19 October, 1990..  Item number: 2596.    US$320.00

3968 items found
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