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551.    Burmeister, Jon. The Plekhanov Original..  Item number: 4205.    US$17.50
552.    Burnham, Sophy. The Treasure of Montsegur: A Novel of the Cathars..  Item number: 2676.    US$13.50
553.    Burnham, Sue, Yukiko Saegusa, and Michael Sedunary. Kimono 3..  Item number: 6238.    US$20.00
554.    Burns, Edward. Restoration Comedy: Crises of Desire and Identity..  Item number: 7472.    US$30.00
555.    Burns, James MacGregor. Edward Kennedy and the Camelot Legacy..  Item number: 6830.    US$11.50
556.    Burns, Olive Ann. Cold Sassy Tree..  Item number: 5319.    US$100.00
557.    Burns, Olive Ann. Leaving Cold Sassy: The Unfinished Sequel to Cold Sassy Tree; with a Reminiscence by Katrina Kenison. .  Item number: 371.    US$16.50
558.    Burr, Carol J. Centennial: A Portrait of the University of Oklahoma [1890-1990]..  Item number: 6214.    US$40.00
559.    Burroughs, Augusten. Magical Thinking: True Stories..  Item number: 7933.    US$20.00
560.    Burton, William L. Melting Pot Soldiers: The Union's Ethnic Regiments..  Item number: 4245.    US$22.50
561.    Buscema, Dave. Game of My Life: 20 Stories of Yankees Baseball..  Item number: 7744.    US$17.50
562.    Buss, Jeanie; Steve Springer. Laker Girl..  Item number: 10117.    US$15.00
563.    Butcher, Jim. Changes: A Novel of the Dresden Files (Dresden Files, Book 12)..  Item number: 8816.    US$14.50
564.    Butcher, Jim. First Lord's Fury: Book Six of the Codex Alera..  Item number: 8817.    US$14.50
565.    Butcher, Jim. The Dresden Files: Welcome to the Jungle..  Item number: 7890.    US$30.00
566.    Butcher, Jim. Turn Coat: A Novel of the Dresden Files..  Item number: 9046.    US$14.50
567.    Butler, Octavia E. Dawn..  Item number: 7921.    US$30.00
568.    Butler, Robert Olen. Had a Good Time: Stories from American Postcards..  Item number: 6034.    US$17.50
569.    Butscher, Edward. Poems About Silence. .  Item number: 820.    US$18.50
570.    Buttitta, Tony. The Lost Summer: A Personal Memoir of F. Scott Fitzgerald..  Item number: 9625.    US$17.50
571.    Buxbaum, Yitzhak. Jewish Spiritual Practices..  Item number: 9631.    US$100.00
572.    Buxton, John. Grecian Taste : Literature in the Age of Neo-Classicism, 1740-1820..  Item number: 8120.    US$17.50
573.    Byrne, Robert; Skelton, Teressa. Every Day Is Father's Day: The Best Things Ever Said About Dear Old Dad..  Item number: 7323.    US$11.50
574.    Byrnes, Thomas. Selling Sense. .  Item number: 1381.    US$17.50
575.    C, Blakeman- John. The Bible in the Park: Religious Expression, Public Forums, and Federal District Courts (Law, Politics, and Society)..  Item number: 7880.    US$15.00
576.    Cader, Michael and Fabienne Marsh. Dave's World: The Unofficial Guide to the Late Show with David Letterman. .  Item number: 1702.    US$10.00
577.    Cady, Jack. The Off Season: A Victorian Sequel..  Item number: 1002.    US$16.50
578.    Calcagno, Ann (editor). Travelers' Tales Italy..  Item number: 2888.    US$12.50
579.    Calder, Richard. Dead Girls..  Item number: 7392.    US$20.00
580.    Caldera, Rafael. Andres Bello: Philosopher, Poet, Philologist, Educator, Legislator, Statesman..  Item number: 7541.    US$14.50
581.    Calhoun, Catherine. Discover the Shores of the Great Lakes. .  Item number: 1797.    US$14.50
582.    Callahan, Terry. Career Preparation Clubs: Goal Oriented (Cocurricular Activities Their Values and Benefits)..  Item number: 4777.    US$16.00
583.    Callahan, Tom and Dave Kindred. Around the World in 18 Holes..  Item number: 2001.    US$12.00
584.    Callahan, Tom and Dave Kindred. Around the World in 18 Holes..  Item number: 2004.    US$14.50
585.    Calloway, Stephen (Introduction). The Victorian Catalogue of Houshold Furnshngs (Hampton & Sons)..  Item number: 6444.    US$14.50
586.    Calvert, N.G. Windpower Principles: Their Application on the Small Scale..  Item number: 4860.    US$20.00
587.    Cameron, Alice. Illustrated by Carol Jones. The Cat Sat on the Mat..  Item number: 8932.    US$18.00
588.    Cammack, Diana. The Rand at War, 1899-1902: The Witwatersrand and the Anglo-Boer War (Perspectives on Southern Africa)..  Item number: 3943.    US$18.00
589.    Campbell Historical Museum & Ainsley House and Karen Brey. Campbell (CA) (Images of America)..  Item number: 8786.    US$11.50
590.    Campbell Soup Co. The International Cook. .  Item number: 1915.    US$11.50
591.    Campbell, Duncan. Issues: Secret Service. .  Item number: 1888.    US$15.00
592.    Campbell, Norine Dickson. Patrick Henry: Patriot and Statesman..  Item number: 8637.    US$18.50
593.    Campbell, Ramsey. Needing Ghosts..  Item number: 10031.    US$14.50
594.    Campbell, Randolph B. Sam Houston and the American Southwest. .  Item number: 1146.    US$12.50
595.    Campbell, Robert. The Lion's Share. .  Item number: 484.    US$15.00
596.    Campbell, S. C. Only Begotten Sonnets: A Reconstruction of Shakespeare's Sonnet Sequence..  Item number: 7591.    US$20.00
597.    Campbell, Suzan. Preface by Thomas Buechner. The American West: People, Places, and Ideas..  Item number: 9040.    US$18.50
598.    Campiglia, James; Wells, Steve. The Official U.S. Casino Chip Price Guide..  Item number: 7176.    US$17.50
599.    Campolo, Tony. Letters to a Young Evangelical (Art of Mentoring)..  Item number: 5132.    US$15.00
600.    Camus, Albert. Neither Victims nor Executioners..  Item number: 5211.    US$20.00

4363 items found
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