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301.    (Perlstein, Philip) Philip Pearlstein A Retrospective John Porter Retzer & Florence Horn Retzer Exhibition 1983-4.  Item number: 12679.    US$20.00
302.    Spencer, Robert F. The North Alaskan Eskimo A Study in Ecology & Society (Bureau American Ethnology Bulletin 171).  Item number: 12698.    US$25.00
303.    Kuhns, William R. (ed.) Present Day Banking 1947-1948 A Ready Reference Book on Business & Banking.  Item number: 1270.    US$8.00
304.    Walis, Roger & Stanley Baran The Known World of Broadcast News International News & the Electronic Media.  Item number: 12782.    US$8.50
305.    Rude, George Ideology & Popular Protest.  Item number: 12788.    US$15.00
306.    Sublime Vision The Story of the City of Greater Wollongong, N.S.W., Australia.  Item number: 12831.    US$10.00
307.    Myers, Walter The Guv A Tale of Midwest Law & Politics.  Item number: 1285.    US$10.00
308.    Hamburger, Lotte & Joseph Contemplating Adultery The Secret Life of a Victorian Woman.  Item number: 12880.    US$6.00
309.    Jervis, George J. & D. Knickerbacker Boyd Face & Ornamental Brickwork / Plastering.  Item number: 1289.    US$35.00
310.    Obradovic, Josip & William Dunn (eds.) Workers' Self- Management & Organizational Power in Yugoslavia.  Item number: 12906.    US$10.00
311.    Winnet, Nochem S. Vignettes of a Lucky Life.  Item number: 12918.    US$15.00
312.    Li, C.C. Numbers from Experiments A Basic Analysis of Variation.  Item number: 12924.    US$20.00
313.    Nieburg, H.L. In the Name of Science.  Item number: 12950.    US$6.00
314.    Abbott, Wilbur C. Adventures in Reputation With an Essay on Some New History & Historians.  Item number: 1296.    US$8.00
315.    Clark, Frances Advanced Techniques in Powder Metallurgy.  Item number: 12966.    US$15.00
316.    Spencer, C.W. & F.E.Werner (eds.) Iron & its Dilute Solid Solutions Proceedings of a Conference held in Detroit, Mich. Oct.23, 1961, sponsored by the Ferous Metallurgy Committee of the Institute of Metals Division, American Institute of Mining, Metallurg.  Item number: 12971.    US$12.00
317.    Spencer, C.W. & F.E.Werner (eds.) Iron & its Dilute Solid Solutions Proceedings of a Conference held in Detroit, Mich. Oct.23, 1961, sponsored by the Ferous Metallurgy Committee of the Institute of Metals Division, American Institute of Mining, Metallurg.  Item number: 12972.    US$12.00
318.    Chalmers, Bruce & R. King (eds.) Progress in Metal Physics 8.  Item number: 12975.    US$15.00
319.    Muto, Toshinosuke & Yutaka Takagi / Guttman, Lester The Theory of Order- Disorder Transitions in Alloys / Order- Disorder Phenomena in Metals.  Item number: 12978.    US$25.00
320.    Bak, Thor A. (ed.) / B.N.Brockhouse ( Phonons & Phonon Interactions.  Item number: 12979.    US$15.00
321.    Duquesne, Maurice / A.J.Pomerans (trans.) Matter & Antimatter (Science Today Series).  Item number: 12988.    US$8.00
322.    Farkas, Adalbert & Eugene Wigner (eds.) L. Farkas Memorial Volume.  Item number: 12998.    US$35.00
323.    Solidification of Metals & Alloys A Symposium held by the Institute of Metals Division, American Institute of Mining & Metallurgical Engineers, AIMME, Feb.12, 1950.  Item number: 13003.    US$45.00
324.    Modern Research Techniques in Physical Metallurgy A Seminar, 34th. National Metal Congress & Exposition, Cleveland, Oct.18-24, 1952, Sponsored by the American metals Society, AMS.  Item number: 13012.    US$10.00
325.    Westbrook, J.H. (ed.) Mechanical Properties of Intermetallic Compounds Based on Symposium held in Phila., May 1959, sponsored by the Electrothermics & Metallurgy Division, Electrochemical Society.  Item number: 13014.    US$20.00
326.    Cobalt Monograph prepared in collaboration with the staff of the Batelle Memorial Institute, Columbus Ohio.  Item number: 13019.    US$10.00
327.    Graham, C.D. Jr. & J.J. Rhyne (eds.) Magnetism & Magnetic Materials - 1971 17th. Annual Conference, part 2. (American Institute of Physics, Conference Proceedings No.5).  Item number: 13022.    US$15.00
328.    Juvenile in Hebrew..  Item number: 13056.    US$10.00
329.    (Ocean Liner) Fifth Annual Mediterranean Cruise Empress of Scotland 25,150 Tons Gross Register, 37,700 Tons Displacement, Oil Fuel From NY Feb.4 1928 Canadian Pacific Line.  Item number: 13069.    US$25.00
330.    Linne, Ritter Karl von (Linnaeus) Des Ritters Karl von Linne vollstandiges deutsches Pflanzensystem nach der vierzehnten lateinischen Ausgabe zum bequemen Gebrauche der Liebhaber in tabellarische Form gebracht, und mit vielen Zusaken, und Unmersungen veh.  Item number: 13075.    US$250.00
331.    Bills Princess Motoika.  Item number: 13084.    US$550.00
332.    [Kettel, Thomas Prentice (ed.)?] The Democratic Review Volume XXXI, No.1 to XXXI, No.4 July, August, September, October 1852 4 Issues (Nos.CLXVIII(?), CLXX- CLXXII).  Item number: 13090.    US$125.00
333.    Medical Notebooks.  Item number: 13096.    US$35.00
334.    Brown, Christy Down All the Days.  Item number: 13097.    US$10.00
335.    Gardner, Robert & Karl G. Heider Gardens of War Life & Death in the New Guinea Stone Age.  Item number: 13128.    US$15.00
336.    Price, Sally Primitive Art in Civilized Places.  Item number: 13161.    US$6.00
337.    Pollitt, Katha Reasonable Creatures Essays on Women & Feminism.  Item number: 13204.    US$6.00
338.    Chute, Walter H. Guide to the John G. Shedd Aquarium.  Item number: 13252.    US$8.00
339.    Swindler, William F. Court & Constitution in the 20th. Century 2 volumes vol.1: The Old Legality 1889-1932 & vol.2: The New Legality 1932-1968.  Item number: 13257.    US$10.00
340.    Lipstadt, Deborah Denying the Holocaust The Growing Assault on Truth & Memory.  Item number: 13260.    US$6.00
341.    Birch, Lionel (ed.) The History of the T.U.C. 1868-1968 A Pictorial Survey of a Social Revolution.  Item number: 13266.    US$20.00
342.    In the Shadow of Dallas (A Primer on the Assassination of President Kennedy).  Item number: 13283.    US$8.00
343.    Baxter, B.M. For Beginners Only.  Item number: 1332.    US$7.50
344.    Rogge, O. John The Official German Report Nazi Penetration 1924-1942, Pan-Arabism 1939- Today.  Item number: 13338.    US$15.00
345.    Skirdo, Col.M.P. The People, the Army, the Commander A Soviet View.  Item number: 1335.    US$6.00
346.    Kirkpatrick, George R. War - What For?.  Item number: 1336.    US$25.00
347.    Pond, George E. The Shenandoah Valley in 1864 (Campaigns of the Civil War).  Item number: 13422.    US$12.00
348.    Ropes, John Codman The Army Under Pope (Campaigns of the Civil War).  Item number: 13424.    US$6.00
349.    Nowarra, Heinz J. German Tanks 1914-1968.  Item number: 13479.    US$8.00
350.    Arms catalogue Museum of Historical Arms 1963 Catalogue #15.  Item number: 1349.    US$10.00

Over 9000 Items found
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