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301.    Talbot J. Taylor Collection Furniture, Wood-Carving & Other Branches of the Decorative Arts.  Item number: 12537.    US$35.00
302.    Annual Report of the Art Commission of New York City for 1905 / Minutes of....  Item number: 12538.    US$65.00
303.    Annual Report of the Art Commission of New York City for 1904 / Minutes of....  Item number: 12539.    US$65.00
304.    Miller, Jim Start the Press! The Outrageous Story of the Beginning of an Outrageous Newspaper.  Item number: 1254.    US$15.00
305.    Pohl, Frederick (ed.) Star No.1.  Item number: 12543.    US$6.00
306.    Pohl, Frederick (ed.) Star No.2.  Item number: 12544.    US$6.00
307.    Pohl, Frederick (ed.) Star No.2.  Item number: 12545.    US$6.00
308.    Pohl, Frederick (ed.) Star No.3.  Item number: 12546.    US$6.00
309.    Pohl, Frederick (ed.) Star No.4.  Item number: 12547.    US$6.00
310.    Pohl, Frederick (ed.) Star No.4.  Item number: 12548.    US$6.00
311.    Pohl, Frederick (ed.) Star No.5.  Item number: 12549.    US$6.00
312.    Pohl, Frederick (ed.) Star No.6.  Item number: 12550.    US$6.00
313.    Pohl, Frederick & C.M.Kornbluth Search the Sky.  Item number: 12551.    US$6.00
314.    Merril, Judith (ed.) S-F The Year's Greatest Science Fiction & Fantasy.  Item number: 12553.    US$6.00
315.    Brackett, Leigh The Coming of the Terrans.  Item number: 12555.    US$6.00
316.    Clarke, Arthur C. Prelude to Space.  Item number: 12557.    US$6.00
317.    Clement, Hal Cycle of Fire.  Item number: 12558.    US$6.00
318.    Clarke, Arthur C. Earthlight.  Item number: 12559.    US$6.00
319.    Clarke, Arthur C. Islands in the Sky.  Item number: 12560.    US$6.00
320.    Herbert, Frank 21st.Century Sub (The Dragon in the Sea).  Item number: 12564.    US$6.00
321.    Chielens, Edward E. American Literary Magazines The 18th. & 19th. Centuries.  Item number: 12568.    US$20.00
322.    Chielens, Edward E. American Literary Magazines The 18th. & 19th. Centuries.  Item number: 12569.    US$25.00
323.    Cox, Cynthia The Enigma of the Age The Strange Story of the Chevalier d'Eon.  Item number: 12574.    US$10.00
324.    Hunt, David Parents & Children in History The Psychology of Family Life in Early Modern France.  Item number: 12575.    US$10.00
325.    Marshall, William Inches a yellowthread street mystery.  Item number: 12579.    US$6.00
326.    Kalayana Malla Ananga Ranga Stage of the Bodiless One The Hindu Art of Love & Pharmacopeia Ars Amoris Indica by H.S.Gabers & S. Rama..  Item number: 12626.    US$20.00
327.    Cramer, John H. Lincoln Under Enemy Fire The Complete Acount of His Experiences During Early's attack on Washington.  Item number: 12634.    US$12.00
328.    Eldredge, Niles Time Frames The Rethinking of Darwinian Evolution & the Theory of Punctuated Equilibria.  Item number: 12653.    US$10.00
329.    Milner, Clyde A. II With Good Intentions Quaker Work among the Pawnees, Otos & Omahas in the 1870s.  Item number: 12658.    US$10.00
330.    Marsh, Arnold Smoke The Problem of Coal & the Atmosphere.  Item number: 12668.    US$20.00
331.    Bong-youn Choy Korea A History.  Item number: 12676.    US$15.00
332.    (Perlstein, Philip) Philip Pearlstein A Retrospective John Porter Retzer & Florence Horn Retzer Exhibition 1983-4.  Item number: 12679.    US$20.00
333.    Shukert, Elfrieda Berthiaume & Barbara Smith Scibetta War Brides of World War II.  Item number: 12687.    US$6.00
334.    Spencer, Robert F. The North Alaskan Eskimo A Study in Ecology & Society (Bureau American Ethnology Bulletin 171).  Item number: 12698.    US$25.00
335.    Kuhns, William R. (ed.) Present Day Banking 1947-1948 A Ready Reference Book on Business & Banking.  Item number: 1270.    US$8.00
336.    MacQuarrie, John The Scope of Demythologizing Bultmann & His Critics.  Item number: 12781.    US$6.00
337.    Walis, Roger & Stanley Baran The Known World of Broadcast News International News & the Electronic Media.  Item number: 12782.    US$8.50
338.    Rude, George Ideology & Popular Protest.  Item number: 12788.    US$15.00
339.    Sublime Vision The Story of the City of Greater Wollongong, N.S.W., Australia.  Item number: 12831.    US$10.00
340.    Myers, Walter The Guv A Tale of Midwest Law & Politics.  Item number: 1285.    US$10.00
341.    Hamburger, Lotte & Joseph Contemplating Adultery The Secret Life of a Victorian Woman.  Item number: 12880.    US$6.00
342.    Jervis, George J. & D. Knickerbacker Boyd Face & Ornamental Brickwork / Plastering.  Item number: 1289.    US$35.00
343.    Obradovic, Josip & William Dunn (eds.) Workers' Self- Management & Organizational Power in Yugoslavia.  Item number: 12906.    US$10.00
344.    Winnet, Nochem S. Vignettes of a Lucky Life.  Item number: 12918.    US$15.00
345.    Aries, Philippe & Georges Duby (gen.eds.) A History of Private Life vol.2 Revelations of the Medieval World.  Item number: 1292.    US$12.50
346.    Li, C.C. Numbers from Experiments A Basic Analysis of Variation.  Item number: 12924.    US$35.00
347.    Bergmann, Gustav The Metaphysics of Logical Postivism.  Item number: 12932.    US$8.50
348.    Nieburg, H.L. In the Name of Science.  Item number: 12950.    US$6.00
349.    Abbott, Wilbur C. Adventures in Reputation With an Essay on Some New History & Historians.  Item number: 1296.    US$8.00
350.    Heisenberg, W. Nuclear Physics.  Item number: 12964.    US$8.00

Over 9000 Items found
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